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  1. New package looks like it's for a fantasy football show on local cable.
  2. Up The ALCFFC! EDIT: It was so absurdly long I botched the acronym.
  3. The Connecticut Tigers are now the Norwich Sea Unicorns. Their logo is a narwhal. So they could have easily been the Norwich Narwhals, which is good and sounds unique, but Brandiose gotta Brandiose.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised to see a fair bit of switching of pants and jerseys between the sets as the season wears on. I don't expect full-time monochrome from all the teams showcasing it tonight.
  5. Looking forward to the end of the season, when you tell us all you were a fan of [insert championship team] the whole time.
  6. First impression rankings: 1. New York 2. St. Louis 3. DC 4. LA 5. Dallas 6. Seattle 7. Houston 8. Tampa Bay
  7. Three black jerseys and two red ones in an 8-team league isn't good planning. Navy and black are a little too prevalent, again, just as they were in '01. That time around, the primary jersey breakdown was 2 black, 2 red, 2 purple, 1 navy, and 1 teal, with 4 of the 5 teams who didn't feature black or navy up top using it on their pants.
  8. L.A. has something that's often desired on this board, but rarely seen: A side panel and pants stripe with matching widths and a unified design. How that holds up on the field is another story, but for now, it looks like a good attempt.
  9. Seattle seems like what the Amsterdam Admirals would be if NFL Europe still existed. Love the helmet, but the rest could be a lot better. The two biggest disappointments so far are probably Seattle and Tampa, which are honestly the two identities I thought could look best, at least based on my personal tastes. Anyone "epic fail"-ing this launch as a whole needs something better to get upset about. There's a fair bit of good and a lot of decent on display here. It's not like we're witnessing early 2010s Russell Athletic here, or early 2019 AAF, for that matter.
  10. That's the Columbus Blue Jackets' numeral font on the Roughnecks.
  11. It has been funny to see the official logo of middle-aged dudes' mesh gym shorts adorning the trendiest look of The Youths. Which reminds me, I still have my Memphis Maniax shorts. Quite comfy!
  12. Champion outfitted XFL 1.0. I don't know who owns the brand now - is it still Sara Lee? - but it's possible that was not the best of partnerships. Champion basically disappeared from pro sports after that.
  13. Have you laughed at Jim Boylen today? No? Well, you should, because he's done all of this to himself and deserves it.
  14. Glad to see the Seahawks break out the lime green jerseys without going Color Rush, but the green socks would have made this look a personal favorite rather than just "not terrible."
  15. Most of the XFL 1.0 uniforms had a lot of traditional uniform elements. The names were wacky, but most of the uniforms wouldn't look out of place in the NFL of the day. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Birmingham, and NY/NJ all kept things fairly straightforward, and the wildest thing San Francisco had were the Bronco stripes Demon horns.
  16. Mr. Cuban, please, inside voice.
  17. You say the N-word to your black player a few times and hit some of your other players a few times nowadays, and next thing ya know, here comes the Woke SJW Cancel Culture for ya. Smarten up!
  18. I actually think it works better with the Comets than it does with their parent club.
  19. If this is a step toward killing the gold trim and all of the borderline-illegible alternates that go along with it, count me in.
  20. White, black, hot pink, aqua. That's four uniforms, so congratulations, Miami, there's your new primary set. You get to wear each of them for 20 games, and whatever inferior red/black unis you want for those other two.
  21. They were floating the idea of changing the name to "Chicago City FC" this year, when the move to Soldier Field was seen as probable, but had not been confirmed yet.
  22. This is my kind of content.
  23. It's called "edging" and some people really get into it.
  24. It's like the Bulls wearing "CHATHAM" for a third of the year because that's where Chance hails from. Look, there's just far too many uniforms, and especially too many one-season uniforms, and the anti-system system where everything and nothing is an alternate leads to far more misses than hits. Nike needs to dial it the hell down.
  25. Bridgeview was Soccer Glendale, and after a few years of trying, they finally found a way to break the lease that everyone could live with. There's nowhere else in the market for them to play but Soldier. Anyway, the Fire's Supporter of the Year and Entire Focus Group sees what the real problem is here: