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  1. They're not wrong on that one either. It pains me to side with the NFL, but the other side being the XFL sort of helps.
  2. Billy Corgan used to run a tea boutique on the North Shore, which, to my dismay, was called "Madame Zuzu's" and not "The Killer in Tea is the Killer in You"
  3. For a long time now I haven't been able to shake the feeling that the Denver branch of the Kroenkempire is about 90% concerned with the Nuggets and 10% with the Avs. It's sort of the same breakdown as MSG with the Knicks and the Rangers, except that Dolan is so toxic that neglecting the Rangers works to their benefit. I just feel like all these little oversights with the Avs wouldn't slip by if more people in the organization cared.
  4. One of the funniest instances of Meathead Football Pseud, and I challenge you to top this one, was when erstwhile Bears GM Phil Emery said something like "we can talk about this to the ninth degree," meaning "to the nth," implying that every time he ever came across it, he thought it was a typo of ninth, nine being bigger than other numbers such as two, three, or four.
  5. Paul Rand did great work but he missed big on this one. I think the difference is that it's a person's name, not a letter or an initialism (the Westinghouse W, ABC, IBM), or brand. Those lend themselves to visual abstraction quite a bit better because they are themselves abstractions. Minimalistic treatment of Henry Ford's name falls into the uncanny valley.
  6. I've never been able to get a great read on Ravens fans but I've suspected it's a lot of government contractors who quote The Wire too much.
  7. Allen got away with a blatant dive early in the game, but no one should care; Brady got every call under the sun for years while the Bills languished in 7-9 purgatory. Call it a cosmic makeup call.
  8. I thought they played a preseason game at Indian Wells. The Utah Jazz used to have a nifty snowflake-mountain-tree logo: But I think a six-pointed snowflake would invite trouble in Montreal. Money and the ethnic sport.
  9. Bearsian sequence of botched snap, intentional grounding to avoid a safety, and an injury to the quarterback.
  10. Is NBC using Natalie Merchant music for outros because the game is in upstate New York? That's wonderful. Do Ani DeFranco next.
  11. The problem is that people don't use "team" at the level of "club," "franchise," or hockey's "organ-eye-zation" to represent the greater corporate entity of a sporting enterprise beyond the players on the field. It would be like calling them the Roster -- it's alien usage.
  12. When the "oh yeah if ballet is for girls, why does my teacher say football players do it" guy grows up and gets a job at an ad agency
  13. Nope, red-black-red-black was an inspired look for the Coyotes because it broke the rules the way hockey in Phoenix breaks the rules. It gave them a niche in the crowded red-black space of the NHL.
  14. What is the significance of the downward triangle? Is it because most of the system is subterranean? How would this conflict with any wayfinding? I know from having ridden the Metro (bing-bong-bing-bong STEP!BACK!doorsclosing) that they write out RD for "Red" on their existing signage, but it struck me as...dumb? Why abbreviate a three-letter word by one letter?
  15. "Kyle from Schaumburg, you're on the Score" "hey guys well I was AT the game, and"
  16. Something about "Honey Hunters" is vaguely crass, like a blues song from 1932.
  17. The Jets tried red helmets to match their red breezers in the '90s for like a preseason game or two but gave up because it looked stupid. I think the burgundy helmets look better than slate blue, but they should have stuck with black equipment after all.
  18. The NHL was using DIN Bold Italic at the league-branding level for a while, I think. The Bengals use it or something close for names and numbers.
  19. I believe Montreal uses Univers Condensed. You can tell them apart by their Gs It drives me up a wall that Chicago transit uses Helvetica. It's so boring and it feels like ripping off New York. A medium-weight Avant Garde would have been nice.
  20. I've been obsessed with this since I discovered the QMJHL. What a find, thanks so much! I still think you can do better than Helvetica, though. Bauhaus, that's a Canadian modernist font in my eyes.
  21. Cool MBA stuff. Is the E for exploitation or extortion?
  22. Won't be laughing when they wipe the floor with Soy Boys Omaha FC