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  1. If anyone is interested in ordering a tee, hoodie, tank, etc. With the White Sox vintage logo update I did in this thread a good while back? Then please head on over to the link below. Your purchase will benefit a good cause. Thnx!
  2. Been a long while since I've posted anything here but I have a few to share. First is the Virginia Cavaliers. After seeing their rebrand I thought I'd take a crack at one of my own. Took a different approach & went with more of a refresh using a combination of their existing logos, also created a secondary using the C from their new wordmark. Primary 1 is more faithful to the original while primary 2 has a bit more on the modern take to it. Check em out & let me know what you guys think. As always, thnx for stopping by!
  3. ren69

    Concept Logo

    You have a very good start here. I would get rid of the yellow strokes on the fonts, on the inner part of the penguin as well as the white outline & stroke on the beak. I would also reduce the size of the penguin to give the text some breathing room (looks very crowded as is) which will also allow you to enlarge & kern it so there is not so much negative space on the left & right sides of your roundel. The line weight on that thin stroke around the penguin should also be a little closer in weight to the outer ones if possible or removed. Last I would get rid of either black or blue & just make it a 3 color logo. Many times less is more, this should simplify your logo & give it a cleaner look. Reduce the size of your logo & check how much of the details you have now can still be seen. Good luck, look forward to seeing your revised version.
  4. Phase 2 voting results in & Phase 3 voting now open.
  5. That one is kinda being used already.
  6. UC Santa Cruz Design phase 2!
  8. Sure, as soon as I see they have posted an update I will share it here.
  9. UC Santa Cruz athletics & recreation is refreshing it's brand identity. Logo sketch samples can be seen & voted on in the link below.
  10. There's more from that rebrand here:
  11. I have 2 invites available. Post portfolio links here or send them in a DM. Thanks.
  15. Pretty sure Chanclas logo was done by Fooser Sports
  17. I had the pleasure of working with the great people of Tabor Academy which is located in Marion, Massachusetts to bring their vision to life. The NEW logos were just unveiled yesterday and will primarily be used by the school athletics departments replacing the previously used clipart logo seen below along with new marks. PREVIOUS LOGO: NEW PRIMARY ATHLETIC MARK: NEW SECONDARY ATHLETIC MARK:
  18. Guess the Roswell Destroyers from the WFA would qualify (current logo below)? I was in talks with them for a while over my concept designs for their team when they were looking for a new logo but they decided to go in a different direction.
  19. The "Biscuit Lid" will not be worn on the field by the team, but will be available for sale at and in the Biscuit Basket retail store in spring of 2017 with a preorder opportunity beginning shortly. The Montgomery Biscuits, class AA affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays is a Minor League Baseball member of the Southern League. 2017 will be the Biscuit's fourteenth season of operation at Riverwalk Stadium, the centerpiece of Downtown Montgomery, AL located at 200 Coosa Street. The multi-purpose facility hosts all 70 home games in addition to other events through the entire calendar year. For tickets or more information, please call 334-323-2255 or visit the Biscuits online at
  20. Very True @BJ Sands! I was born in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) & still live here in the Valley to this day. Nobody from here ever calls it or would ever call it just Rio Grande (RG).
  21. I don't recall ever doing that one & not sure if anyone else ever took a shot at it. If I have a little free time I'll see what I can do for you.