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  1. Teaser video from the Twins' twitter page, showing Mauer wearing (censored) cap and jersey. Being revealed at Twins Fest, Jan 29-31.
  2. NDSU's alt green helmets look pretty good in action with the alt yellow jersey. Plus check out that catch!
  3. I threw this up on twitter earlier, but here's a better look at the new North Dakota matte green helmet. edit: Sorry I'm in phone. here's the pic.
  4. That would back to back to back to back (4x) championships. Also NDSU lost to San Diego St last year, but they beat Oklahoma. BTW, Bison win :-)
  5. Torii Hunter. Right team, wrong jersey. Just like KG.
  6. Who else is bugged that they alphabetized "St. Louis" after "San Francisco"? Should be "Saint Louis" before "San Francisco". Seriously though...I remember those as well...loved those things. You know, I sat and looked at that photo, and wondered what the heck you were talking about, and thinking "St. Louis is next to Minnesota and SF is next to Arizona, this isn't alphabetical at all." I went full derp mode. I'm good now.
  7. Vikings confirming the purple pants again today @Bal. They've worn them every road game thus far. With only one road game after this, I'm surprised to not have seen white/white when that's all they've worn for decades. Don't get me wrong, I like the purple pants, just want to see how all white looks in action with the new set. Also, per Mr. Creamer himself on twitter, Dolhins in aqua pants.
  8. Same here, i had no idea and I'm a Twins fan, so I've seen the logo a time or two. Derp.
  9. The white pants look fine, but the grey are oh so much better.
  10. My God, they still won't admit it's not the same! "There are similarities but it coincidental." Come on! It even has the same random little notches on the horizon in the video.
  11. I really love the way it looks, however I think legibility should be a concern, unless you were a huge star. That being said, i really do like it, aesthetically.
  12. These are very cool. Now someone needs to do the opposite.