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  1. https://twitter.com/Twins/status/686608882118987776 Teaser video from the Twins' twitter page, showing Mauer wearing (censored) cap and jersey. Being revealed at Twins Fest, Jan 29-31.
  2. Torii Hunter. Right team, wrong jersey. Just like KG.
  3. Same here, i had no idea and I'm a Twins fan, so I've seen the logo a time or two. Derp.
  4. Most people just don't fricken care. Same with designer purses and shoes. Had some lady proudly showing off her cheap Chinese Nike shows the other day. "They're comfy, you can see the symbol is kind if spray painted but it's ok." Ugggh.
  5. I guess the marlin is being pinned to the circle by the giant baseball. Yikes.
  6. There are certain players though that you can continue to wear when they are gone and not be embarrassing. In would consider Jared Allen and Peyton Manning to be that, of the last couples examples.
  7. No, no, don't buy Cris Carter on the current style. He never wore it. I briefly looked at that page, and seeing Dan Fouts and Kellen Winslow Sr. on new Chargers jerseys looks bad. Looks like it might be for Winslow II.
  8. I'd bet that they are the Nike cut, but the same look as the throw backs above. I agree, as a Vikings fan, those 90's/00's were always me least favorite. I figured as much that it would be that jersey, I was just excited to see it on the Nike jerseys, as I think they are so much better looking, IMHO. I thnk the Bears and Chiefs looks so much better now, for example. (regular jersey) Damn.
  9. I didn't think the Vikes still had those. I hope it's the same ones, I want to see them in the Nike cut. I also hope it is not the mid 90'/mid 00's jersey. I think those are overrated, this coming from a Vikes fan.
  10. Saw my first new Nike NFL jersey in a thrift store today. 'twas a Percy harvin Vikings jersey from last year. Quite obviously counterfeit. Also, stained and beat to hell. What do people do in their jerseys? It was only a year old!
  11. TJ Maxx in rocheter had Peterson for kids too. Stitched numbers, screen print everything else.
  12. Not only is this the wrong uniform for Morneau, it's also the wrong number: Then, he changed to 66, so 2 wrong uniforms: He was 33 in Minnesota, so he just doubled it. Originally he started as 27 in Minnesota, but changed to 33 in honor of Patrick Roy.
  13. Dicks like this... https://www.facebook.com/mark.selling.1232?ref=m_notif&notif_t=friend_confirmed&__user=506082630 $35 football, $25 baseball, $45 hockey. Yeah real legit.
  14. How mad would you be if I was the one who outbid you on the green Sioux jersey?
  15. Still no purple pants in San Fran tonight.
  16. I told you guys I'd post this and I almost forgot. These are how the stripes meet at the underarm seam. This is the stitched, $135 version. Limited? I can't remember.
  17. I'm at work, so it'll be tonight if I get pics, but I'm pretty sure where it meets up it's not really visible while wearing, it's more under the arm a bit. Also, Taj, thanks for sharing that instagram page, awesome photos.
  18. I bought the $135 version, the stitched one. The white stripe (on purple jersey) terminates a bit weird because it wraps around, and of course it starts out smaller than it ends, to it looks a bit funky. I'll try get a picture tonight.
  19. I bet when this board first opened, and someone started the thread about best and worst unis in the league, those Seahawks sets probably would have gotten a lot of worst votes.
  20. Look at that picture, damn. Huge difference over how this match up would have looked 5 years ago.
  21. I wouldn't be surprised to see the purple pants in Bufflao Friday.
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