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  1. Here's a game changer and I'm sure no one will like this idea but here it goes -- SCRAP the blue - gold - white. It's played out and dulled down. Refresh with Hollywood Nights! Black - Gold - Silver. I have no photoshop skills but I imagine it's stunning and if someone wants to take a crack at it, have at it. It screams LA to me. Black - hollywood nights, Gold -awards and bling, Silver - awards and bling. At least in my head it looks really nice, wish I could convey that to all of you. It will more than likely be polarizing but I imagine an all black look that will set the world on fire!
  2. now After letting this settle in, I've come to the conclusion not all about his is bad. The shorts for T-Wolves, Pelicans, Bucks, Warriors and Magic are nice and I'd actually purchase those at a reasonable price. Also like 'Nets' on the black jersey. The rest of everything is garbage.
  3. This is more for Wizards than M&N. Bring em back. This is 'Murica. Give us back our Bullets!
  4. Can't wait for Nike. Seems like Adidas has just given up. *Bold Prediction* The All Star uni's will stink. Adidas is going to go out with a bang of sorts.
  5. So the Kings confirm their changing unis and the Jazz come out and snatch their sides and tweak them? This jerseys look like a blend of the sets. I do like the green but that sleeved set....ugh. looks like an unveiling of Utah FC instead of Jazz. The shorts kill me. PUT STRIPES ON BOTH LEGS OR NONE STOP MESSING WITH MY OCD ADIDAS! cant wait for Nike... I think. Can't be worse.
  6. This looks like a love child of the seahawks/t-wolves/Uconn Huskies
  7. So back to the topic, have the Pistons stated why their holding off? Or is it simply just waiting for Nike to take over so they don't look like sh!!t for the next decade like some other teams?
  8. Cap City is not shady!! Been my go to for hats for like 10 years now, very reliable and do all their hats in store. Their located in West New York, Nj. Right outside the city. Once ran into Joe Budden there. I do recommend them, they even have custom sneakers, etc...
  9. I agree. I always thought Golden State was nice and I prdfer then to keep that than SF. When I was younger I always wondered why the Nets didn't go by Garden State. But when you're still the Nets, it doesnt matter much. At least we weren't Garden State Swam Dragons. The adult half of me hates it but the 90s kid in me loves it.
  10. I know who their named after, that wasn't what I meant before. If your name is the Browns, and you have brown in your scheme, why would you emphasize the orange the most? Just always grinded my gears
  11. I think the Dawg logo would look great with a thin white or gray outline on an actual BROWN helmet, since they are the Browns and not the Oranges lol
  12. I've always felt that it's a mistake that the Browns don't use this as a primary logo. Missed a great opportunity last season imo
  13. I really, really like that chrome! Not a fan of the color/fabric of the hat itself but I love how the logos came out. Of course they find another way to make the hat distinguishly bad.
  14. I'm not a very smart man but one thing I have learned: if it seems too good to be true, it most often is. I believe nothing until I see a teaser from the team.
  15. What is significant about 2019? You would think they would take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade the set now... thanks for the info I was curious to why I haven't heard anything.
  16. So forgive me if this has been covered -- are the Rams getting new uniforms?
  17. I would like to see giants with a different number font plus white numbers with blue outline and more white over all on the reds and helmet. Blue with no outline doesnt contrast well and I think that gray is too dark. However, very solid job overall.
  18. Imo Broncos need a set change. When I see this set I still think of Elway in it, and I'm not even that old lol.
  19. I find it hilarious that they all look like one team. Did the Mets ever experement with the light blues?
  20. Great. Even more things they can rip off of my team
  21. Not sure if it's unpopular but it's certainly abstract and I don't mean to offend (sorry if I do): when the Bulls logo is stretched (halfcourt) it's eyes look too far apart like it has down syndrome or some sort of mental illness.
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