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  1. The Devils' sweater looks shoddily assembled. The Wings just look like amateurs.
  2. Entering St. Louis from Illinois is a lot like this. It's pretty cool after the end of a long drive/ride downstate. The only problem is then you're in St. Louis.
  3. Oh good, two Blackhawks sweaters that are significantly worse than their regular one.
  4. I really don't believe the Red Wings should be a Relatable Brand on Twitter. They should only be self-serious and boring.
  5. It looks like knockoff garbage and there's no excuse for wearing it against Detroit in white, which is normally one of the best uniform matchups in the league. I hope they never wear it again. Kane hit 400 in a flea market sweater. How awful.
  6. "Double-Zero Hero" would be a good nickname for a goalie wearing 00. FIX THE GLITCH
  7. The NHL can't, it crashes their Karmanos-company-designed server, still one of my favorite bits of NHL trivia
  8. Sharks and Fake North Stars lookin' fantastic, but I could always take or leave the purple/gold Kings.
  9. There are some differences between ABC and ESPN: ABC is union but ESPN isn't, if I remember correctly from the 2005 realignment, and Disney only owns 80% of ESPN but 100% of ABC.
  10. Getting rid of the gold pants unwittingly made a distinction between the GSoT and the 2007-2011 Rams, who were maybe the worst show on turf. The Rams in all navy felt like a moribund team, a spent force.
  11. I would have gone with teal and purple for a little more '90s flair but I dig it. Good use of the city device; the star is old hat.
  12. I don't think the NFL would be heartbroken, either. Their relationship with Bristol has not been great ever since ESPN decided they would start applying their journalistic integrity to the NFL while acting as a hype machine for the NBA, though the NFL giving them worse and worse games does make it kind of a chicken/egg dilemma. I think the first time I noticed ESPN was not Respecting The Shield was when Michelle Beadle was doing their morning show and said she couldn't be bothered to watch football. If anyone has done any longform writing on the degeneration of the ESPN/NFL relationship, point me to it.
  13. The teal flake wasn't the problem, the problem was pairing it with those drab new uniforms. It would have worked just fine with the old set.
  14. I've laid out my ideal plan: a month of Thursday specials through Thanksgiving as long the teams are coming off their bye weeks, Saturdays thereafter because those late-season Saturday games are fun, but year-round Thursdays are garbage and they have to go. Honestly, we don't even need the extra Thursday games, I'm just compromising in my dreams.