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  1. Is 2020 going to be celebrated as the Brewers' 50th Anniversary season? I don't recall seeing anything this past year, but the team recognized 1994 as its 25th.
  2. The good news is that all WNBA teams now wear their logos front-and-center. The bad news is that they wear them where the front numbers should be.
  3. The funny thing is, if they sold to Vancouver, it could actually work in the league footprint this time.
  4. And the nine remaining teams of the Frontier League have brought the Can-Am's five onboard, thereby giving us the potential of a Southern Illinois Miners vs. Sussex County Miners series. Winning team gets to take a leak on Margaret Thatcher's grave.
  5. Once Calgary goes full retro, it won't even be a Top 5 home uniform in Canada.
  6. "We can't put out a new design, look at how much of the old one we still have to sell" is a philosophy that will carry Eugene Melnyk through until he no longer owns the Sens.
  7. "Jax" with some white stuff dripping off the bottom certainly is an aesthetic.
  8. I saw there were 6 new pages in this thread, hopped in to see what hot new info/leaks had dropped, and am now ready to start a GoFundMe to move the Vancouver Canucks to Birmingham.
  9. If you are going to put "CLT" on a uniform, at least do it like the Knights did, and put it on a hat with a big, red button on top that hopefully just about any man could find.
  10. We're in season three of Adidas and I still haven't seen a white Florida Panthers jersey for sale anywhere.
  11. We should all be putting down the Leagues Cup, though.
  12. This is a team that held "Salute To '80s Wrestling Night" with an appearance by Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and offered ticket packages with autographed 2x4s. This is a team that has made its own custom plastic lawn flamingos, took off the legs and opened up a hole in the bottom, and made it a beverage vessel. Their team captain chugged a beer out of it on the field after a win. Lips right up to the plastic bird butt. They're selling out a third-division team every night. The locals have embraced it, supporters groups are strong, and they're even making road trips. It's a true organic fan culture mixed with top-shelf minor league baseball weirdness, and it really works. In Authentic Cup news, the Fire got a sugar rush off the sale Saturday and beat the Dallas Burn 4-0 to recapture the Brimstone Cup, the Chicago Fire-est trophy in all of sports.
  13. Very Good and Extremely Solvent NHL Owner Eugene Melnyk is getting sued, because he's $900K in debt to an Indian casino.
  14. Hauptman: out. Andrew Hauptman has sold his stake in the Chicago Fire to Joe Mansuelo, and no longer has any role with the club.
  15. If the Panthers had worn blue socks in this game, this would be my favorite look of theirs. I'd be up for them adopting a black helmet and rolling with it full-time. The teeny-tiny TV numbers remind me of Reebok's failed extra-tight jersey experiment from about 10 years ago, most infamous for turning the Colts' stripes into equals signs. I agree that if they're going to be that small, just dump them entirely. In fact, in the era of 4K/8K TV and ever-shrinking jerseys, I wonder if TV numbers will be on their way out. The Patriots already ditched them on their alts, after all.
  16. If anyone here is a Costco member, you can find "NFL Pro Line" jerseys in your local team for $49.99. Construction is similar to the old Reebok replicas, with a mesh front and back (but it seems heavier and a little smoother than the old mesh), and matte nylon shoulders, sleeves, side panels, and nameplate. Sleeve/shoulder numbers and full sleeve striping are included, and there's an embroidered NFL shield at the neck. It's basically the same jersey Reebok charged $65 for in 2002.
  17. "It can mean a bundle of sticks, or a cigarette in British slang. Those were definitely the meanings I had in mind, so sorry if you misinterpreted my words."
  18. Under Armour honors Wisconsin's storied football heritage by giving them throwback uniforms with Arial, a font created in 1982. UA's Cackalacky Sans Serif on all their other teams' fauxbacks is no better.
  19. "A good deal" would have been to tell the jagoff who left the country as a tax dodge to build his own damn rink with his own damn money, instead of handing him a minimum of $275 million of actual taxpayers' money. It's not like he was actually going to move the team. He couldn't even bother to put up the front of attending a Texans game with Miikka Kiprusoff or something.