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  1. WRs weren't allowed to wear 10-19 until 2004. It's possible Verdin got a waiver because all of the 80s were in use.
  2. Actually, no. It's very common.
  3. The Cincinnati Zoo used to be well known for its white tiger exhibit (and maybe is now, too, but I haven't been back out there in 30 years).
  4. They should just flip all the way and call themselves the Valpo Saracens.
  5. You might think it's hyperbole, but a cursory glance at the "NFL Uniform Rankings Thread" shows that almost all the participants in that thread put the Rams' uniforms dead last. LAST in a league that still has the Arizona Cardinals and Cincinnati Bengals! I will grant that a few of those rankings were probably jokes - but not all of them. Some people really do think that the dishwater means it's the worst of all time, which is crazy. I can watch a Rams game without the uniforms affecting my enjoyment of the game, but it looks like not everyone can.
  6. Totally agree with you in the way you intended, but many of the folks here in this thread would agree with you in that they think the Rams unis are far, far WORSE than the Bucs alarm clock situation. More than one person here has called the Rams' current uniforms "the worst of all time." I just don't get it. I have to assume those people just started watching the NFL a couple of seasons ago.
  7. Almost all of these teams would improve by getting rid of the navy, the most overused color in all sports. The Bears started out with navy, and still look great, despite the Broncos poaching their colors. The Seahawks and Patriots changed to navy due to the fact that all blue colors in the NFL turned to navy around 2000 - throw them back. The Texans look 100% generic with their boring navy uniforms. The Titans should have kept the Oilers colors. The Cowboys are a disaster and should use the royal blue, not the navy.
  8. I just don't know how you could compare the dumpster fire of the Bledsoe Bills to today's Rams. Is the bone a disappointment? Sure. But replace that with white, get rid of the gradient, and the unis are fine - as opposed to pretty much every element of that Bills uniform sucking. And also, no team should ever use navy again. Not as an accent color, and certainly not as a primary.
  9. It just makes me wonder what could have been. The same uniform, using white and not dirty gray, would be pretty terrific (ignoring the pointless gradients). What a missed opportunity.
  10. I will never, ever understand the love for the yellow Steeler helmets everyone else seems to love. The Steelers were absolutely terrible during their yellow helmet era. Why commemorate that? Beyond that, the yellow helmet just doesn't look like the Steelers to me. Maybe Green Bay or early-1970s Football Team, but not Steelers.
  11. Yes, a couple years ago they changed the shade of orange to match the Bengals' orange color. A huge mistake if you ask me.