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  1. Was trying to find a good designer to take care of my company's logo when a lightbulb went on in my head remembering how good so many of you guys are at logo design. Just wondering if anyone here does freelance work?
  2. Yeah, in Kiev. The above logo is that for the basketball team (same name, owner). Hopefully whatever jerseys they pick to match the logo turn out well, because the bball team's jerseys are this hideous lime green *pukes*
  3. The new team from Ukraine that is planning on joining the KHL (hockey league, fyi) just announced a design contest for a new logo. Posted the link above. Prize to winner works out to like $1250. rules: has to be either based on original logo (that gladiator looking one) or the name "Budivelnyk", and must have a hockey theme Thought I'd let you logo junkies know
  4. I dunno. I'd say they're neck-and-neck with the Avalanche in the "ruined by Edge" department. Boy did Reebok ever kill one of the better modern jersey sets in the league when they gave the Avalanche the same template as so many other teams in the league. The Av's blue third jersey doesn't help either. I would say the same thing about the Flames (going from a nice modern design, to the cluttered set that they have now). ageed. I think the Avs were the worst butchered by RBK. While I don't like the Flames' jersey, it doesn't scream ugly to me as much as the Avs' does.
  5. Ugh, I just threw up a little in my mouth when I saw this. What a joke. First they botch the 2010 logo, the original for the proposal was nice, then they flip it on everyone. Weak. What, you don't like the Michelin man olympic logo? I just looked it up, and indians make up 5% of the population of is that proportional representation?
  6. Change? What change? This is the same damn jersey! What kind of charade is this? As for the "new" logo....I dont get this indian stuff at all. What does it have to do with Canada? It has more to do with the exact opposite of Canada if you ask me. I don't see Team USA trying to be the Blackhawks, or Team Russia putting Kalmuk, Tatar, or Kanty artwork on their jerseys. Oh wait, Canada has no national identity. There we go. Anyway, as for the artwork...whats up with the two headed eagle in the center? How is that Canadian? It more reminds me of...
  7. atlant released a new logo: and this is the font type and jerseys for their minor league team: their jerseys will be virtually the same, just with the proper team name
  8. I have hi-res png's of most of the teams on my computer. Who do I send them to to get them up on the site?
  9. It's surely better than the actual Reebok template one they wore in the CHL (last pic) I like it, bold and not cartoony
  10. New Metallurg Magnitogorsk jersey for comparisons sake, these were their 2 from last year (lutch and reebok)
  11. Mat

    MLB 2009

    +1 any news on the jays? Rogers Sportsnet (their tv station) is promoting opening day with 2 things: 1- using old school jays logo (ie. shows old school jays logo vs. detroit logo; rather than using the modern logo as they normally would for such commercials) 2- "OPENING DAY 09" is in the old school jays font something up here?
  12. funny how bout 2K and EA screwed up the Sabres 3rds exactly the same way.....unless.....that's what was originally planned, and Buffalo changed to the "modernized" version after the game was released
  13. agreed at the very least, the old crown shouldve been used in the bottom of the new logo vs. the new crown
  14. If you ever get the chance to shop at one, you'll understand why people would go out of their way to shop there even if they changed their logo to a big W made entirely out of feces. the prices they used to be dumpy, now they are much nicer. i think the logo suits the chain cleanup well.