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  1. The problem with Tony La Russa isn't that he's some sort of white supremacist, which quite frankly feels like a reach, it's that he won't have Dave Duncan around to turn every turd off the waiver wire into a master sinkerballer. That and the endless beanball wars, the Unwritten Rules crap, and the fact that he hasn't managed in nine years, during which time the game has changed significantly and not for the better. One thing I will say in La Russa's favor is that he would never pull an ace at 70some pitches in a there-is-no-tomorrow game so that he won't go thrice through the lineup like that dumbass errand boy in Tampa. He would then proceed to use seven relievers to make six outs, yes, definitely, but he wouldn't do that.
  2. I think they were designed to be demoralizing, to make Minnesotans feel like the team was devoid of spirit and had one foot out the door (the other one in the gutter).Then they kept it in Dallas anyway.
  3. I maintain that the igloo should have remained two-tone blue as initially designed. Laisse le rouge à Montréal, la province, c'est bleu!
  4. I like neon green too, so I think it's neat. I really dug the ASG uniforms that were in neon green. The numbers may have some visibility concerns in motion.
  5. Baseball is now just Michael and Dwight driving into the f-cking lake forever.
  6. DUMBASS. LET YOUR STARTING PITCHERS PITCH. Game 6 with the season on the line, what are you saving him for?
  7. "Come and Take It" is an ill-advised motto weeks after the Lightning did precisely that. Now I'll probably find out that those were the last words of some support-staff guy who just died and everyone will get mad at me.
  8. Cleveland is practically irrelevant to the Rams' history. Nobody cares about when they were playing against the Boston Yanks at a high school field. For all intents and purposes, they're an old Los Angeles team that got booted out to St. Louis against the league's wishes but finally went back. Everything they do, visually speaking, should be in service of righting the wrong of that St. Louis relocation and retaking their place as the NFL team in the second-largest city in America, which dictates a level of seriousness that mid-to-small-market teams don't have to (and shouldn't) observe. Between segmenting the ram horn to suggest ocean waves and honor the Fibonacci sequence or something, proprietary-font numbers, a gradient on said numbers, vaporwave striping in the gradient, off-white in place of regular white except when it's not in place of regular white, and patches with contrasting stitching to evoke streetwear, there are too many ideas going on at once for one uniform. I didn't even get to how there are two versions of the script depending on whether or not the city name is included. Their peers along sport and market axes are the Lakers, Dodgers, Giants, and Bears, and their identity should fit comfortably among those. The Bengals looked their best when they didn't get carried away: the helmet and the tiger-striped inserts on the jerseys and pants were enough that the rest of the set was conservative: black/orange/white, block numbers, no shoulder yokes or white tiger tummies on the sides. The Bengals didn't even paint midfield and the endzones at Riverfront Stadium (though that may not have been so much about balanced minimalism as the fact that it cost money).
  9. Why are we still calling them reverse retros and not orters? Come on, board, get your head in the game.
  10. The thing about the Bears is that they carry themselves as if they're the Packers or Steelers but their body of work is more like the Bengals. It's frustrating to hear about how you're steeped in tradition and a cornerstone of the league but all you do is finish around .500 and lose to your rival all the time.
  11. Looks like they foreshadowed the ban on mass gatherings, too
  12. Well, I'll still call it the Comiskey Bowl.
  13. I was glancing at a Milwaukee Admirals tree ornament I had on my desk in 2007. I want iloveboobs69420 back.
  14. I'm working on it but I'm bad at Illustrator so I had to trace it in Photoshop instead:
  15. West could send three if the Bears fall apart in the second half for some reason.
  16. All cities that aren't Chicago or New York overrate the recognizability of their skylines, but Dallas is trying to get to a whole new level. You're just lucky you have that green ball on a stick or whatever it is.
  17. Nothing has been more 1997 than concepts Nos. 4 and 7 up there Edit: except 8!
  18. Society has progressed past the need for Thursday night Giants games
  19. Winnipeg City Edition based on this:
  20. What kind of puddinghead would throw back to the arched Dallas sweaters? Why would you want to remember when the franchise was virtually in hibernation?