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  1. Ah shoot... Just got on here and only look at this page. My bad!
  2. This would look good, wouldn't it.
  3. Any other pages to this layout available anywhere? Does anyone have the official logotype guide for the Chargers as well?
  4. Better "LA" logo too this time...
  5. I think this is what we will see but maybe with the gradient white to yellow on the front of the horn and a white face mask.
  6. This layout they posted just makes me think that middle horn is what will be on the helmets.
  7. Yes I did. I'm not sure they are either but here are the original colors as posted Trucolor.net below. I still wish they would go mostly powder blue and white with yellow as an accent to make themselves much different from the Rams. Hopefully we find out tomorrow. LOS ANGELES CHARGERS (1960) FRANCHISE COLORS 1960: Pacific Blue, Navy, Yellow, White PRIMARY COLORS PACIFIC BLUE * #2C5697 * R44 G86 B151 NAVY * #041E42 * R4 G30 B66 YELLOW * #F2A900 * R242 G169 B0 WHITE #FFFFFF R255 G255 B255 HELMET FACEMASKS GRAY * #B3B3B3 * R179 G179 B179 I hope they just stick with an updated variation of this and we're are good.
  8. I would prefer they stick with powder blues but I would assume they are going back to something like the original LA colors?
  9. Anyone been working on a template for these? https://www.xenith.com/products/x2e-plus-varsity-helmet https://www.xenith.com/products/shadow
  10. Looks like the Spokane Shock are coming back! https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2019/aug/31/spokane-shock-expected-to-be-back-in-the-game-with/ https://www.kxly.com/sports/spokane-empire/spokane-shock-set-to-return-it-ifl-in-2020/1115568312
  11. New Idaho State University logos: https://www.isu.edu/brand/graphic-and-visual-identity/logos/
  12. La Liga Fútbol Americano de México (FAM)
  13. Mexican Football Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (LFA) logos: