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  1. Still have that NorCal hate I see. Whatever.
  2. Put the Warriors players in Sonics uniforms and DG NOW would be saying how great they are for mankind.
  3. You sound like a bitter old man. Get over it and stop bitching and whining.
  4. Are you the guy that hates the bay area because you couldn't get a job there and were priced out because it's too expensive to live there. A lot of teams mean mug. Take your I hate the bay area blinders off.
  5. Lots of soap boxes around these parts. Gosh. I wonder who has the tallest.
  6. Let the Cubs have their All-Star moment because you know what's going to happen come October (walks away laughing maniacally)
  7. The NBA hasn't been interesteing since the early 90's but that's just me. You might have look outside the USA. Go Raptors?
  8. Lets say if Durant, Steph, Dray & Klay were all together on the Lakers or Celtics you know the hate would be at global thermonuclear levels.
  9. Maybe just maybe Durant has a better relationship with Steph and Iggy than his former mates on OKC.
  10. Well that's pretty much what the NBA has been for awhile now and likely won't change unless there is a lockout. Hell it wouldn't shock me if Durant leaves the Warriors if they can't win any championships.
  11. Players do what's best for themselves and not the fans. We root for laundry that is it. We invest so much time in our favorite players and then when they let us down we act shocked. Root for the team and not the player.
  12. There is no doubt if Durant had stayed with OKC they would have been a contender but there are no guarantees in sports. We can't assume they would've won a championship. I do feel sorry for the small market teams in the league but rarely do they win the championship. Since 1980 you could say that only 2 small market teams have won a championship. Cleveland and San Antonio.
  13. So it's pretty much Los Angeles and Mid(We invented sports)west fans that are pissed about Durant. Life goes on.
  14. Us as fans (me included) take sports to heart too much compared to how the players see it.
  15. The Bay Area is the new capital of evil. Time to heel it up. Lol. Happy 4th of July to one and all. I guess I'll go surf. By the way Durant isn't a coward like somebody said on here. Have some perspective.
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