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  1. The Marlins built a low-capacity stadium that failed to fix supply and demand and cost too much money to build. I don't like going under 35,000 or over 45,000.
  2. "World Champions" instead of "NBA Champions," they got it right.
  3. Not much, what's Kraken with you
  4. The Astros switching leagues after 50 years was a terrible decision done only to placate the whiny new-money Rangers. Milwaukee was one thing because it had been in the National League before, and it didn't saddle us with the loathsome year-round expanded interleague play. We don't need a tertiary level of game importance that isn't being offset by a petty local rivalry.
  5. The Eiffel 24 (which is no eiffel-65) is okay but eventually it gets to be like St. Louis and the Gateway Arch, like, there's gotta be more to this city. The lettering reminds me of Toulouse-Lautrec posters, too.
  6. Approximately five people on this message board can truly appreciate this and they're not all the respondents in this thread.
  7. Plain white pants with plain white socks and white shoes. I like a good all-white uniform, I think it can be very striking, but the Saints looked like interpretive dancers from the waist down. Like the ancient board meme says, NEEDS STRIPES!
  8. Then sell muted A's caps as fashion caps. People who need them will seek them out. The A's still shouldn't bother wearing them in games.
  9. How brutal was this 49ers-Redskins game that it ended 9-0 while all the other games were starting the fourth?
  10. Okay well you have to understand that I was a huge Bret Hart fan as a kid and the idea of a developmental hockey team continuing to honor him tickles me.
  11. You can't use "Lions aren't blue" with the Ravens, though. The term "raven-haired" exists for a reason; what could a raven be but black? Red and blue would make no sense at all.
  12. The Hitmen should absolutely have hot pink accents all the time, it's the one uniform issue in major-junior that I can work up any passion for. Don't overdo it, a little goes a long way, but it's ridiculous to do anything else. They're the Hitmen from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Come on!
  13. The owner was evicting or not renting to minorities, so it wasn't worth much