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  1. I have to ask, in a situation where Publix is the title sponsor of your league, I can't imagine that Winn-Dixie would be able to get a shirt sponsorship in the same league, being the biggest competitor in the region. Other than that, great stuff!
  2. Surprised nobody's mentioned this hat that University of North Florida used to rock:
  3. Nitpick on this scheme: That band of darker orange in the gradient (the band that intersects the two NASCAR contingency decals) doesn't need to be there.
  4. So... Amazon redesigned the icon for their Amazon Shopping smartphone app to look like a box with blue tape on top. They removed the shopping cart and the word "Amazon," leaving just the smile and blue tape. The original redesign had complaints that the blue tape looked like a Hitler mustache, leading to a quiet redesign of the redesign where the tape has a fold in the corner. Amazon quietly changed its app icon after some unfavorable comparisons - CNN
  5. If I'd had a drink in my mouth, I'd have done a spit take. These are hilarious.
  6. I never said the swooshes were as iconic as the Petty Blue. What I said was that RPM has incorporated the swooshes into the designs of almost every scheme in the last decade or so much more so than the blue. The swooshes have been there, no matter the sponsor.
  7. Bass Pro will also be the hood sponsor on Ty Dillon's 96 car for the 500.
  8. What has become synonymous with the 43 over the last decade or so is the swoosh in front of the number
  9. This is me just spitballing, but I don't think the players are fighting for the privilege of wearing the patch on the jerseys. They're fighting to win the damn trophy for their team. Wearing the patch means that they got to play the game, but not necessarily that they won it.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, the team that has the number gets first crack at the number the next year. GoFAS, while dropping down to part-time, does intend to compete in 2021 using that number. FWIW, RCR has run one-off entries a couple of times over the last few years. They ran the 8 a couple of times with Daniel Hemric before he went full-time Cup racing, and they ran the 31 for Tyler Reddick a couple of races.
  11. I liken the situation to this: University of Southern Mississippi had to change this logo because the University of Iowa deemed it too similar to their Hawkeye mark. If USM had to change, then it wouldn't surprise me if the Roughnecks have to change.
  12. GM redesigns corporate logo as it focuses on electric vehicles ( Per this CNBC link, the logo can also be flat-colored, without the gradient
  13. That "TSU" mark is retro. It's a carryover from the legacy set. That said, massive upgrade from the stock tiger.
  14. Or... make the uniforms black with white numbers and letters, and the stripes white/green/white
  15. Awesome, and love this whole series
  16. For Philly, I would go with a gray jersey instead of black. The gray against that dark green number would render the numbers illegible. I also know it's your concept, but Baltimore would NEVER use that logo again. They lost a copyright lawsuit over it because a security guart faxed them a logo submission that was remarkably similar.
  17. So I like the logo a lot. Good job there. I actually also really like the double aqua. Very cool there. I am wondering what the helmet stripes will look like, if there are any, and what the uniforms will look like. I'd love that double aqua thing to be able to work throughout.
  18. The first one reads like WJJ, and the second one reads as WJV. I see what you're trying to do here, but I don't think it works.
  19. Unfortunately, the text was mandatory as a concession made by the state government to remove the Confederate flag.
  20. I'm still of the opinion that if they HAVE to move the number to make room for more sponsor space, they should move it forward behind the front wheel, rather than back. I'd like to see concepts like that.