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  1. Actually, there's an argument to be made that I successfully posted the Winnipeg Jets into reality from 2004-2011. Maybe I'm already set.
  2. sparky chewbarky got his wish of the Seattle Kraken, Prologo got his wish of generic Washington Sports Team merchandise, I'm a terrible CCSLC poster, when do I get to manifest my dreams?
  3. The only argument against expelling the Marlins at this point is that it won't be fair to the West and Central teams.
  4. I don't know, being a foreign-language word that's not really familiar to English makes it hard for it to be anything higher than a clever secondary nickname. But I like it a lot in that context.
  5. You're not gonna do this every day, are you.
  6. Impact blows, black and blue together like that looks dismal and it's the name of the meme font. My preference was always Citoyens as a hyperlocal counterpart to Canadiens.
  7. "Los Angeles Angels" is a fine name and finding out their nickname en español is "Serafines" to evade the "The The Angels Angels" problem we joke about makes me like it even more.
  8. Man, they killed that whole identity by taking away the purple and orange. Why would a flaming torch be grey? It's bad enough on its own, but there's already a black/white team in Blainville, too (who themselves replaced the very nice, ersatz-Maroons identity of the Montreal Juniors).
  9. Oh, what a happy coincidence and definitely not backdoor naming rights.
  10. The logo looks much more major-league without the beveling, by the way.
  11. I always thought the hat D was the superior of the two versions and hoped that one day they would unify them and use it on the uniform as well. Then they did and I hated it! Did anyone else ride this rollercoaster with me?
  12. Blackhawks formally ban headdresses and the like from the United Center going forth, which is a good move for good-taste reasons, but no one who's intent on calling them "the Chicago NHL team" is gonna stop because of it.
  13. Yeah, kinda the worst possible vindication for people who have said the NHL's product needs to sell itself as it is and it shouldn't try to be like the NBA at every turn.