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  1. It's like a baseball bat. They can be any color now, and a lot of the time they're not even made out of wood, but in the picture dictionary of your mind, a baseball bat is made out of wood. If a hockey stick is going to splinter apart because a shark is eating it, it should also probably look wooden. A graphite stick could handle being bitten by a shark but then arbitrarily break in the middle of a good scoring chance.
  2. In all this hot Thrashers talk, the 25th anniversary of COMSAT (not Comcast) buying the Nordiques and moving them to Denver came and went a couple weeks ago. Hm. They went for $75 million in '95, which is still only eight digits but a hell of a lot closer to the the Thrashers' $110MM in 2011 than I would have expected. To compound the issues with the Habs never trading Roy inside the province, I learned that even the Avs were only able to match Joe Sakic's offer sheet from New York because COMSAT successfully financed, of all things, Air Force One.
  3. The one that gets me is the Cardinals/Bears downstate combo. Sometimes they call the Score to talk Bears and sound like they're calling from Mayberry. It's as disconcerting as a Bostonian doing phone sex.
  4. Greater St. Louis straddles two states, and hockey fandom seems to taper off pretty fast once you go west into rural Missouri. I see no reason for state-related imagery, only city.
  5. It would just be like Fox Sports Southwest where they have to distribute multiple feeds to the headends. The 76ers would still be blacked out in New York and the Mets in Philly/South Jersey. It would be good for the Devils to get out from under the Knicks, Rangers, and Islanders on MSG and give SNY winter programming, if RSNs will even matter anymore following the impending economic collapse. I just hope there will be sports! I just hope there will be food!
  6. Just needs one arrow pointing out the Pringles can and one pointing to the main fieldhouse with "extremely large boi"
  7. This looks like it would be a McMansion Hell post.
  8. No, you're right. Just locally, the Cubs were awful for years but still had Sammy Sosa to hit homers on nice days. The White Sox always went for it whether they should have or not, such that when ownership actually did give up on a season, it was downright scandalous. Even the lousy-ass pre-Braun Brewers had some tenured and well-liked players you could come out to the park to see (Geoff Jenkins, Richie Sexson, Jeromy Burnitz). Nolan Ryan did cool stuff on Rangers teams that never did anything, there were those star-studded Rockies and Devil Rays teams that never mattered, and I'm sure the Mets spent big money and sucked more years than we can count. Too many online fans got so hung up on the game becoming "smarter" that they lost sight of what that might mean. It is smart to tear the roster down for assets, build through the draft with cost-controlled players, and never have them try to do anything but draw walks or hit homers because anything else introduces undesirable variables. It also sucks colossal ass to watch and makes people not want to follow the game anymore. Turns out the only beneficiaries of putting MBAs in charge of everything are the guys who own the teams and the guys with the MBAs; who could have guessed.
  9. I don't think he's allowed near Buffalo townies anymore. Maybe no one should be.
  10. Gotta disagree with Ovechkin comfortably playing to 44. I'm sure he trains like hell and is juiced to the gills, but I think Ovechkin racks up harder miles than people want to admit -- certainly harder than Gretzky did, who was a beanpole for most of his career and, unlike Ovechkin, avoided physicality accordingly. There's a good possibility that his hands are the last to go, but if that ends up being a severe case, he'll probably split for Russia to screw around there. If anyone from the mid-2000s draft classes is gonna rack up points well into his mid-forties, it's Patrick Kane, who won't be breaking any records in doing so, but is so preternaturally gifted at slipping contact and has become so protected from himself that I can't picture him doing anything else with his life.
  11. Cool, once the NHL starts playing SEC football, they'll be set
  12. NHL is seven years or hitting age 27 for unrestricted free agency but they can hit phony-baloney restricted free agency after three.
  13. 1. Weird, wild stuff going on here. "They remodeled Philips to be basketball-only." "No they didn't." "Yes they did, they said so and here's a picture." "They could still do it." 2. I think they scaled back the Wall O' Suites a little bit and put in more loge seating, but it's still a very uneven seating bowl. 3. This handy population tool says there are 1,650,851 people in a 100-mile radius of the Colisee. Quebec City is ahead of Winnipeg on both 50-mile and 100-mile radii (just 963,144), which is no surprises, because it's not Western Canada where cities are surrounded by oceans of wheat. So that's good for live attendance. Plus any regional TV coverage they have would necessarily run from Belleville to St. John's because that's what the Canadiens have and it's very difficult to imagine any situation but reciprocity there. TVA, whose parent company would own the team, has a sports channel sitting there ready to be used since the Habs are on RDS. So that's about 10 million people they have access to, well ahead of Winnipeg's Saskatchewan-to-Thunder-Bay territory that still barely gets them to 2MM if it does at all.
  14. Do NFL announcers get the all-22 feed during games?
  15. Yes on the logo, but leave the helmet as it is. That's one of the things I pointed out as breaking a rule but getting away with it: usually helmet and breezers are black and sweaters and socks are a different color or also black. They inverted it and got away with it. White sweater would be the same inserts with an extra black outline setting off the white from the beige.
  16. Okay, you found six good songs over like 20+ albums. (And I like "Street Player" too, so we'll say seven.) That's still a whooooole lot of baaaaad music. It's a shame, they started so well.
  17. It does move the needle toward Thunderbirds just a little, yes.
  18. Why don't they just do the court art digitally like backstop ads and fake NASCAR billboards? Won't bother fans at the games, there aren't any.
  19. Those pants look terrible, like the most generic stock pants possible. Both number sets the Ravens have used are bad; I'd always hoped they'd use something a little less cartoonish, something more like what the New Orleans Hornets used in 2008, or maybe something close to the Pirates' numbers. Colored jerseys should never ever ever be worn with white socks, and especially not with black pants. It looks ridiculous. The original primary is not great, the raven head is worse. The shield they use now at center field is really good. Use that. Baltimore could pull off mono black, I wouldn't mind. I generally don't like it but it would work for them. Better than black/purple/black/white.
  20. I like the triangle for the Sharks because San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose form a triangle, albeit a very scalene one.
  21. "Chicago had a huge house music scene and snakes hear rhythm so our team is called the Rhythm and our mascot is a snake" is just too much, yeesh. Fire turned out way better.
  22. Is there going to be a logo for Lori Lightfoot's unaccountable private security force? Also, the albums that correspond to those covers are all crap on a stick. Everything after III sucks!
  23. 44 Lines About 22 Home Courts
  24. That logo has serious Dr. Strangelove vibes.
  25. Milwaukee is surrounded by more farmland than forest. You seem to have confused Milwaukee with Rhinelander. Common mistake.