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  1. I always liked that script Giants on the front of the uniforms, but I know it goes against tradition. But then again, so do these uniforms, the way GIANTS is spread out in a fan shape. The traditional look, the one Willie Mays wore, is the arch look.
  2. Imagine how many pissed off people there were in Vegas.
  3. I just love it when the Cheeseheads are pissed. I just love it when the Cheeseheads are pissed.
  4. I like those blue Seahawks uniforms. Well, I REALLY like the helmets. The rest of the uniforms are pretty nice, too. Different, but I like them, probably because of the colors.
  5. They're not as bad as I thought they would be. I won't give them a thumbs up, but not a thumbs down, either.
  6. Sorry, but very few here in Fargo outside of North Dakota State University itself, refer to it as North Dakota State. It is NDSU. Or the Bison.
  7. Does that mean NDSU is no longer NDSU? That would come as quite a shock here in Fargo.
  8. One way for safe sex is if he would have been, ahem, glad 'e ate 'er. You all can now slap me up but good.
  9. I totally agree, and UCLA has been one of my favorite teams since the mid-1960s. I never did like the stylized numbers. By the way, I hate their uniforms now because they don't have numbers on the sleeves. Horrible look with the UCLA stripes.
  10. The hot dog for the Twins ballpark should have ketchup, not mustard, on it. People in the Upper Midwest prefer ketchup to mustard on hot dogs.
  11. I actually laughed when I first saw it because it caught me so offguard.
  12. There should be a statute of limitations on never. For example, anything before 1930 shouldn't count.
  13. Green and gold Bison cap for North Dakota State. Unfortunately, I don't have an NDSU T-shirt. I need to get one.
  14. I know a lot of peole in here like them, but I really dislike the new Northwestern uniforms. Kind of clownish.
  15. Boy, it would be nice to actually have lockers if you want to be called a locker room.
  16. I's kind of crazy that this is even osted because I recently had a crazy sports dream. I was dreaming I was a backup shortstop for the New York Yankees, behind Tony Kubek. I remember in the dream taking fielding practice, and every ball hit to me went through my legs. And I remember Mickey Mantle himself telling me in this dream, "Good thing you can hit cuz you field like crap." Sadly, in real life, I never could field and I never could hit. But I always tried.
  17. Most of these are WAY too busy. But you also see a number of different emotions brought out in different ones. The Packers one made me laugh. The Redskins one scared me. The Saints one made me go "Huh?" until I saw it blown up. The Vikings one looked too light colored. My favorite is the one for the Bears. Not too busy, not too different from the previous C and Bear logo that Mike Ditka brought out. I hate the Bears, but I like the logo.
  18. The Vikings V was also used at old Metropolitan Stadium after the Twins finished their season and they put grass in on the infield.
  19. Giving Penn State a Steelers look, with the logo on one side, may be a classic look, but only to the Steelers. For other teams, it just looks bad. Heck, the Steelers' look was a mistake in the first place, but it became a classic for them, and just for them.
  20. To me, you have to look at how Mickey Mantle wore his uniform -- stirrups, length of pants, the whole ball of wax. That is the best look in baseball history. Nobody looked better in a baseball uniform than The Mick.
  21. I really hate the modern art logos, like London, Sydney and Barcelona. Those three are some of the worst.
  22. As the Beach Boys once sang, "Be true to your school." So a huge criteria for cheering for someone, especially in college or high school, is if you went there or go there. And if you aren't true to your school, you're a real rat ... unless, of course, your son or daughter plays for the arch-rival. Geography should also play a huge part in why you cheer for someone. My favorite teams in pro sports are the closest ones to me, and those teams just happen to be in Minnesota. (Although I did root for any NBA team Phil Jackson coached, and there again, for good reason. Phil Jackson is from North Dakota, and I will cheer for teams coached by North Dakotans. Thus, I liked Arizona under Lute Olson and LSU under Dale Brown, as I also like Northern Iowa under Ben Jacobson.) The LOUSIEST reason for cheering for a team is because that team was good when you were a kid. I know some here in North Dakota who are Mets fans because they were kids when the Mets were hot in the 1980s. It's a silly sort of bandwagoning.
  23. For me, there's no question -- it's college football. I love, love, love, love, LOVE the Minnesota Vikings. But I don't have a lot of interest in the other teams. Once the Vikings game is over, I could just as well watch golf. But with college football, there are all sorts of teams I love to watch. I can sit and watch college football on TV from 10 a.m. to after midnight. In fact, I have, and it's driven my wife nuts.