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  1. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that this was Rodriguez's intended identity for renaming the club as Chicago City FC, but when changing the name of the club got lambasted far and wide, he backpedaled a bit, crossed out "City" and wrote in "Fire." The whole notion of "fire reflected in the past" sticks with me. The good news for @Brian in Boston is that I don't think we have to worry about too many people wearing CFFC gear out in public, the way this is all going.
  2. Blues are sporting the '94 throwbacks tonight, which is fine. What is absolutely fantastic, though, is Darren Pang's suit.
  3. And yet, look at everything on display in this tweet. We're gonna need some damn PANTONE values here, because the crown has been called gold, the mothership's news story calls it orange, and here in the merch it looks yellow, and the blue looks purple. All of this is a shambles.
  4. Ah, I see New York is telling us what Chicago is again.
  5. This is a brilliant bit of minor-league whimsy for the Ads' 50th season:
  6. "The yellow sky represents the storied history of our mayors and our city council, who have long been unparalleled in their ability to piss on us and tell us it's raining."
  7. "We got tired of being mistaken for people who are actually worth a ."
  8. Mentioned it upthread, and others, including @the admiral, noted it too. A yellow crown in Chicago has been a mark of the Latin Kings for decades.
  9. Hey, it's only been one decade of futility! It just feels like several, because it's been that futile.
  10. As referenced in the Chicago Fire thread, here are some concepts from 1996-98 for Nike's Major League Soccer identities, as posted by the original artist. A good bit of this made it onto the field. Notables: - This is a good look at Nike's proposal for the Chicago Rhythm. For those who don't know the story, Nike initially proposed "Rhythm" to complement its other abstract, cyber-'90s MLS identities. Unlike the other clubs, Peter Wilt and associates stood up to Nike and demanded something more local and lasting than something built to boost the supplier's brand. That's how we got the Fire, with its Florian cross and Northwestern striping (actually borrowed from '97 Arsenal), a perfect fit that has stood the test of time and clearly will never need any sort of overhaul. Nike's Rhythm method (look, I had to do it once, just let me have this) actually made it as far as production, with an embroidered badge surfacing on eBay and then Twitter this past year. The blue color is much closer to Carolina Panthers test blue than the royal shown here. - The Dallas Burn were originally going to be the Fury, which would have deprived aspiring young sportscasters like me from making all those "Burn over the Wiz" jokes for a magical couple of seasons. - You can see the evolution of the Mutiny brand from actual mutineer/buccaneer to cyber-bat thing, and also, uh, enormous mecha-spider? - That MetroStars taxi still rules.
  11. It seems like the Latino fan base here is much more Liga MX. Mimicking Barça would be more of an appeal to all the suburban kids running around in Messi jerseys, which would be perfect for a Fire team moving out of the suburbs and trying to build its in-city support.
  12. The blue jersey has "2021" above it, and the FireRumors account wrote in a reply that Nelson Rodriguez didn't file the new look with the league in time, so there might be a gap year here. It's possible the man's incompetence may pay off for once.
  13. That is it. I can't find the image now, but over the summer, someone posted an actual embroidered badge, and Peter Wilt confirmed its legitimacy, saying he'd had one in his desk for years. The actual badge seemed more Carolina Panthers test blue than royal blue, though.
  14. The indie leagues have been struggling and merging, and the two biggest indie teams will jump to affiliated ball under this plan. Indie ball has a higher level of cost uncertainty, due to no salary subsidies coming from up top, and a similar deficit in support staff and resources. Five regional reincarnations of the North American League aren't good for baseball or for anybody. Collegiate wood bat has been growing, and hey, free labor. But that level has no need for 40 new teams.
  15. Réal Fresh Lake. But wait, there's less! Also, there was apparently some sort of rollout video shown to supporters, and the bold new tagline is "BE A CLUB," which is up there with Pierre Dorion saying "We're a team" while attempting to find something positive in the Ottawa Senators. And one final insult (for today, anyway): Several people have pointed out that using a yellow crown shape not only gets you compared unfavorably to RSL, it also mimics the color and imagery of the Latin Kings, which has been a massive street gang in Chicago for over 30 years. Good job, good effort all around, way to capture that local flavor via some graphic design hacks out of Brooklyn.
  16. I, too, often think of Milwaukee tools when Ryan Braun appears on my TV screen.
  17. Honest to God, this was better. And this was definitely not good!
  18. "Actually, it's 'Fútbol Club,' in tribute to our dedicated and hard-working Hispanic supporters, who we banned wholesale from entering the stadium."
  19. Like everything else involving the Bulls, those uniform numbers look like they're going to fall off the edge at any second.
  20. The Brewers did that stupid Preds-esque thing where they initially only sold tickets for Cubs games to people in local zip codes. The only thing dumber than that was the volume of Cubs fans yelling about how much of a rivalry it wasn't and yeah your park sucks anyways and it only gets filled with Cubs fans so there.
  21. Quick takes from an "im in phone" view: - The new BiG looks nicer on a hat than it does as just a logo. - The barley ball is a bad sleeve patch. Should have been Barrelman or Bricksconsin. - The Spring Training font looks good all around. - Royal blue gets lost literally everywhere in the design. You wanna go that route, use powder. - I want a Milwaukee script, but I don't know that I want this Milwaukee script. Something about it combined with that swoosh on the front makes me feel like I'm looking at a UWM uniform. - Literally everything on display here looks better than what they've regularly worn for the past 20 seasons (non-fauxback). Yes, it could have been better than what we're getting, but it initially all seems quite good.