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  1. Allen's been on a bit of a spending spree in recent years, including buying NBCUniversal's share of The Weather Channel, and he's also buying three small-market TV stations in Indiana and Louisiana.
  2. I definitely remember seeing an Angels billboard along Wilshire Boulevard right around that time as well. They and the Dodgers did a joint billboard for Trout and Kershaw back in 2015; this one was at Wilshire and Highland Avenue in the Miracle Mile District...
  3. Another MLB team gets in bed with Sinclair Broadcasting...The Yankees, along with Amazon, Sinclair, and Blackstone Capital are buying the YES Network for $3.5 billion...
  4. This L.A. Times article talks about that, and practically everything else about this thread. It's basically a convoluted mess, as far as how the Fox RSNs sale gets situated...a lot of players involved. I saw somewhere else that he wants to buy both of the L.A. Fox RSNs, and Fox Sports' Arizona & San Diego channels.
  5. Keep in mind that as long as the Angels keep collecting that $150 million a year check from Fox Sports (or whomever winds up with the Fox RSNs in the near-future), plus the equity stake in Fox Sports West, they're not leaving Southern California. That contract doesn't expire for another thirteen seasons. They wouldn't even get that much money if they moved to another market...hell, even if they were to become a third NYC team.
  6. Today, the Cubs and Sinclair Broadcasting made it official--Marquee officially launches Spring Training 2020.
  7. The Raiders' original Oakland home was Frank Youell Field (1962-65), which sat on the site of what are now parking lots for Laney College.. Edit: a little factoid about Frank Youell I didn't realize until today...besides a longtime Oakland city councilman, he was also an undertaker.
  8. It's a good while, but our friends at Tegna recently introduced new logos for two of their stations, one of them just within the last week or two: KHOU (Channel 11/CBS, Houston), before and after: WXIA (11 Alive/NBC, Atlanta): Those not familiar with Tegna, it was the former broadcast division of the Gannett Company, publishers of the USA Today. A few years ago, the two sides split up, with the newspaper division taking the old corporate name. Gannett/Tegna is also notable, especially if you grew up in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Denver, or Phoenix (among several other cities), for their station IDs (aka the "Death Star").
  9. Sinclair is also reportedly teaming with the Cubs to launch a new RSN, starting in 2020. This upcoming season is the final year of contracts between the Cubs and WGN-TV, WLS-TV (ABC), and NBC Sports Chicago. The other three major teams on NBCS Chicago's roster had just recently locked-up term broadcast deals starting next year, in which now all local Bulls, Blackhawks, and White Sox telecasts will be exclusive to that channel. That in turn means, unless one of the teams sub-license a package of games, or they go all-in on whatever local college sports is still available that doesn't have CBS/ESPN/Fox/NBC exclusivity, this pretty much kills live local sports on WGN-TV. I think even in that scenario, if all three happen to play at or around the same time, and the NBCS Chicago Plus feed being already used, the "odd team out" might be farmed out to either WMAQ (NBC) or its Cozi TV subchannel (some Cubs and White Sox NBCS-produced games were farmed there in recent years, due to conflicts). Chicago was the last major market in the country with still a significant amount of live local sports on broadcast TV...the NBC Sports agreement pretty much puts Chicago on par with the rest of the major markets in the country with local sports almost exclusively on cable/satellite/streaming. Compounding that issue even more is that Tribune is once again in the process of being sold to another broadcast group (Nexstar Media), and this particular broadcast group, from what I've seen and heard, runs their stations lean and cheap like Sinclair, but minus the forced political agenda.
  10. Our CBS 2 here in Los Angeles also been an underperformer for decades as well (pretty much most of old-line CBS O&Os for that matter) least since the '80s, it's always been either ABC (7), NBC (4), KTLA (5), or Fox (11) at the top of the local news ratings. KTLA, much like WGN in Chicago, is a news-heavy station (has been a somewhat news-dominate station since it signed on in 1947), and their morning news program has dominated the local news ratings pretty much the last 25 years or so, with sometimes Fox 11's Good Day L.A. taking over the top spot, but one or the other always beat the Today Show, Good Morning America, and CBS This Morning no matter what. Sometimes, even the two big Spanish news-producing stations in town, Univision 34 and Telemundo 52, will beat KCBS in the local news ratings.
