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  1. If they never added silver that would have been a great modernization of the original sets.
  2. They're a multi million dollar pro sports team. They can afford to spend what...a thousand bucks at MOST on socks to match their reverse retro jerseys. It was just a bad choice, 100%
  3. I'd love to see this look with something more in line with their reverse retro.
  4. It's just super tiring having the thread derailed by the same few people acting like the sky is falling because of this. We get it, nobody prefers this over what we had before but theres nothing that can be done.
  5. The yellow socks are weird when you think about it on it's own, but it's such a staple to the look that not having it seems wrong. The Bruins don't look bad with black socks, but it's not quite as Bruins as they could be.
  6. I don't care what anyone says. The Bruins set is perfect aside from the yellow socks and should never be changed. It's a modern classic and probably one of the best jerseys of all time across any sport.
  7. With the announcement of the Canucks AHL team moving to Abbotsford, I worked on this concept last night. I always loved the name of the Jr. B team, the Pilots so I leaned into that because of the famous Johnny Canuck Pilot concept that's been around the internet forever.
  8. That's not bad. I'd push the pose even further to be a bit more dynamic. Someone else also pointed this out but there is a bit too much detail in the silhouette, and it makes it look pretty busy. The shape of the badge is unique but it just feels reaaaally odd to me. The red angles draw my eye away from the player and up towards a bunch of nothing.
  9. I'd suggest rounding the corners on the right side. Also the silhouette looks odd to me since that's not how someone would actually take a slap shot. Something like this could give you an even better, more dynamic looking silhouette
  10. Nobody can convince me otherwise but the Fisherman set was better looking from top to bottom than any of the Isles alts in the last 20 years
  11. I still think they should have thrown back to the Thrashers powder blue jerseys
  12. Honestly if the team ever wanted to go away from the classic template for any reason, this reverse retro is the way to go. The green looks incredible against the navy.
  13. The Capitals jerseys would be incredible if they removed the diagonal Caps font and used a better number font. I never liked the team name being there, and the font fit the theme better with the old colour scheme.
  14. Representing a huge demographic within your fanbase isn't a bad thing.
  15. Regardless of the helmet ads, I think this is easily the best the NHL has ever looked from top to bottom. I think only the Ducks/Oilers have sub par jerseys at this point.
  16. Just because a jersey is revealed before the game is released, doesn't mean it was revealed before internal content deadlines.
  17. The Dinamo Riga logo reminds me of the Boston Uprising
  18. I've gotta say, the love I've got for the secondary logo is quite surprising. Thanks for all the kind words.
  19. I updated the Secondary logo. Might make a few more tweaks to the tentacle, but overall I'm pretty happy with it.
  20. Thanks. I wanted to avoid rehashing every other Seattle concept using the Green and Blue. Thanks. I've got a lot of positive feedback on it from reddit as well. It was my least favorite aspect of the package when I created it.
  21. It's been quite a while since I've posted a concept here, but I made a design for the proposed Kraken name for the new Seattle NHL Team.
  22. Those jerseys would be incredible if there was no Silver.
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