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  1. The people who are in favor of it are pointing out that Arlington Park has its own Metra stop, but the vast majority of people with season tickets to the Bears are from the north, northwest, and western suburbs anyway. The grandstand now holds about 35,000, and the whole point of this exercise is that the Bears feel the 61,000 or so at Soldier Field is much too small, so we're looking at 70,000+ people, mostly arriving by car, emptying out onto Northwest Highway? It makes no sense. This is even dumber than thinking the Cubs should have moved there.
  2. The Bears are once again threatening to move to the suburbs, making noise about moving to Arlington Heights once the racetrack shuts down. As terrible and inconvenient as Soldier Field is, Arlington Park would manage to be significantly worse. All that traffic emptying onto a less-than-interstate expressway and a less-than-state arterial. Should be a romp.
  3. I know the access would remain equal at "zero," but it could still be framed in bad faith as an attack on Journalist-Americans.
  4. I wonder whether the struggle women journalists had in being taken seriously in the locker room over the years has people fearful of taking away that hard-earned access. I'm thinking of that terrible 1990 Patriots team where the guy was waving his dick in a reporter's face or something. Women shouldn't have to deal with that, men shouldn't have to, and the players should be able to have peace and privacy in what's essentially a really big bathroom.
  5. I agree with everything in your link. I like the idea of the locker room/dressing room/clubhouse being an inner sanctum for team personnel. The players end up using the trainer's room for that anyway. Let them have their entire room to themselves and meet the media elsewhere.
  6. If someone took away my plantation I'd hate them too!
  7. Which Cabinet position will Frank the Tank get when Dave Portnoy wins the White House in 2024?
  8. I've had enough of Tom Wilson's crap. This has been going on for years. He's at the Matt Cooke/Raffi Torres level of not learning.
  9. The Blue Jackets in all blue makes them look a lot like the Jets, but fixing that problem should be the responsibility of the Jets.
  10. "loanDepot Park" is within striking distance of " Arena" for bad naming rights.
  11. As with AAA baseball, there are some teams for whom I would like the parent team's name (I'd like to see a shot at the Rockford Blackhawks and Albany Rangers), but many more where it just does not port over. A team named for being on Long Island doesn't work in Connecticut. I can look back and laugh on the Capital District Islanders and Cape Breton Oilers (the CDIs were bad but assigning Nova Scotia an oil industry was worse) as relics of a bygone low-budget bus league, but in an era where the lowest of the low baseball teams can hire one of three shops to build a brand around the fact that their town used to have a box factory, there is no excuse for Bridgeport Islanders.
  12. A home plate of cheese? This is as bad as the flamingo-prank soccer team is good.
  13. Shouldn't it be "l'Équipe du Québec"? Dropping articles and prepositions is a very English construction that clangs in French.
  14. It's like tennis but you hit a wiffleball with a flat paddle. It's a good sport if you find tennis too hard but badminton too enjoyable.
  15. You didn't answer my question. What do you want an NHL studio show to look like? I will say that the reputation of NHLers has really plummeted over the last fifteen to twenty years, which is quite a feat considering that more than any other league they've spent that entire timespan on the ass end of labor negotiations. Where they were once considered the most relatable and down-to-earth professional athletes, they're now seen -- if you ask Deadspin, blue-check Twitter, and whoever else gets to dictate the terms to the rest of us -- as the same kind of antisocial menace that NBA players were once perceived as, but worse, because now they're dropouts, rapists, drug addicts, and white supremacists. They probably can't all be that bad, just as today's NBA players might not be the deepest and gentlest souls who ever walked the earth after all. I fear that the aforementioned culture apparatus will poorly receive any kind of studio show they do with ex-players. It's a mug's game. The only thing that will make them madder than not being the NBA is poorly attempting to be the NBA.
  16. This is how it always seems to go. "The NHL needs to be more like the NBA, no, not like that." What do people want ex-jocks to be?
  17. Probably just tradition at this point, mostly. Baseball in one form or another is about the only continuity the old Braves-'n'-Andy-Griffith Superstation has with TBS as we know it now. I know that TNT was always intended to be the somewhat more upmarket alternative to TBS: while TBS was always Atlanta's UHF channel 17 writ large, Turner launched TNT as a national channel for movies, dramas, and mildly ambitious original programming. I think Turner always had high aspirations for TNT, it just took them quite a while to get there -- precisely the AOL merger and the retooling as "We Know Drama." Consider that when the Time Warner executives gave WCW the boot despite putting up what were still in losing efforts very impressive ratings for basic cable, they did it for two big reasons: 1) the ratings did not translate to billing because professional wrestling did not attract desirable sponsors, and 2) the audience for wrestling didn't carry over to core programming anyway. TNT was essentially running a free-french-fries promotion at a steakhouse where no one bought the steak. On the other hand, the NBA, as the preferred league of America's cultural elite (or at least high-middlebrow), fits the prestigious-but-not-too-prestigious vision for TNT like a glove.
  18. '90s New Yorker sitcoms, a cartoon about how great New England is, and hockey; the ol' Atlanta station really ain't what it used to be.
  19. I'd feel like a schmuck if I were dressed for combat while waiting in line to board Spirit Airlines but that's just me!
  20. As I said before, the time to make the change was after Barry Bonds retired. They didn't, so they should have stuck with no names at home forever. Also, they've been using a rather ugly NOB font, kind of a compressed Machine. They should use the condensed block that the Mets use to better match the road script. The camouflage hats are hideous, and using MARPAT, which I don't think you're technically allowed to use, would make them even worse. We must say no to Army LARPing in all its forms, from creepy paramilitaries to stupid baseball promotions.
  21. Managers and coaches in full uniform look sorta goofy, but all baseball players do, when you think about it. They'd look goofier if they walked onto the field in khakis and subtly branded polo shirts as if they wandered off from a corporate team-building retreat at a golf course.
  22. The Dodgers brand is strong enough that I should like to think people can see "Los Angeles" in royal blue tailed script above a red number and figure out it's the Dodgers. I never cared for the Dodgers having any secondary logos on the sleeves. Same with piping. It detracts from the austerity, which is part of the brand. I think they reversed designations for 2021 by popular demand. There aren't really many old guys to laugh at anymore; field managers now are just well-liked journeymen who retired two years ago and will do whatever the Ivy Leaguers upstairs instruct them to do
  23. Blue ice was an even better idea than legalizing the two-line pass. I don't know why they made the red line blue and the blue lines yellow-orange. They clearly had red paint.