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  1. While I agree the number font looks better than the regular block numbers, I'm not sure why they went with italics. I think Futura Regular would have been better. The numerals on their helmets weren't italics, so why are their jersey numbers?
  2. I'll donate $25 if I get enough votes to change my username. Since we're combining threads and all ...
  3. JustForFun

    Button sigs

    What's BOFU? Seriously, these are excellent.
  4. OK, last comment then I promise I'll drop it ... it's my belief that the bug was intended to be the primary crest. The team backed off after poo was universally heaped on the design.
  5. I remember very clearly that when they announced that the team was going to be called the Blue Jackets, they released the bug logo at the same time. No other logos. Now, maybe they backed off and released another logo when the bug was greeted with howls of derisive laughter, I don't know. That's just what I recall. I'm sure another logo was in place before the team took the rink.
  6. Hmm. Interesting. I remember buying a baseball cap when they announced the team identity. The logo was a LOT closer to the one on the left, as I recall.
  7. OK. Except the bug was the primary logo, not an alternate, when the team adopted its identity.
  8. "Bluejacket" (or, as the team is actually called, "Blue Jacket") does NOT refer to the bug. There is no bug called a Bluejacket AFAIK. The bug should be ditched completely. It was always a major embarrassment. Stick with the secondary and keep the space in the nickname "Blue Jackets." I do like the wordmark a lot.
  9. Welcome n00b. This kind of criticism isn't helpful. If you think it's ugly, at least you should say why you think it's ugly. Tips for improvement wouldn't be off-base, either. Also, please do not dredge up old threads just for a "it's great" or "it sucks" comment. Thanks. Please pull up to the second window.
  10. Wow, this thread is the ... hmm. Well, it's not the most awesome. It's certainly not the lamest. But it's sure something, all right.
  11. How interesting that this almost happened twice ...
  12. Having lived in both Boston and New York, I now officially hate both teams.
  13. Haven't seen much in the way of pr0n the last decade or so, have you?