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  1. All they need to do is drop the gold from their color scheme and go navy/double green/yellow, then get some decent uniforms for once. I don't want to see the delightful Snappers get Brandiosed into being the StateLine RockRollers or some such trash.
  2. MLB's protocol more or less boiled down to "let the states handle it."
  3. I think we're done here. I mean, we should be, but "should" doesn't really apply in the Manfredverse.
  4. A decent, albeit somewhat silly, identity for Seattle's new AHL team, though the hidden sea creature draws immediate comparisons to the Cleveland Monsters. *touches earpiece* Oh. Ohhhhh. The uniforms are very nice, and are bolstered by a complete absence of the team's name. In that regard, they are a marginal notch above the Minnesota Wild. That's the best I'm willing to offer right now. The team name means the identity tops out at 31st. I don't think the name makes it to 2030.
  5. Submitting "Fielders" because there's no better name if you're making a team from whole cloth to play against you and calling it a season.
  6. I had the privilege of seeing the Calgary Vipers in person, as the last actual opponent of the Lake County Fielders in the North American League.
  7. The American Association will operate as a six-team league out of two cities for 2020. Chicago, St. Paul, Milwaukee, Fargo-Moorhead, Sioux Falls, and Winnipeg are your active clubs. I would not be surprised if the other six never play another game. The Frontier League, up to 14 teams after absorbing the Can-Am, is allegedly still weighing its options for 2020. I doubt it plays. Maybe some of its teams make it out of the wreckage and join the six AA franchises for some sort of survivors' league on the other side of this. In affiliated news, Beloit has broken ground on their new stadium to replace the extremely outdated Pohlman Field, but it's a question as to if the Snappers will ever get to play in it. There is going to be a lot less baseball in our lives in 2021 and 2022, and for who knows how long after that.
  8. The Pegulas have pretty much blown out the entire Rochester Americans front office, and I wouldn't be surprised if that was a precursor to something worse for hockey fans in Rochester.
  9. It's bad, and it takes far too much work for me to figure out it's supposed to be a horse. Maybe they should have worked on that before they started counting up rivets.
  10. Jerry Reinsdorf and Eddie Einhorn bought the White Sox to provide content for their new pay-TV venture, SportsVision. You look at the current state of sports media revenue and think, hey, they were ahead of their time. Problem was, everyone knew they were ahead of their time at the time. The White Sox moved most of their games to SportsVision in 1982; the city of Chicago didn't start getting wired for cable until 1984. That meant, if you wanted to watch the White Sox (and some Blackhawks, Bulls, and Sting games,) you had to buy a descrambler box, and pay $20 a month (that's $53 a month in today's money) to get one channel. Well, one third of a channel. Because SportsVision aired on Channel 60, which was already shared by two owners: one English-language and one Spanish-language, on some sort of timeshare agreement. So $20 a month got you SportsVision on weeknights and during times on the weekends when they had live games to show. It didn't go very well! At least ON-TV on Channel 44 gave you softcore porn at nights for that price.
  11. This is a legendary excerpt from a 2003 deposition of then Clippers owner Donald Sterling, as part of a lawsuit Sterling and his wife co-filed against a woman he'd had an affair with, in an attempt to reclaim property from her. Read that sentence as many times as you need to process it, it's a bit much to handle on the first go.
  12. My take on this is that it absolutely would have been one of the hottest things going in 1993, would have become very muted with a focus on black by 2000, and would get dumped wholesale for a return to red-white-blue by the mid-2000s. The main lesson here is that Donald Sterling is a racist slumlord who may have been rich, but when presented with a license to print money for a couple of years, was so stupid that he passed on it in favor of keeping a dollar-store Lakers knockoff with an incorrectly-drawn basketball.
  13. Also, that's not KOHO, that's Starter.
  14. For those of you comparing the numerals to soccer uniforms, I say: How dare you. How dare you... lump this mess in with the likes of Australian women's pro soccer. Looking at this, I'd like to hazard a guess at what happened throughout the protracted design process. The Rams came to town and shook off as much of their gold as they could, becoming primarily navy and white. This was the look ownership wanted, they turned to Nike to make something so basic into something more proprietary, and the end result was... blue and bone. Bright blue and bone. Big bouncy bingo balls of bright blue and bone. Problem was, they put on the throwbacks, and the fanbase could not stop throwing money at them. Now, we hit the stadium delays, and ownership has a couple unexpected years to stew on this process, while the fans keep buying retro merch, and the yellow gets pushed even harder with the Color Rush set. Fans want blue and yellow. Owners and Nike put all this effort into blue and bone. So you end up with blue and yellow and also bone. You know what really cements this idea for me? The whole deal with the "bone" color is that it's supposed to mimic the natural color of a ram's horn, right? Okay, now look at the horns on the helmet. Now look at the horn-approximating curvatures on both jerseys. The one thing that's this "bone" color in real life is the only thing that isn't "bone" anywhere on the uniform! Because they had to cram that yellow in somewhere, and the fans buy the throwbacks, screw it, yellow horns, that's lunch. Everything else is a mess of chasing supposed trends produced by Nike ex post rectum, combined with a deep thirst for getting in on a fleeting, disposable #brand culture at a time when the reasons and means for doing so are crumbling before our eyes. For that reason, I say that these atrocious and sloppy uniforms are the perfect product for their time and place, I give them a 12/10, and look forward to the Rams not playing a single game in them this year.
  15. Of all the things that Fire 3rd got wrong, putting the flag on the sleeve in a way that made the MLS logo the 5th star on the Chicago flag may have been the most egregious. On my last trip to SeatGeek, I saw more of the original flag-inspired one-off from Puma (1) than I did of this abomination.
  16. They definitely order a good amount of men's jerseys as well, speaking as someone who has been to their retail partner's store a few times. I believe last season, they ended up selling through four printings of their "Elevated" kit, and orders at the end of the season were backordered into December.
  17. I really hope I get to see the Red Stars actually play in these. They now have one of the best full uniform sets in the country.
  18. NBCSN is showing the '91 All-Star Game tonight. It's the first hockey game I watched on television, because I lived in Chicago with no cable.
  19. America can't move forward without its vroom-vrooms.
  20. Jerseys are $50 each, and proceeds benefit a Dane County food pantry, so really, get on this.
  21. Never let a crisis go to waste, as one of America's worst political thought leaders once said.
  22. This is one of the reasons I don't see anything here as an "upgrade" so far. By basically taking the existing Color Rush unis and promoting them wholesale to primary, but changing the numeral font to an off-the-rack block, the new look now calls to mind "your local high school/FCS team does their best to dress like the New England Patriots, presented by Russell Athletic's stock catalog options." No silver pants is a mistake. The color distribution is off on the road jersey. Dumping shoulder numbers irks me. And they still haven't figured out that if they want 3-color numbers on the home jersey, it should be white-red-silver, so the three colors can be distinguished from each other at a distance. Nothing about this is really any better than what they had, and not much of it is different enough to alert the casual fan that this is a new look. So why bother?
  23. If they're going to keep this centered logo look going, the WNBA really should put player numbers on the front of the shorts, soccer-style.
  24. Remember what I said about big businesses having to trim back to core operations? Vince McMahon's core operation suddenly finds itself in a very, very bad spot. I am going to attempt to show off my wafer-thin pro wrestling bona fides here by saying it's a Billy Gunn-level bad spot.
  25. Let's pump the brakes on forecasts for anything "coming back next spring."