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  1. On a somewhat-related note, you can find one of the rare and quickly-ditched graphite road unis on eBay right now. Search "Blue Jays authentic jersey" and you'll find it. You just have to be able to squeeze into a size 40... I know it's been said 18,052 times on this board already, but man, this new Jays stuff is the pits. Edit: I could stop being so lazy and just post the link... Graphite Madness Now, to find the matching pants.
  2. And that got dumped... why, because it looked too good? Yeah, give me more blue-on-blue action instead. And a pistol.
  3. What's amazing to me is that the Flyers are agreeing to this, and allowing Kansas City to program both of the teams, and allowing two of their fans (as opposed to one from each team) to play the game. Hellooooooo, whitewash!
  4. Yep, the Bible-thumpers got to 'em. That's why you won't see "Devil" on the jerseys, and the primary logo with wordmark doesn't feature the team name at all - it just says "Tampa Bay." **as much as i may agree with you, this kind of comment isn't appropriate on here**
  5. I'm so happy the new unis aren't just clones of the Blues threads. Also good to see that both shades of blue are implemented. Overall, I'd say it looks like a good set, though I have mixed feelings about the yellow piping. And did they really have to eliminate the red? Also, from the article, I see it's back to white at home and colors on the road for '05-'06. Good move.
  6. I wish I could find this online now... but a couple years back, on some random site, the press kit materials for Rollerball were posted in their entirety, and they were very intriguing and thorough. Added a lot to the backstory. Cities around the world were designated centers of various types of industry, since basically all corporations had merged together into one all-powerful entity. I remember that there was also a Chicago team, because Chicago was the designated center for Agriculture. And I could swear there were nicknames for the teams... I want to say Tokyo's was something bee-related, and thus the yellow unis. Oh, and one other interesting tidbit: the arena for Rollerball was in Munich, Germany. It was the same arena used for basketball in the 1972 Olympics. I spotted it the first time I watched the film because of the shots of its scoreboard... a memorable one for anyone who's seen highlights of the USA-USSR gold medal debacle.
  7. The new one will, obviously, work a lot better as a jersey crest. Still not all that good though. There needs to be more definition between the purple and black. And the stick just looks... flaccid. Still an upgrade from the tourism department-style logo of the Port Huron Beacons, though...
  8. Now, for full effect, every one of those Cardinals players should be wearing a uni about 2 sizes smaller than the ones they have on. And show me some stirrup, boys.
  9. The White Sox know how to do a TBTC game right. After all, they invented the idea back in '90, wearing their regular-season 1917 threads. And every time since then, their throwbacks have been extremely accurate. One exception: a game in Toronto a few years back, when their 1977 throwback unis had to be scrapped at the last minute because their "pajama" tops - designed to be worn with the top hanging out - were improperly made and cut too small. But the Jays wore the wrong number font on their throwbacks for that game, so I guess it all balances out.
  10. Most of the teams had their unis supplied by Champion, so most used the standard Champion font (you know, full block, but with the curve to the 7 and the angle to the 2.) You may know it best at the font used for Boomer's Bengals and Flutie's BC Eagles. I think some teams (Arizona's '84 threads and Houston come to mind) used Sand-Knit instead, and I believe they just had a standard full block. But no, nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, from the '60s on, I don't know if any pro-level team, be it NFL, AFL, WFL, USFL, WLAF, or Arena, donned a non-block number font outside of the Bears. Specialized fonts didn't really make an appearance until '96 with the Ravens. My personal faves? Man, the USFL looked good as a league, so it's a tough call. I'll narrow it down to the '84 Blitz, the Panthers, the Bulls, and the Breakers. But as it's been said before in this thread, they were pretty much all winners, save for San Antonio's logo (but they still pulled off a good uni.)
  11. For the most part, I don't mind piping. It's a way to give a jersey more color since the shrinking jersey phenomenon has made sleeve stripes all but pointless. Because, you know, there aren't actual sleeves anymore. Piping, like any other stylistic quality, will look good when used properly. What I do mind is seing the same godforsaken pattern being used for team after team after team. And this Miami template (like the one before it) is another case of horrible execution and needless clutter. And why not, put the wordmark on the back, make this look more like a bootleg fashion jersey. Bleah.
  12. Apparently some things need to be cleared up on what exactly a "sport" is. My first job, when I was 16, was as the manual labor at a lawn and garden center. I stocked, I lifted, I shoveled sand, rocks and compost. I rolled, unrolled, and watered sod, and came home filthy. I did it all summer long, even through the record-setting week in July of '95 when temps were in the 100-110 range and old people were dropping like 8-inch putts. It was physically demanding and at times, downright brutal. But it wasn't a sport. There was no scoring system, no competition, no official rules of play, no stated length of game, et cetera and so on. Golf is a sport because it has these things. It's just not a very good or exciting sport.
  13. I'm excited - these are going to be the first concept I've ever done to come to fruition. I kept them simple in the name of keeping the cost down. And so, the moment you haven't been waiting for - the Metro Networks Co-Ed Softball uniform! Let me know what you think.
