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  1. The Thrashers have the bird on the shield with the hockey stick, and they also have the bird head alternate logo. Ya, but I figured he was just going primary. But Idk.
  2. NCAA: Kent State Golden Flashes, Albuquerque Thunderbirds
  3. EDIT: Never mind thought the atlanta thrashers did, but it's a shield type thing
  4. thanks I'll update tomorrow sometime. Your right, it's dark navy and not black. My mistake. Alright I can't sleep. I'm not quite sure what you meant about me going vintage and then deciding to throw in the trumpet logo, so I left the trumpet off the edited home jersey, and decided to go ahead and use navy because it makes it look less boring, and brings it together. Update:
  5. Of course the only time someone else decides to redo the Blues, I did too. Well I decided to get rid of all the black and just use blue and gold. I recolored the old shoulder logo to just blue and gold. Tell me what you think. C&C please.
  6. pdf to