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  1. Congratulations to Don Cherry on finally finding the line to cross that made CBC/Rogers do more than let him quietly sit out for a week. I now demand at least one week where Coach's Corner is seven solid minutes of Ron MacLean silently nodding and looking to his right.
  2. No thanks on road pinstripes, but the color's a great idea. There's even history to it, in the slate blue roads of the Pilots/'70 Brewers.
  3. I've never cared for road pinstripes, so that's a no from me. Everything else seems really nice, though. The shade of sand seems a lot closer to the '69 roads, and not nearly as urine-like as the '04 look. Everything seems like it's well thought-out and balanced, the shades of the colors work great together, and even though I preferred the '00s Swingin' Friar to this retro version, it looks fantastic here in that gleaming gold circle. Hopefully a hat with a gold front panel is soon to follow. I can't believe this team slogged along anonymously in navy and white for as long as it did.
  4. I never knew this, and damned if it doesn't explain just about everything!
  5. I know I'm basically a senior citizen on this board, but the notion of navy as an update/upgrade from a brighter shade of blue has been a point of broad derision around here ever since teams followed the St. Louis Rams' lead en masse in the early 2000s. I am more than happy to keep that sentiment going.
  6. The funny thing is that they just fixed this with the navy BiG last year or the year before!
  7. Before. it was an "m" and a "b" cleverly put together to resemble a baseball glove. Now, it's a poorly-drawn four-fingered baseball glove. Little changes, big difference. Kinda what this board is about in the first place.
  8. Boy, that turned out really nice. Putting a "classic" shoulder yoke on the jerseys also shows a willingness to modify the almighty template to give the client what they want as accurately as possible, which is very encouraging for future designs.
  9. "If it moves forward, the AFL may become a traveling league, similar to the Premier Lacrosse League, whereby all players practice in a centralized location and fly to a different city each weekend to play games." rofl no
  10. Miami, and Christ Almighty No.
  11. That Celtics jersey has "My first Concepts Forum post" written all over it. "Mom downloaded this font for the invites to our St. Patrick's party!"
  12. *double-checks thread title* *walks back out*
  13. I don't watch much NFL anymore, so I have no idea if this is new or not. But the Saints wore solid white pants on the road against the Bears today, and it's a look every bit as infuriating as their black leotards.
  14. Is 2020 going to be celebrated as the Brewers' 50th Anniversary season? I don't recall seeing anything this past year, but the team recognized 1994 as its 25th.
  15. The good news is that all WNBA teams now wear their logos front-and-center. The bad news is that they wear them where the front numbers should be.
  16. The funny thing is, if they sold to Vancouver, it could actually work in the league footprint this time.
  17. And the nine remaining teams of the Frontier League have brought the Can-Am's five onboard, thereby giving us the potential of a Southern Illinois Miners vs. Sussex County Miners series. Winning team gets to take a leak on Margaret Thatcher's grave.
  18. Once Calgary goes full retro, it won't even be a Top 5 home uniform in Canada.
  19. "We can't put out a new design, look at how much of the old one we still have to sell" is a philosophy that will carry Eugene Melnyk through until he no longer owns the Sens.
  20. "Jax" with some white stuff dripping off the bottom certainly is an aesthetic.
  21. I saw there were 6 new pages in this thread, hopped in to see what hot new info/leaks had dropped, and am now ready to start a GoFundMe to move the Vancouver Canucks to Birmingham.
  22. If you are going to put "CLT" on a uniform, at least do it like the Knights did, and put it on a hat with a big, red button on top that hopefully just about any man could find.