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  1. I always liked that script Giants on the front of the uniforms, but I know it goes against tradition. But then again, so do these uniforms, the way GIANTS is spread out in a fan shape. The traditional look, the one Willie Mays wore, is the arch look.
  2. Imagine how many pissed off people there were in Vegas.
  3. I just love it when the Cheeseheads are pissed. I just love it when the Cheeseheads are pissed.
  4. I like those blue Seahawks uniforms. Well, I REALLY like the helmets. The rest of the uniforms are pretty nice, too. Different, but I like them, probably because of the colors.
  5. They're not as bad as I thought they would be. I won't give them a thumbs up, but not a thumbs down, either.
  6. Sorry, but very few here in Fargo outside of North Dakota State University itself, refer to it as North Dakota State. It is NDSU. Or the Bison.
  7. Does that mean NDSU is no longer NDSU? That would come as quite a shock here in Fargo.
  8. One way for safe sex is if he would have been, ahem, glad 'e ate 'er. You all can now slap me up but good.
  9. I totally agree, and UCLA has been one of my favorite teams since the mid-1960s. I never did like the stylized numbers. By the way, I hate their uniforms now because they don't have numbers on the sleeves. Horrible look with the UCLA stripes.
  10. The hot dog for the Twins ballpark should have ketchup, not mustard, on it. People in the Upper Midwest prefer ketchup to mustard on hot dogs.
  11. I actually laughed when I first saw it because it caught me so offguard.
  12. There should be a statute of limitations on never. For example, anything before 1930 shouldn't count.
  13. Green and gold Bison cap for North Dakota State. Unfortunately, I don't have an NDSU T-shirt. I need to get one.