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  1. Marge Schott was a fascinating character. She cut operating costs to the bone because as an old-line working-class Cincinnatian she believed a family of four should be able to go to the games and not have to pay $10 for a measly hot dog. She was also a Nazi. The duality of man.
  2. Maybe they can get a stadium that's three miles from the Loop and is right on the main rapid transit line, the main south-suburban commuter line, and a major expressway, that'd be a real coup for them
  3. Expecting Montreal to go from league membership to Toronto's farm club is like when people expected Quebec City to go from league membership to Montreal's farm club. It's a setup for failure and the blame always goes to the people at bottom of the chain.
  4. This Las Vegas deal is starting to feel like an extremely elaborate end-run around being the L.A. Raiders again, where they will heavily mine Southern California for business partnerships, bus everyone in from there for gamedays, and otherwise just so happen to play the games in Nevada. The upshot in all this is that the Chargers are very dumb.
  5. Yeah, NFC North is at NFC West for same-finish games, NFC South is at NFC North. I didn't know that until I looked at the schedule announcement this year and put it together for myself. They don't really promote it; I figured it was just alternating home and road from whenever you saw the team last.
  6. I feel like that's usually been the fudge factor for New England, right? 3rd/long, Brady passes to a white guy, he gets bumped a little too hard on his way out of bounds, penalty, automatic first down.
  7. Oh yeah, add the Steelers to that list with the Packers and Patriots. Sorry, I haven't really watched football since 2009 but for some reason I have been this year!
  8. I think he meant downtown relative to Dolphin Stadium, which is all the way up on the county line. But no, it's not downtown downtown, you're right.
  9. Hard to argue any of that, especially the point about not playing a single exhibition or neutral-site game in Los Angeles during the Rams' exile. Even Shreveport has had preseason NFL games in that time. The best way to address this whole situation would have been to nip it in the bud and forbid the Rams from leaving in 1994 (the Raiders, they could have let go). Go to court if you have to, but don't send the message that you don't need Los Angeles in your league. If the NHL could have fought for Phoenix, the NFL could have fought for Los Angeles. Failing that, the Rams should have been back out the door in St. Louis the day Kroenke bought Hollywood Park, at which point the league should have said that's it, one team, the market is too sensitive to cannibalize. Sure, make a deal to keep the Chargers on TV in L.A. if it shuts them up, but actually moving into them into Los Angeles has been terrible for both teams.
  10. At this point I think spooky officiating occurrences are just something you have to budget for when you play the Packers or Patriots: they've been happening for going on 20 years now, allow no margin for error that those occurrences can't cover
  11. Joe Tsai is too busy doing crisis p.r. for the Communist Party to worry about the Chargers, think harder, Homer