  14. no97 and Discrim, you nailed it. Even as the White Sox diehard that I am, I have to say that logo looks spifftastic. I'll give Nike credit where it's due - they're good when it comes to creating variants on team logos. Rank right up there with Zephyr's X-Line stuff.
  15. Walking downtown the other day, I saw a person wearing a Cubs shirt with the sleeve patch/alt jersey "C" on it. But instead of having the entire walking Cub through the C, it just had the profile of the Cub's head. It looked fantastic, and if I had any artistic talent, I'd do a mockup of it. But this is definitely what they should be using on the sleeves and on the alternates. Beauty.
  16. Okay, this used to be the sizing standard back when Champion and Starter were doing replica jerseys: Small - 36 Medium - 40 Large - 44 X-Large - 48 XX-Large - 52 And here's the new Reebok standard: Medium - 46 Large - 50 X-Large - 52 XX-Large - 54 3X-Large - 56 4X-Large - 58 5X-Large - 60 Of course, a few years back, Champion changed their standard, too. All of the XFL jerseys I have are labeled "48" but actually measure out to be 52s. So, in the fashion world of football jerseys, I've gone from an XL to an M in 9 years while actually putting on a few pounds in the process. Go fig.
  17. See, you should have asked about this in advance. Comcast here in Chicago televises all of the Wolves games, and I would have gladly taped the series, 'cause I'm all about spreading the hockey love. And now, back to the wine coolers.
  18. Brian, while your alignment makes sense geographically, the AHL wants all of its Canadian teams in the same division. The idea behind that, combined with the heavily unbalanced schedule, is to keep international travel expenses down to a minimum, I believe. Check out the divisional alignments since the IHL absorption and you'll see. Believe me, I'd love to have the craziness that is the Wolves-Moose rivalry 10 times a year. But financial considerations make it otherwise.
  19. So now, looking to next season (which some would argue, as a Wolves fan, is all I can do at this point,) let's examine the best-case scenario. This would mean no more teams going down the pooper, and new teams for two cities that rightfully deserve them: Cincinnati (because no hockey in Cincy is like no hockey in Hartford - makes me icky just thinking about it) and Orlando (who supported the Solar Bears and got screwed out of the Seals.) And now, the joys of realignment: West: Chicago Peoria Iowa Omaha Milwaukee Houston Grand Rapids North: Manitoba Toronto Hamilton Rochester Syracuse Cincinnati Cleveland Atlantic: Bridgeport Hartford Lowell Manchester Portland Providence Springfield East: Albany Binghamton Hershey Norfolk Philadelphia Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Orlando That's the best I can come up with. Cincy and GR are interchangeable, but when there's a chance to put Cincy and Cleveland in the same division, why not do it?
  20. In my eyes, the ideal format for hockey: 3 20-minute periods, followed by 5 minutes of 4-on-4 OT, followed by a shootout. 2 points for a win, 1 point for a shootout loss, 0 points for a regulation or overtime loss. And so the standings read Wins-Losses-Shootout Losses (W-L-SL). Simple, yet it works. Also gives teams an additional reward for getting it done in standard OT instead of the shootout. Whatcha think?
  21. Road Runners' President Stew MacDonald says, "Unfortunately, timing of the deadline for confirming Road Runner plans for next season could not be coordinated with news from the National Hockey League or Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations, so we truly felt this was our only decision. If the NHL restarts some time this fall as hoped, the Road Runners may represent a significant distraction to Edmonton and area hockey fans." Well, then why did you put your team in Edmonton in the first place, jerk-ass? I can't wait for all of this to blow up in Oilers' ownership's face when there's no NHL yet again this season, and they're left to confront a bunch of pissed off fans who've now had 2 teams taken away from them by one group of people. Doing something like this in one of Canada's hockey hotbeds borders on necessitating a "pitchforks and torches in the street" sort of reaction.
  22. It's nice that they're finally including Miami's and BC's numbers, but to me the only way that really mattters is if I can use them in the Uniform Creation tool. Come on, EA, give me more than 5 styles of uni to work with here.
  23. Well, I knew San Antonio was closing up shop when they "leased" all their talent out a few months back. Anyone want to start a pool on the next team to go? Put me down for Cleveland... Honestly, with the amount of movement and folding that's taking place in this league, board members around here are going to start demanding that every AHL team incorporate a red, white, and blue ball into its logo. And it's just wonderful to know that the NHL is now starting to kill off hockey at the minor league level, too. If it keeps going down this road (and I see no reason why it won't be,) maybe teams with strong ownership that aren't necessarily dependent on their affiliations to stay alive could break off and form an indie league, which would then become the top-level league in the U.S. and Canada... a total fantasy, I know, but I find myself confronted with the idea that my days of watching pro hockey are numbered, and desperate times call for desperate measures. You know what sucks the worst for me about this? The fact that if things continue going this way, Bill Wirtz will be responsible (however indirectly) for the demise of my beloved Chicago Wolves. That just makes me want to throw up all over myself.
  24. So tempting... I've wanted one of those Pilots roads for the longest time. M&N actually made them for a brief period, but stopped - something about difficulty in finding the blue will blend material, which made no sense to me when I heard it.