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  1. The most painful sports memory that I ever had was when the team I wanted to win lost. Damn!
  2. gmat

    Cal vs USC

    They look like the Oakland Invaders.,
  3. Yeah soccer is going to replace basketball. Nobody cares about soccer, why would you people discuss a minor league of a sport no one cares about? MOD EDIT MOD NOTE - Here's a more pertinent question: Why would you feel the need to brow-beat soccer fans over their choice to discuss the sport, when you so obviously have no interest in soccer? If you don't care about the sport, simply ignore threads discussing it.
  4. The Seattle it doesn?t matter what your name is because soccer is less popular than the WNBA in America, Manchester, Real, Chivas.
  5. How bout the? Hamilton Who gives a rats ass, it?s minor league basketball in Canada?
  6. I was basing it off the standings listed at so if they're off, maybe we all need to be looking at this a little more closely. MOD DELETED
  7. I think all this talk about over using black is blown way out of proportion, especially with the recent trends in alternate jerseys and pants. There are only so many color combos that a team can use for alternates and and the majority of teams that are using black already had black in their uniforms. Over the past several years there has been addition and subtraction of different colors on the primary uniforms. For example, these teams added black that did not exist before: Philadelphia, Detroit, Tampa (I did not include SF because they use so little) The Jets added black but then removed it so they are a wash. So over the past several years only three teams added black to their uniforms. But during the same time four teams added a shade of blue to an existing shade of blue in their uniform sets. They are the Titans (dark blue essentially replaced the red), Seattle replaced one color of blue and green with two different color blues and the neon green, the Charges added the powder blue full time to their uniforms and Buffalo added the 42 new shades to their uniforms. Other teams use black now, but they always have done so. Atlanta Black primary jersey to red primary (they have switched between them their entire existence) Baltimore used black pants as their primary when they first started and now they wear white New Orleans historically did have black pants with their white jerseys and still switches year to year between gold and black, and to be honest the black looks better because the gold on the pants do not match the gold on the helmet or the other gold on the jerseys.
  8. They look like Ampipe. I don?t care what anybody says; nice guy Eddie was the reason coach got the job at Minnesota State even though he took Maverick with him.
  9. Congrats on being the best team in a minor league division of a sport that no one cares about. By the way, if a team wins a championship trophy no one has ever heard of next to a forest were a tree falls, does anybody hear the 100?s of people cheer?
  10. I was watching the Yankee/Indian games the last two days and I noticed some old guy sitting behind home plate wearing many odd colored Indian hats. Yesterday, I noticed him with a pink one at the beginning of the game, a yellow one with a red brim in the middle and another one at the end of the game. Today he is wearing yet another hat. Anybody know the story of this guy? Why does he change his hat? Is the guy known in the Indians world? Is he like Freddy the Frying pan guy for the Yankees (God I hate that annoying old fart), just some cook with a gimmick? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Fleur de Bee?Thats a great logo, but a hornet is not a bee, it's a wasp.
  12. Aren?t all shirts that show one team versus another, lame? Aren?t they for the tool that is just showing off that he went to the game, while not wanting to rock the boat and pick a side? The people that buy these are the same politically correct :censored:s that don?t keep score during little league games and want to ban Indian imagery in sports. As the immortal George Carlin described them, they are pussification of America (for all my Canadian friends, you have always been like this so it is not a big deal to you).
  13. They used him the last couple of years to sell tickets and no matter what you think personally about him, he built that stadium, made the Giants a respectable team and made baseball popular again in SF. He deserves more that painted grass. That is a pathetic tribute to the greatest homerun hitter in the history of baseball (by the way I do not like the man, but I speak the truth).