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  1. Yeah, it seems like molestation is a sport-wide problem from top to bottom. It really upsets me. I feel like I've been kind of fading away from hockey over the last year when it became clear that being a hockey fan online just consisted of jerking off the Carolina Hurricanes for everything, and now I feel myself letting go like I did after the second lockout. It's severely disappointing. As for Stan Bowman and his role in all this, an unpopular opinion of mine has been that Joel Quenneville was the real brains of the operation, no matter how much people didn't like it when he tinkered with lines, and even though he still must have been somewhat complicit in all this, Stan really messed this whole organization up forever. The best answer I can think of as to why they wouldn't flush the sex offender out immediately is that McDonough felt he had to keep the organization's image completely immaculate and that it would be better to keep it under wraps for as long as possible rather than inviting any possibility that anything could ever go wrong in Blackhawkland. For as much positive press as the Hawks got early in their renaissance, 670 The Score was oddly devoted to treating the Blackhawks as some kind of malignant tumor upon the Chicago sports landscape that had to be excised. McDonough couldn't give any enemies any opening.
  2. Hawks pushed Pat Foley out; the scalps keep piling up.
  3. Nike, please invent "Fog City" as a name people call San Francisco and put it on the Giants' uniforms; I need one of these to be uglier and stupider than what the Cubs have.
  4. It's the same hackwork passive-voice copy every time, too. "Forged by our history. Inspired by our future." "Shaped by our individuals. Designed for our community." "Guided by change. Driven by continuity." We're getting inspired by communities on a weekly basis but the product is always the same. yes Anyway the new Fire logo is better than the last one but they still should have just touched up the original and not made a big deal out of it.
  5. I mean, guy plays for the New York Yankees, if he doesn't want to dress like a beer-league softball player, that's a reasonable concern, even if State School Deadspin in your link there didn't approve.
  6. Gotta look out for the most important basketball player on the planet
  7. "not one, not two, not three" also describes LeBron's approach to covid vaccinations
  8. I would think so at this point, yes. I don't know what the solution is for the Bears. No one really likes Soldier Field except for the comfortable wealthy people for whom it does what it was redesigned to do. It's a pain to drive to and find parking for. It's not that accessible by transit unless you're coming in on the electric lines, and I don't think most Bears ticketholders are. I've always maintained that the lakefront is a bad fit for the Bears -- Soldier Field just hangs like a fart in church for ~320 days a year wasting real estate that could go to a year-round cultural institution -- but Arlington Heights would be orders of magnitude worse. I don't know where they could go in the city. Any parcel of land that once could have fit a football stadium just has condos now.
  9. "Solider Field" is always a funny typo considering the playing surface is being eaten by the lake.
  10. At least the Bears aren't bitching out to Charlotte, Nashville, or Austin like everyone else in this state. Here's Arlington Park on Google Maps if you want to poke around. Euclid Avenue is two lanes east of the track through most of downtown Arl. Hts., and because that's where the nice 19th-century houses in town are, it's going to stay that way. 53 is the "expressway" to the west, which just abruptly ends at Lake-Cook Road a few miles north, and can only fit a half-cloverleaf at Northwest Highway (US 14). A suburban NFL stadium is one thing, but one with no interstate access and a bunch of quiet neighborhoods around it is another. This is the worst of Lambeau and Foxboro combined.
  11. I don't think they were ever really serious about moving to Gary. The McCaskeys were just that bad at bluffing. (Still, Gary has a better chance of getting the Bears than getting the Mythical Third Airport.) I think the Gary Bears noise was during the real Michael McCaskey dark night of the soul when they were doing things like hiring Dave McGinnis without bothering to tell him first.
  12. Bears to Arlington Heights is getting closer to happening -- too close for comfort, if you ask me.
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