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  1. "One team has gotten a moderate reception and the other, which the league tried to force upon the market for years, has been actively rejected. Therefore, the guy in charge looks smart." awright! Man, imagine if we had gotten the Los Angeles Jaguars like it looked like we would after that year in the financial crisis when practically no one attended a Jaguars game, and they had continued to be a wet fart for the better part of a decade except that one year that no one could score on them. This could have gone much worse.
  2. Double-wrong! 1) I think the ATL looks great in there, "ATL" being one of the precious few IATA abbreviations that actually has widespread cultural currency, and it's not shoehorned at all, it comes together so well that I'm surprised no one in the Concepts folder thought of it already. Unless they did, in which case, disregard. The only issue is that it won't reverse well, what is ⅃TA ꟻ?, but that's been an issue with the regular F-for-Falcon since day one, so whatever, either treat it like a true monogram instead of a face and don't reverse it on the other side, or roll with it. 2) No one's ever pretended, it was always intended to be an F and they made it more obvious upon the redesign such that you can't not see it as an F unless you can't read.
  3. The Buccaneers had one or two years in pewter at Tampa Stadium. The Vikings had their new/current uniforms for the last year at the Metrodome. Off the top of my head, there are many more cases of the new uniforms preceding the new stadium by a year or two than the other way around.
  4. They should have had a neo-throwback set ready to roll out the day they won the vote. They bought the land in December 2013, it's not like this was a surprise to them.
  5. The holy grail of Falcons redesigns seems like it would be some way to get an ATL in there akin to the WSU cougar.
  6. Beige pants have them looking too much like the 49ers. I think they can pull off a plain jersey if they get the cardinal red color right. It has to be that distinct shade of faded U of C maroon, not just "red." like this. This just looks red.
  7. Their super-futuristic stadium is 14 years old. I'm not saying that to be argumentative. I just think it's crazy how time flies!
  8. That Kandinsky-style cover art doesn't fit the Damned at all, it looks like it was rejected art for Boys Don't Cry
  9. The Bears play in a spaceship but I don't think their uniforms should reflect that.
  10. I have my doubts. I'd worry that insufficient separation between white and yellow may cause a lot of interceptions, and the players may find all the yellow to be sort of irritating, making them 3% less effective.
  11. It's really quite awful on its own, but it's especially bad because you generally think of the Ravens as a really no-nonsense, vicious, intimidating team, representing a city that's evocative of blight and death and despair, and then they have this silly purple cartoon bird and those dorky '90s-style numerals. They need to go with the Maryland flag shield on the helmets or some sort of old-fashioned B, but not this bird head.
  12. I could buy the 1970s/1980s Patriots being one of those teams where, if you have to list all the teams by memory, they're the last one you get. There's no Boston in the name, so you skip over them, and they were really bad. The Bengals used to be that for me. I remember very clearly when I was getting back into football in 2001, I was in an AOL chat room, and I asked the room: the Cincinnati Bengals, are they still around? is that whole thing still an ongoing concern? You don't hear too much about them anymore, did I miss something?
  13. I think "Baltimore Colts" sounds terrific, it's got that rat-a-tat-tat cadence like "Winnipeg Jets." Or, if you prefer to say it with local flavor, "Balmer Coats."
  14. Can't believe how the Chargers just keep WINNING here! Never would have imagined they'd ever have a Chance of grabbing any of the Rams "Thunder." So far this week they've DESTROYED the Rams. Amazing!