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  1. So I'm making a concept on Inkscape, and I've got it all drawn out, but I need to add an even white outline around the logo. I duplicated it, then tried to use the dynamic offset, but the little handle to resize the logo doesn't show up. Any ideas?
  2. Okay, Im using Inkscape, and I cant figure out how to get the stuff outside of the shield to disappear, any way to do this?
  3. What would the difference be between a hockey jersey and lacrosse jersey?
  4. Joe Girardi = LEGEND!!! Also, he played for the Rockies for three seasons, he wasn't exactly there for a cup of coffee. Girardi with the Cardinals would be a lot better. Someone find one!!! Edit: Nevermind, I found one: I think he kind of resembles Joe Sakic there. A little bit off topic
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