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  1. "Caring about Toronto wasn't invented until the 2010s" is up there among the dumbest thoughts ever proffered on this board.
  2. Lots of really gross stories about abuse in junior are coming out. White degeneracy needs to come to an end.
  3. have you seen her the Red Hawk girl, in action in the city at night you hear her callllll
  4. They can get around this if they're creative. Ole Miss should change but won't.
  5. Don't forget the rent-seeking! A big part of the business model now is to make cable systems carry your team-owned RSN whether subscribers watch a single minute of it. Just people giving teams money while getting nothing in return.
  6. I thought Thoroughblades was a pretty clever AHL/IHL name, myself.
  7. "He walks in front of my secretary, tells her she has nice boobs, walks into my office, and asks for $4 million a year" would be pathetic if not for the oddly endearing nature of Gallic horniness. Seulement en la maudite ligue nationale de hockey.
  8. shut up shut up shut up shut uuuuuuuup about the participation trophies, who do you think handed them out?
  9. Canadian NHL coverage has not been top of mind for me, so I just now caught that Chris Cuthbert has jumped from TSN to Sportsnet. That took me by surprise, because I've always thought of him as the voice of TSN hockey the way Bob Cole and Jee-imm Hughsonnn-uh are for the CBC. I'm guessing he'll be doing Hockey Night in Canada late games.
  10. With the Bolts I sorta get it, because they've been doing some insane drafting/development where they keep finding superstar players out of nowhere and then replacing them with more superstar players out of nowhere. It's the extreme arrogance of Hurricanes and Stars fans that I cannot and will not tolerate. CRAWL IN A HOLE AND DIE.
  11. The Raptors' block font is atrocious. It's not as bad as what the Bucks use, but it still looks like a bad trace of Machine or something.
  12. My bright idea would have been to punt on the Southeast and give Fox Sports South a package of NHL games from around the rest of the FSN family, emphasizing Dallas, Tampa Bay, and Detroit. Kind of a pseudo-national TV deal. Sorta plant a flag for people who want to seek out hockey but don't sink money into events in these New South hellholes.
  13. Botterill was supposed to be the hot GM prospect coming out of Pittsburgh. So it goes, huh.
  14. I'd prefer black and gold (with some silver) or blue and white: Drake colors or Toronto colors. Red and white just isn't doin' it for me.
  15. But I don't like the full-body shark, so I'm not gonna.
  16. Atlanta Junctions? Junks for short? I don't know, I don't like imagining a world without the Atlanta Braves, though it would be funny if they still had a controversial name with the Atlanta Crackers.
  17. It could get away with a little more teal. I updated my earlier Sharks concept that way by giving the teal line the same weight as the black line, losing the stick crumbs, and copying some of the tape up to the top.
  18. Let me stop you right there, Cubs and Cardinals would never be split. The Braves and Reds had to toil in the West because the Cubs, Cardinals, and Mets were insistent on not being split up.
  19. THERAPIST: Smiling Oriole But A Turtle isn't real, it can't hurt you
  20. Stirrups serve no purpose now that sock manufacturers have switched to non-lethal dyes, and besides, they look stupid hiked up so high. I'm glad they're mostly gone, but the move toward Justin Trudeau Whimsy Socks is a move too far.
  21. I would wear orange on St. Patrick's Day in high school to troll the Irish.
  22. Yes, what if Prologo were a late-millennial.
  23. Kind of, in total, but I don't think the Rangers' regular uniforms incorporate the powder blue, just some alternates. I thought maybe these shades of blue were just far off enough from what everyone else has for the Blue Jays to stand out, as they should, being the lone Canadian team. I made the letters match, too.
  24. It was an attractive shade of blue for sure (I'd have to poke around at hex values but I think I could argue for them using a slightly lighter shade of that blue over standard royal or navy as their base color today), but the grey and black didn't belong there at any level. I'm not a big fan of messing with color schemes, and I think the Blue Jays had a really good thing going with blue, a lighter blue, and red. Same with the original logo concept, they shouldn't have gotten away from that either. Your friend is right. I have a few tweaks in mind for the Sabres (no white trim on yellow numbers or on the breezers, just straight yellow on blue; varsity serif nameplates), but the fundamentals never should have changed. I don't look to Buffalo for modernity.