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  1. All cities that aren't Chicago or New York overrate the recognizability of their skylines, but Dallas is trying to get to a whole new level. You're just lucky you have that green ball on a stick or whatever it is.
  2. Nothing has been more 1997 than concepts Nos. 4 and 7 up there Edit: except 8!
  3. Society has progressed past the need for Thursday night Giants games
  4. Winnipeg City Edition based on this:
  5. What kind of puddinghead would throw back to the arched Dallas sweaters? Why would you want to remember when the franchise was virtually in hibernation?
  6. I am looking for directions to Ball Arena.
  7. You nailed the color distribution but the premise of keeping "Washington Football Team" is ridiculous and the placeholder the team came up with is terrible. You meant well with your secondary but what you've designed here is a hamburger. "Washington Gridiron Football Club" with "the Gridirons" as the nickname is about the best one can do with a non-name name, I feel. They should have rolled with that instead of the "Washington Football Team" bowdlerization that sensitive media members used for all those years.
  8. That logo is a piece of crap that they seem to have had done off Fiverr, so I'd feel pretty bad about it.
  9. Yeah, that's pretty much what I wanted them to do, but with the numbers moved to the sleeves and the goat head removed, and no white on the home jerseys except for the NOB. It's vivid and contemporary while still keeping the classic L.A. Rams palette. They're too old a team to get conceptual with streetwear and vaporwave.
  10. They should have purged everyone when they fired McDonough. Unlike teams that are on the Golden State Warriors model where there are like seven executive vice presidents, the Blackhawks have had a clear president-GM-coach chain of command. If they're going to keep with that, I think it's only fair that a new president should be able to pick his own general manager, who in turn should be able to pick his own head coach, who should be able to choose his assistants. Yes, that would mean firing Stan Bowman, who has three rings, but I think we've all learned together that his dad was the real brains of the operation, and that having one of the three greatest hockey coaches of all time was pretty important to the team's success. Hockey, for better or worse, does not seem to be ready for coach-as-management-surrogate.
  11. I was not always the biggest Doc Emrick fan -- I've never been able to forgive him for reimagining the laws of space and time with "elevatored across" -- but I respect his body of work as a whole and it'll be strange not to hear him on NBC. This probably opens the door for John Forslund to take over as the full-time national lead.
  12. I love the striping but not the rest.