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  1. And this is why public money for arenas is the devil: If you remember, the Wolves were all but gone to New Orleans by year 3 of Target Center.
  2. The Giants jersey is sick! But I have to believe that Yomiuri would try to block this design. The team name for the Yomiuri Giants is 読売ジャイアンツ (Yomiuri Jaiantsu), but they're so much more commonly referred to as "巨人" (Kyojin), and ジャイアンツ is generally used for the San Francisco Giants. (Really, what Yomiuri should do is sell an official 巨人 jersey before San Francisco does it!)
  3. First one I thought of, but then I thought--maybe that logo is so good that even bad teams can't ruin it. Well, they were so bad that the Whalers changed it into the Carolina Hurricanes logo... But seriously, the Whalers logo is almost universally liked regardless of the team's performance; I don't think losing is the first thing that comes to mind when you see it.
  4. Completely forgot about the Florida Panthers, but with the news that they're changing logos, their current set can fit here. Yeah the current logo reminds me of the run to the Cup Final led by Beezer, but in recent history even the Jackets and Thrashers/Jets have made the playoffs more often than Florida.
  5. I'd be surprised if they ever change out of this logo, even with all the losing in it.
  6. I LOLd at that. I kinda forgot about the Pats. These uniforms would probably be viewed as crap if that Pats were still mediocre. If the Patriots were mediocre, we'd look at their uniforms the same way as the Bills' navy. I'd also like to add the Diamondbacks throwback. Would there be as much clamor to bring it back if they didn't win the WS in them? Not exactly classic, but definitely a not-good look made better by a championship. Oh, and the Rockies black vests too! No way those would have stuck had they not made the World Series wearing them almost exclusively in 2007.
  7. Until "the process" bears fruit, I think we can put the current 76ers rebrand in this category too.
  8. I completely forgot about the Salsa. I remembered the Dawg Pac, Xpress, Web Warriors, Heavy Metal, and (crap there's one other team) but forgot about the Salsa.
  9. Maybe because Detroit has actually won something at hockey. Michigan has more Stanley Cups, more college hockey championships, more Conn Smythe winners, and the greatest American hockey player ever was from Michigan. Oh, and Michigan never lost their hockey team to Texas. Yes it was really dumb when Detroit called themselves Hockeytown, but then they won a few Cups and it doesn't sound dumb anymore. Minnesota calling themselves the "State of Hockey" without winning anything is what's dumb.
  10. What are some logos in sports that were good but became synonymous with losing teams? First example: the original Minnesota Timberwolves logo.
  11. This right here is the correct answer. Really wish they stuck with their early 2000s logo set
  12. I don't know about that... their Japanese counterparts in Yomiuri did a great job with their giant logo: Minor nitpick: The Giants play in Tokyo and are owned by the Yomiuri Shinbun newspaper, hence the name. Almost all of the Japanese baseball team names reflect a corporate owner, making for the confusing and occasionally hilarious names. Nippon Ham Fighters, anyone? (That's the Fighters owned by Nippon Ham, not the Ham Fighters of Nippon) That is correct. However, they changed their logo last year. Now they've gone full Giabbit.
  13. I'd like to see Wild/Stars or Wild/Hawks at TCF. Heck, if you put it in Minnesota (especially on the U of M campus) you could make it a Wild/Gophers doubleheader.
  14. I was cheering hard for this to come back too. It was THE best thing logo-wise about either of the two teams going into the merger. I'm going to guess it will come back at some point if they've worn BlueWave throwbacks. Then again, when I started getting into NPB (2006) Kintetsu was already gone, and it seems like people remember Kintetsu as "the team that never won the Japan Series".
  15. When they first announced the re-branding last Spring, the one thing that they said is that they wanted to keep the "Bs" abbreviation. Which of course sparked speculation that they'd go back to Orix's pre-BlueWave name, Braves. But I guess they decided to keep Buffaloes. Also, their web site, before the unveiling, showed all their "Bs" logos in black and silver. Which would have been awesome, but I guess it would look too similar to Lotte's color scheme. And here's a bonus pic: their yet-to-be-named mascots. Before this, they were using the BlueWave's Neppie (who no longer had a trident after the Orix/Kintetsu merger) and Ripsea, his female companion mascot. While Neppie was the best (at least he was in the BlueWave era), I guess it doesn't hurt to have buffalo mascots for a team named Buffaloes. EDIT: I should also mention, while the opposing "f"s keep me from liking their home or alternate jersey, that away jersey is EXCELLENT.