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  1. C with little triangles pointing north and south above and below it?
  2. It took me a second for the light to go on, but it did. Where did I remember Charlotte Wilder's name from? Oh, she's friends with PFT Commenter and Dan Katz and had them on whatever show it is she does, which made Deadspin's Laura Wagner say that she is a traitor and disappointment to all women who work in sports: Which means that this whole article is nothing but an excuse for yet another chapter of America's favorite nerd fight, Deadspin v. Barstool. You may think it was the really mega-popular prom court kids who in adulthood never got over high school social dynamics. You'd be wrong: it's all the high-achieving NHS/application-padders in the next tier down who are obsessed with defining who's in and who's out and keep on doing it all their lives, and where do those kids end up? At this big long helldesk, apparently!
  3. I was thinking one of the animal friends from Donkey Kong Country, like Rambi the Rhino and Enguarde the Swordfish. But how can that make you like the logo less? I don't have any room left to think less of it than I already do.
  4. The R and the A show that she doesn't cut corners.
  5. Yeah, there's a lot to like except for the NCSC cap and the general premise of a shared Winston-Salem/Greensboro team in the majors. The Carolinas as twins is a clever way to keep the name and refashion it, and I like the underlined C and more traditional ovoid C equally. Overall, I'm glad we didn't lose Minnesota, and especially glad the Twins didn't become the Carolina MaxxHoggz or some other '90s name as ghastly as "Virginia Fury." Haha, look at the map where the stadium would be! Boww-ba-bowwmp, won't you take me to, boww-ba-bowwmp
  6. It's certainly novel to see stark black/white and what looks like condensed athletic block, but I'm a little unsure of the semiotics at play here. It feels awfully...forceful? EDIT: oh, of course, how did I miss it, Oakland Raiders for America.
  7. Design so good, it makes my calves cramp.
  8. He was only off by 100 points on the hue-saturation-value scale, lay off
  9. Matt Duchene seems to be on the Ryan O'Reilly plan of making teams worse but then compiling points on them.
  10. On the first day, baseball was invented. On the second day, people wrote "could this be the end of baseball?"
  11. Quite. Players can't call time, they can only request that the umpire call time, which is at the umpire's discretion.
  12. Pace of play can be largely ameliorated by, when players ask for time, telling them "no." Seems like a better initial plan of attack than taking ten days' worth of gate receipts away to be more like the NBA.
  13. If worse comes to worst they can move to Boston
  14. Gonna have to ask you to elaborate on this one here
  15. Light blue should be their primary color, with their original shade of green as a secondary color, and yellow/gold as the tertiary.
  16. They got the divisions right, the divisions are fine.
  17. I'm guessing teams played cross-division teams more than six times a year before expansion, wild card, and interleague, right? Maybe the Sox and Brewers didn't play 18 times a year, but I'm sure they played more than six. That helps those rivalries.
  18. Seattle Totems-Colorado Rockies in the NHL as two Western expansion teams at a time when the only other American team west of Minneapolis was Los Angeles. But the Scouts moved to Denver and the expansion was cancelled. By the same token, a Totems-Canucks border battle.
  19. Yeah, I feel better about baseball's future than football's. Baseball is, after all, the greatest game ever created. And basketball, pfft, Adam Silver just admitted they played themselves by getting everyone talking about the NBA on social but not bothering to watch the games.
  20. Southern population density came up on one of the wrestling podcasts a while ago. Crockett was a grueling but lucrative territory because there were so many towns to make, few of them huge but big enough to draw crowds, like Anderson, South Carolina. But guys liked working the AWA because you could run Minneapolis and Chicago on one weekend and go back home.
  21. The Arrivistes, geez, why not call them the Raleigh Nouveau-Riche McMansion Scum
  22. It's all true. Regarding the profile of Cincinnati, that's why I've thought it would have been a good NHL town, if only they were working with something newer than a carbon copy of the Met Center. Cincinnati may have avoided some of the the hiccups Columbus had with the Ohio State arena down the street and a general dearth of winter sports. This is also very true, and why the pitch for the Twins to play at an exurban complex equidistant to Greensboro and Winston-Salem would have been a boondoggle on top of another boondoggle.
  23. Deadspin: LeBron Will Probably Miss The Playoffs Because Some Things In Life Are More Important Than Basketball, And That's Okay