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  1. In the USL Championship tonight, San Diego was hosting Phoenix. There was a major dispute at the end of the half that ended with SD player Collin Martin getting a red, which would then be rescinded.


    The story as it's being told now is that Martin, who is openly gay, was called a homophobic slur by a Phoenix player. Martin apparently repeated the slur to an official, to draw attention to what he had been called. Like a retaliation hit in football or hockey, the ref missed the first instance, so Martin got the red.


    San Diego manager Landon Donovan goes off, a lengthy meeting of the minds occurs in which Phoenix's coach is clearly heard dismissing the gay slur as "just a part of the game." Donovan gets a red for walking onto the field and is fine with it.


    No one on Phoenix is reprimanded, though, and no one on San Diego is fine with that. So as the whistle blows for the second half, SD Loyal players all briefly take a knee on the pitch, and then walk off of it.


    San Diego forfeited a game they were leading 3-1, their final game of the season, in which a win would have put them in the playoffs. Instead, their season is done. I've never seen anything like it.


    Meanwhile, Phoenix co-owner Brandon McCarthy has spent the aftermath saying his coach's words need "context," and then alleged that Collin Martin may have made up being called a gay slur to stage a premeditated forfeit that would end his team's season because... ? Underpants gnomes? I don't know.

  2. Oh, I am of the belief that the league is going to be down to 28 teams by the time the 2022-23 season starts, and I do think Ottawa, Buffalo, and Florida are your prime candidates for getting vaporized, alongside Florida.


    The Coyotes are the easy punching bag because we've been discussing their persistent failures and edge-of-doom existence on this board for over 11 years.

  3. Supposedly the kill list has been shuffled a bit in secret. I believe Beloit's presence on the list was contingent on them not getting a new park. If they got the new stadium, I believe Quad Cities would get killed instead.


    One thing that's been nagging me about the Beloit name choices - so, "Supper Clubbers" is probably the most tolerable of the very bad lot, right? Now, I may be incorrect about this, but I always associate the Supper Club scene with northern Wisconsin. Like, you've at least gotta get north of the 39/90 split in Portage before you're in what could be considered supper club territory. And here's Beloit, parked on the Illinois border. The identity options feel like the brainstorming went as far as, "Beloit's in Wisconsin, right? Okay, what are some Wisconsin things?" and then that was lunch. Shocking that Waterskiiers or AquaBats or Chicago Suburbanites didn't make the cut.

  4. Rob Manfred is the commissioner for our time: A man who has clearly spent his entire adult life working to be CEO of something, anything. Baseball? Sure, what the hell, that's the one with the sticks, right? He is an empty vessel enthralled with being able to say he is in charge of a thing and the paycheck that comes with it. Meanwhile, his real bosses get to funnel money upward through him as rapidly as they like without any trite concerns like "the good of the game."


    Clear-cutting MiLB is the first step here, as evidenced by the report that MLB will be taking half of pretty much all farm teams' revenues outside of the concession stands. The 40 slaughtered teams will no doubt be shopped for potential opportunities in indy ball or summer collegiate leagues. Those operations are no doubt hurting from COVID as much as affiliated teams, if not more. MLB will make the AA, Frontier, Northwoods, and whoever else offers they can't refuse, with the hope that, soon enough, any baseball you'd pay to see outside of college ball will be required to give MLB a cut for exisiting. Is that good for the game? Is that sustainable at any level in the long term? Rob Manfred and his bosses are getting theirs now, so who the hell cares?

  5. The Dell Loy Hansen fiasco appears to be a delightful blending of Donald Sterling and mid-2000s Arena Football. To get Hansen out, MLS may have to pay him in the neighborhood of $300 million, because there's no guarantee RSL would fetch that much on the open market. The league wants $350MM for its next expansion fee to keep the Ponzi scheme rolling, so it needs to pretend its current franchises are worth that much.

  6. I don't think they fired him, they're just sitting him out for the rest of these playoffs. I'll believe he's gone when it actually happens, kinda like how we were told Pierre was getting demoted and he ended up being on TV just as much this past season.


    Milbury also caught it for saying a couple weeks ago that the completely empty stands in the bubble looked like a women's game. You can maybe hold onto your gig despite trading away Luongo or Chara, but it's gonna be a lot harder for the bosses to ignore you doing both.