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  1. The Giants jersey is sick! But I have to believe that Yomiuri would try to block this design. The team name for the Yomiuri Giants is 読売ジャイアンツ (Yomiuri Jaiantsu), but they're so much more commonly referred to as "巨人" (Kyojin), and ジャイアンツ is generally used for the San Francisco Giants. (Really, what Yomiuri should do is sell an official 巨人 jersey before San Francisco does it!)
  2. Ah, the logo comments. My favorite is from one of the Knicks logos, where someone wrote "Knicks suck, Yankees suck, Jets suck". I couldn't resist writing "Krypton sucks". I think it's been deleted, though.
  3. I think that last one is photoshopped. In 2005 Mike Davis kept bringing up that they were the 4th seed in why IU deserved to be in the NCAA Tournament, despite getting beat in the first round of the BTT by 14 against fellow bubbler Minnesota.
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