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  1. Um, he played nearly half his career thus far with the Nets. Yeah, but he has none of the persona attached to his years there. In Boston he gained a reputation as the championship-winning bench-warmer. And in Chicago, he is a celebrity. In New Jersey, he was just a guy on the team. Its not just a number of years, its how memorable they were, or weren't His claim to fame was on the nets what are you talking about? Hey...!!! Michael Jordan had a wrong uniform all his career: that one from the Chicago Bulls!!! WOW!!!
  2. We do remember Sammy Sosa as a Cubs player... but watch him with the old Rangers jersey and the old ChiSox jersey...!!!
  3. ¬°Muy buena pregunta, Diablo de Tejas! (Very good question, Texas' Devil!)
  4. Nothing to do with the current topic but this is a funny link about strange baseball cards.
  5. Mmmhh... I'm starting to remember some pitch-to-pitch narrations online of BoSox games... yes, now I remember Rickey playing in Boston.
  6. HA HA HA HA HA!!! LOL!!! That guy also played in Boston, I didn't know that one...!!! UNBELIEVABLE! He should have been in every AL franchise!!!
  7. SEARCH?!?!?! First, you MUST pay us to SEARCH that ones!!! Ha ha ha ha!!! Well, I was kidding. Searching about Randy Johnson as a Giant... mmmmhhh... he never was in the Jints. http://www.baseball-reference.com/j/johnsra05.shtml#TRANS So only Randy Johnson could wore a jersey or a cap of the Jints toying it with some NL fellow before some game between Giants and Expos or Dbacks... --------- Is anyone having any picture of A-Rod donning a Red Sox cap?
  8. HA!!! I didn't know that Nomo pitched for the Brewers... that was a short stint there in Milwaukee, isn't it?
  9. You remember very well Hideo Nomo as a Dodger... BUT... do you remember him as a Tiger and a Red Sox player? Nomo as a Red Sox threw a no-hitter. ------------------------------------------------------ Oh, yeah, I know perfectly that Wade Boggs is a Tampa Bay native and saw his number retired in Tropicana Field... but I never get used to see him as a Devil Ray.
  10. BIG PIC of Sammy Sosa as a White Sox player!
  11. Hey, the Babe was a Red Sox between 1914 and 1919. That are 6 full years.
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