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  1. Go Pittsburgh go Pittsburgh go! Okay, I know it was 1992, a brave new world of sports merchandise, but you still had lots of successful brands that were not aggressive or intimidating: look at the many birds of baseball. So if your response to a penguin is "i no no wat 2 dooo" then maybe you're just not that creative?
  2. New ad campaign: the Trix Rabbit insists upon atavistic graphic design and the kids have to stop him.
  3. Just fix the mouth and it would be fine enough. It has to at least look like a vaguely functioning mouth. You couldn't slap a toothy jellybean over Daffy Duck's face, it would make no sense.
  4. We'll know it has gone too far when Count Chocula is redesigned as a bearded MFA Bro who demands that women read David Foster Wallace and listen to his problems: he's an emotional vampire, you see
  5. Now watch the tight end here, he's following the GPS, following the GPS, boom, he drives into a :censored:ing lake
  6. Damn, we really do live in a society!
  7. Spoken like someone who hasn't listened to Talk Talk's Laughing Stock, if you ask me.
  8. So that Blackhawks fans will watch this stupid thing. We'll see how it goes. It's like the old days of a 16-team playoff for a 21-team league. '91 North Stars ahoy!
  9. Patreon revenues are dropping for podcasts, and now that everyone's getting wise to all our favorite internet personalities being the children of human traffickers or scions of generational wealth, they're really gonna be on their own
  10. That's true, breakfast cereal mascots all get redrawn over the years, but come on, what's going on with that mouth? Speaking of mouths, that guy in that video has too much lisp to do a voiceover. 30 seconds and I was out. Put your tongue away; how did you evade speech therapy in grade school?
  11. No, the Nuggets were, because they had light blue and medium blue, no navy blue (at least initially).
  12. The NHL has kinda backdoored (or maybe more squeezed-through-the-bathroom-window) their way into this by separating regulation wins, regulation+overtime wins, and shootout wins for tiebreaking purposes. I don't care for it, but I don't care for 3-on-3 overtime, either. I don't know what I want anymore.
  13. Look, I'm not saying that one would literally mistake the Giants for the Orioles, just that the more separation you can manage in a somewhat unconventional (relative to R/W/B) color palette, the better. There's no reason for both teams to have orange alternates with black numbers, especially when the Giants' homes look so good and the roads can as well.
  14. The way to bypass the Giants/Orioles dilemma is for the Giants to be like the Yankees and only have two uniforms. No mistaking them that way.
  15. You'll be able to read my 10,000-word blog post "The Dark Cathedral, The New Toucan Sam, And The Emergent Decadence Of Neoliberal Degeneracy In Breakfast Cereal" any day now at
  16. Maybe they don't want to be seen as the Toronto Maple Leafs Ladies' Auxiliary and want to carve out an identity that stands out from the pack. Of course, like you said, that's not really possible, you're either blue like half the Tronna teams or red like the other half. Now they look vaguely affiliated with the Senators. I like the stained glass Arts & Crafts thing going on in the background!
  17. They don't need the white outlines on gold numbers, there's enough contrast against royal blue, and I'd consider going back to the classic even (or close enough) triple stripe on the pants. But other than that, it's in the right direction, I've always advocated the blue/gold and white/white pairs.
  18. I always thought of purple and sky blue as Utah's main colors to that palette because they were the two colors in the JAZZ letters and the colors inside the roundel, but other than that, there really wasn't a lot of sky blue in the rest of the uniforms or on the court. There was much more teal (which I also took to represent spruces or pines to go with the purple mountains, blue sky, and copper mines). The mind plays tricks. There was nothing wrong with how they sparingly used black in the logo. The black alternates--->de facto roads were too much.
  19. This was possibly the worst recolor job in the NBA's recolor era, too. What used to be a well-layered logo is all smashed together: I think black, copper, and teal all got recolored to navy blue. You had all these different elements and here it's just a big blob. The purple that remains in the center of the logo and had been the Jazz's main color from day one was nowhere on the uniforms. And unlike other teams that did primary recolors with secondaries acting as backdoor primaries, they never even bothered with that, they just had a whole mismatched set. Awful work all around.
  20. Luckily, the cereal box was finished by the Korean animators.
  21. It'll be interesting to see whether fashion gets a lot more back-to-basics in the wake of the crisis or just leans clear into decadence for others to live vicariously through
  22. Diggin' the Laura Ashley Mother & Child vest/shorts combo
  23. Sorry, there's only room for one igloo logo in the NHL, and it's the one that looks like an elephant for some reason.