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  1. I like those blue Seahawks uniforms. Well, I REALLY like the helmets. The rest of the uniforms are pretty nice, too. Different, but I like them, probably because of the colors.
  2. I totally agree, and UCLA has been one of my favorite teams since the mid-1960s. I never did like the stylized numbers. By the way, I hate their uniforms now because they don't have numbers on the sleeves. Horrible look with the UCLA stripes.
  3. I know a lot of peole in here like them, but I really dislike the new Northwestern uniforms. Kind of clownish.
  4. I totally agree with you. Basketball and football officials should wear striped shirts, period. I'll go so far as to say American soccer should add that. There are lots of things about soccer that make it look foreign in the eyes of many Americans. Having refs wear striped shirts, instead of teams wearing striped shirts, would help.
  5. Watching the All-Star Game and seeing Joe Nathan in a Rangers uniform just looked wrong. The Twins should have tried to keep him.
  6. To me, the curly W is exactly what the Nationals should have for their caps. I'm thinking, though, that that is an unpopular opinion in here.
  7. I hate gray baseball road uniforms. I need to explain that. I love the tradition behind gray uniforms. But I don't like the actual look of the gray uniforms. Gray is generally an ugly color. I liked it a lot better when many teams used powder blue for road uniforms. And, as I've said many times before, I'd like to see some teams go back to power blues for the road.
  8. I'm sorry, but that prototype with the Philadelphia script looks awful. But I still think the best Phillies uniforms were the ones with maroon and the stylized P on the heart side of the chest.
  9. I like it when a baseball team or basketball team has the team name, rather than the city or geographical area, on the road uniforms. The St. Louis Cardinals uniforms, both road and home, are pefect with the Cardinals script. I don't think the Los Angeles Angels need to have Los Angeles on the road uniforms -- Angels does just fine. I even liked it when the Dodgers had the script Dodgers on the road unis, although I do like the script Los Angeles. And could you imagine how horrible the Phillies uniforms would look if you had Philadelphia across the front? Likewise, I see no problem when a home uniform shows the city or geographical area. The Texas Rangers look just fine by showing Texas on their home uniforms. I think we make too big a deal out of this issue. It should be totally up to the team and what they want to portray and how they want to portray it.
  10. This really is one of the best postings I've ever seen here. Fantastic job, Tank. I kept looking at the proposed Portland stadiums. The ballparks themselves looked kind of so-so. Nice, but nothing spectacular. But imagine a MLB team moving to Portland, and they have a ballpark with a view of Mount Hood. Wow! That would be so awesome.
  11. I really like the Broncos in all blue. I know a lot of people here hate the monochrom look, but I think it looks great on the Broncos.
  12. MLB 1. Twins. Closest MLB team to me, and most North Dakota kids grow up as Twins fans. Also, I remember going to Twins games and watching them on TV as a kid. 2. I don't have a second-favorite team. It often depends on the year. I often like the Indians, or sometimes the Tigers, but I don't know why NFL 1. Vikings. Closest NFL team to me, and most North Dakota kids grow up as Vikings fans. 2. Colts. Goes back to when they were in Baltimore. Classy players, for the most part, going from Johnny U. to Manning. NHL 1. Wild. Closest NHL team to me. Unless ... 2. Jets. Maybe Winnipeg is closer to me than St. Paul. I'll have to look it up. NBA 1. Timberwolves. Closest NBA team to me. 2. Lakers. I rooted for the Lakers as a kid when they had Elgin Baylor and Jerry West. NCAA FBS 1. UCLA. I don't know why. I rooted for the Bruins as a kid, but darned if I know why. Maybe because I liked the blue, gold and white. 2. Nebraska. Just ahead of Minnesota. Location has a lot to do with it, plus it's easier to root for the Huskers instead of the Gophers. NCAA FCS 1. North Dakota State. Well, living in Fargo ... 2. North Dakota. Well, living in North Dakota ...
  13. There is another thread about the Brooklyn Dodgers' B, but I've never liked it at all. I understand the passion it draws from people who believe the Dodgers never should have left Brooklyn, but that is one ugly B.
  14. The SEC should have a rule that it will have only teams from states that were once in the Confederacy. That way, so long, Missouri. It was nice knowing you for this short time. And so long, Kentucky. You served us well, but you were on the wrong side of the border. (And this coming from a guy who thinks Sioux Falls is in the Deep South.)
  15. I like monochorome football uniforms. I also hate white football helmets, for the most part. There are some rare exceptions where white helmets do look fine (Texas Longhorns, for example). But helmets should display a team's color, other than white. I mean, imagine if baseball helmets were white. Also, in this modern time, I hate the gray facemask, unless gray (or silver) is a team color. If it's a tradition at a school or team, it's a bad tradition. The only reason teams had gray facemasks is because gray was the only color of facemask available for a long time.
  16. That really was a sharp jersey. But I can see it just not saying Detroit Tigers. But that was definitely the best logo the Tigers have ever had.
  17. There are a lot of photos like that I'd like to see. Such as: Nolan Ryan as a Met Steve Carlton as a Twin Harmon Killebrew as a Royal Maury Wills as a Pirate
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