  11. You and me both...if you really break it down to its core, the Fox-NFL TV deal changed the entire American TV business forever. At the same time you had stations that not only defecting to Fox, but to an lesser extent, ABC and NBC were also either working on keeping its longtime affiliations together as well, and in some cases, locking-up group-wide affiliations between the station groups and networks. I've done my share of reading and research on this stuff for years...of all the NFC markets at the time (and remember that Fox's first year of NFL coverage was also the final season the Rams [and Raiders] played in greater Los Angeles), Phoenix was probably the most affected, because four of its major commercial TV stations were involved, and each of them either swapped, lost, or a gained a network affiliation: KTVK Channel 3: ABC to independent KPHO 5: independent to CBS KSAZ 10: CBS to Fox KNXV 15: Fox to ABC Channel 15 was/still is owned by the E.W. Scripps Company, and Scripps signed a group-wide affiliation deal with ABC around 1994, mainly to keep ABC on its Detroit (WXYZ) and Cleveland (WEWS) stations. This same deal also saw KNXV and two other Scripps-owned Fox affiliates (KSHB Kansas City and WFTS Tampa) go to ABC, while Cincinnati's WCPO went from CBS to ABC. The Scripps-ABC agreement, in turn, also played a huge role in the Big Three network affiliates in both Baltimore and Denver conducting three-way swaps: Baltimore: WMAR-2, NBC to ABC; WBAL-11, CBS to NBC; WJZ-13, ABC to CBS Denver: KCNC-4, NBC to CBS; KMGH-7, CBS to ABC; KUSA-9, ABC to NBC (Scripps-owned at the time) CBS and NBC also conducted business between each other during that same mid-90s time frame, mostly trading stations for each other--Philadelphia's WCAU-10 went from being CBS-owned to NBC-owned, while CBS got back in exchange NBC's Denver (the aforementioned KCNC) and Salt Lake City (KUTV) stations, and the two networks also traded station frequencies in Miami (NBC's WTVJ moving from channel 4 to 6, and CBS' WCIX-6 becoming WFOR-4).
  12. Correct...Entercom also bought the CBS radio stations about a couple years ago, and was included in the CBS Radio divestiture to Entercom. Meanwhile, Fox and MLB extend their partnership through 2028, with a 36-percent increase in fees (going from the current $525 million/year to $715 million annually) starting in 2022; the current Fox-MLB deal runs through the end of 2021, and as part of the new agreement, Big Fox will be airing more LDS and LCS games once again, although not full series, with some LDS/LCS games still staying on FS1. MLB also signed a new agreement with new streaming service DAZN (pronounced 'Da Zone'), to offer a new highlight show, plus live game cut-ins on certain nights, not unlike MLB Strike Zone. Also included in this story, Rob Manfred signed an extension to continue as Commissioner of Baseball, through 2024.
  13. Unfortunately, the Coliseum's field conditions, at times during this football season haven't been much better either. They've re-sodded the field at least a couple of times this season, and it's been usually around those weekends they've hosted back-to-back USC and Rams games. The Coliseum's web site is selling tickets for the Chiefs-Rams game, but neither the Rams' nor Ticketmaster have yet updated the location for the game.
  14. George Preston Marshall deserves to be in the "Worst Owners" thread...not only he was a racist piece of :censored:, but his team was only forced to integrate (the last NFL team to do so) because they wouldn't have been allowed to play at then-DC Stadium if he didn't conform.
  15. The streaks in the "LA" word mark kinda reminds me of the old Tribune Broadcasting/Entertainment logo from the 80s/90s, plus the "LA" from the Sports Arena midcourt logo (minus the palm tree in the "A"). In fact, looking at this picture (sorry, best image I could find), this was from the NBA 50th anniversary season, which was also the last season this particular court was used (USC basketball and the city high school basketball championships also played on this same particular floor).