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  1. Up until a few years ago, there weren't even four: just block, serif block, and Haettenschweiler.
  2. They can't come right out and say it's a Houston Oilers fashion jersey. Should have tried "Workers of all kinds, we luv ya! Blue is the color we chose to represent that feeling." I don't know, I'm a believer in the separation of church and pro sports.
  3. There's been too much "holding accountable" lately. Everywhere I turn, I'm being told to hold someone accountable. I say less accountability! Never expect anything of anyone.
  4. The line colors make no sense but the blue fatigues the eyes less than straight-up white does. Why do you think most message board skins are pale blue? like this one?
  5. There's too much money changing hands with this league. NFL is the normie sport, they more than anyone else have to get it done. You could have stuck a fork in the NBA season in March, people would have blogged about the genius and grace of Adam Silver, and no one would have minded. You could have cancelled the NHL season and no one would have noticed. Not playing the Super Bowl? Unthinkable! That one's from the "truth is stranger than fiction" files for sure. I had no idea.
  6. The difference is that this was probably genetically engineered for maximum communicability, loss of life, and chaos (you can get it and feel nothing, or get it and die, who's to say). You couldn't catch ebolavirus by breathing near someone. Screwing with our football season this much, that alone should get a city of theirs vaporized before even taking anything else into account.
  7. Right, the joke relies on taking the Crying Game scene to absurdity and that the idea that then-notable actress Sean Young could possibly be a man is also absurd. This one's a dead end, sorry!
  8. That's what they did during 9/11. Week 2 became Week 18. Probably the smartest thing to do next week. I believe Discrimihater lives somewhere in the Kenosha-Racine corridor where it's decidedly real. It's still fair to note that the response has been erratically lax and draconian, though; that's why we're in this mess.
  9. Wasn't it just a parody of The Crying Game?
  10. The Washington Senators may have had one of the weakest brands of any sports team.
  11. Which is why, like I keep saying, the ice should be very light blue!