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  1. So....don't buy a jersey. We're not talking about medicine, food, or water here. It's a jersey. A luxury item. You're not entitled to one. If you can't afford one or simply don't want to pay for one because you think the prices are to high, simply don't make the purchase. If enough people follow suit the prices will drop. Economics! The "steal a loaf of bread to feed your family" example doesn't fly here. so dont buy a jersey....? what a silly response. Obviously, i'm not buying a jersey, I'm buying a knock off LOL j/k sometimes you want a little something more then a t-shirt and this provides that option. I'm not worried about it being exacting in design. Its a waste of time to worry about something so trivial. But again, whats your point ? what are you going to do about it ? who cares if you do ? you posted a picture and typed your "it sucks " diatribe...now what ? What are you going to do about it ? some people like fakes, some dont. The internet makes mail order 10 million times easier then in the past. Thats all there is to it. i'm not mocking or trolling anyone here, We are all uniform history enthusiasts. Whats next? another picture of a off center number and your mockery of it ? thrilling.... So save up...
  2. Hey guys, I've been using inkscape lately. I was wondering how I would go about keeping my line widths consistent between two objects.
  3. Is it just me or the jersey itself fake as well? That Reebok vector looks pretty darn awful. Yeah it's fake.
  4. I copy the main object that's being outlined, condense that down to one solid shape, fill nothing, add a good size outline, and then expand the stroke. You can then make edits to the outline a lot easier, IMO. Hmm, that's an easier way of what I do, I still find myself getting sloppy, uneven strokes in some areas though.
  5. I use inkscape, and I was wondering what the easiest way to get a nice, even stroke around a logo would be. I know how to use dynamic offset for simple stuff like shields, but for more complex shapes I'm forced to eye it with the Bezier tool.
  6. Not only do they know they are buying a fake, they brag and flaunt it. I can attest to this.
  7. What I do is have multiple copies of the logo in photofiltre, one for each colour background it's on. Then I resize them and place them on the jersey. Seems to avoid that problem.
  8. I know there's no pictures yet, but I can already imagine Mike Richards in a Kings jersey being posted in here.
  9. They're my Canucks too I was flamed mercilessly, with a bunch of personal attacks thrown my way for showing my points against counterfeits.
  10. I love how if you don't support the fakes, then you must be a blind MLB/NBA/NFL/NHL fanboy. I don't have any jerseys at all, you know why, beacause I CAN'T AFFORD THEM. Say what you want about them being over priced, but that doesn't make it right to go buy a fake.
  11. Perhaps Lovingthefakes should sign up on the Canucks message board, as it seems they are all exactly like him. Unbelievable how many people blindly support these counterfeits. Staying on topic, that Clippers knock off is the worst.
  12. I'd like to see how he dances around this one. I still can't comprehend how anybody could justify conterfeits.
  13. So if I can afford a nice big Flat screen TV, but don't want to pay a boat load of money it's okay for me to steal one? It's okay, the company will still make a bunch of money.
  14. Explain your username then. Making excuses is just in insult to our intelligence.
  15. For having a different opinion that most of you? Nope. Having an opinion is fine, you are just blatantly trolling.
  16. I'm just curious why this guy hasn't been given the banhammer yet.
  17. I'd love if some owner banned fake jerseys from the Arena.
  18. Thanks, link you posted seems to be for Illustrator, but I found the equivalent on Inkscape.
  19. Alright, I took your advice yesterday and it worked, thanks a bunch. I'm working on the secondary logo now, and I'm wondering the best way to have a symmetric logo. I've been drawing one half, then duplicating, flipping and moving it into place then grouping them together. It seems to cause some difficulties when I'm throwing a stroke around it.
  20. I tried that, but the white stroke ends up flat on the tips of the wings.
  21. So I'm making a concept on Inkscape, and I've got it all drawn out, but I need to add an even white outline around the logo. I duplicated it, then tried to use the dynamic offset, but the little handle to resize the logo doesn't show up. Any ideas?
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