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  1. Starting the 2nd 25 years with new logos, interesting..
  2. Is there such a thing? I never understood why New Era or anyone else started making the ridiculously high crowned hats. What is the reasoning? If you have a smaller head size, they look ridiculous and are pretty much unwearable. That what I -as a 6 7/8 head, have to deal with. That said, I still have to get the new Stars and Stripes each season for my Marlins and have an on field of every style. About 20 Marlins hats, 7 Buccaneers, 20 MSU Spartans, 13 Sharks and about 15 random NHL, NFL and MLB.
  3. when the heck did the Cats get white helmets? They look awful... stick to the green only!
  4. MSU 2006 Frozen Four Natl Champs 2001 Frozen Four MSU 1986 MSU Natl Champions 1966Msu Natl ChampionsMSU Big Ten 2010 Champs Ring
  5. God i wish they'd take taht western conf reg season banner down... if you won the Pres. Trophy.. of course you won your conf.
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