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  1. Oh, the Indian head is a beautiful thing, too bad Wirtz has done everything he can to take the greatness out of it.
  2. Oh yay, another sleeveless uniform, you know how ya gotta keep cool in those air-conditioned domes.
  3. You know what would make my logo better? If I had Illustrator and could actually make it look professional. Parts of it I just lazily re-colored from the original, but if I figured if the actual Utah Jazz could get away with it, so I could I.
  4. Oh of course it wouldn't work. But they could try "We're integrating the spirit of jazz with significant elements of Utah and the Salt Lake City skyline," rather than "it's a saxophone next to a big honkin' Mormon Temple, ya got a problem?" Here it's another secondary re-color
  5. The pretzels didn't match anyway. OH I GET IT AREA 51!!!! NOW I UNDERSTAND!! In a related story, OHH!!!! IT'S A GLOVE!!
  6. To which they replied, "I want a new drug" but seriously I thought Norfolk was the destination now, not Vegas, and I think they should do just that. It won't fluff up alignment.
  7. Main logo: secondaries and uniforms added as I finish them
  8. Don't the 51s just flip the A of the LA Dodgers hat?
  9. I'd be happy if they had just fixed the freaking hats to say DC like everyone wanted. It's a moot point now, though.
  10. They should wear the red Miami jerseys on the road full-time. Red is more in their colour scheme than black.
  11. Um, it's baseball, how different can you get? City on grey, team name on white. Deviating from traditional baseball jerseys never works.
  12. Who cares about the text on the SF throwback? It looks plopty either way.
  13. 1) where do they play 2) The Red Sox would not be receptive to this 3) The White Sox would be like "Hey, there's only room for one ignored B-team in this sport"
  14. Is there a site in Alexandria they can move to? That doesn't solve the interim dilemma though.
  15. Well I think you're not trying hard enough. Besides, we can't have San Antonio lose the mystique of being a one-sport town.
  16. I don't. Maple Leafs and others don't look right wearing blue at home. They should be like the Cowboys and wear the classic leaf at home and the modern leaf away.
  17. Try "Metropolitans" slanting upward in orange, with a capital M resembling the style of the G in the NY Giants, then put the Dodgers tail on the S.
  18. Oh by the way, I feel the home and alternates for the Cubs are perfection, but the road uniform is lacking. I don't like the "Chicago" script. Anyone got an idea for a better script to use? The White Sox already have the cursive one.
  19. The Cubs alternate is the best alternate in the majors.