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  1. With the exception of the half armhole trim, these are pr├Ętty great.
  2. Kansas with some pretty great alternates. Should consider something along these lines as permanent and ditch the chrome stuff.
  3. Speaking of which, looks like they have the new adidas template. Flipped the Jayhawk and adidas logo placement which was badly needed.
  4. More looks at Kansas "Civil War" Jay-Hawkers inspired uniforms.
  5. TT and KU was a nice looking game. Not a bad look for KU, about the only thing they have going for them.
  6. I see why Nebraska would want to live in the past.
  7. KU in white version. Looks clean.
  8. With conference tournaments starting this week I'm surprised we haven't seen the adidas March Madness uniforms yet. While usually atrocious, last year's crop was pretty clean and conservative for the most part.
  9. They wear those greys twice a year, hardly a standard look. Kansas biggest problem is the trim on jersey and shorts don't match. Plus you picked Iowa State which looks like a McDonalds employee sponsored team. Texas and Oklahoma both look good as does Oklahoma State. Overall the Big 12 looks pretty good with the exception of Baylor and K-State.
  10. I know these aren't new but Kansas should just go ahead and make these the primary home uniforms.
  11. Kansas is a few tweaks from having a great look. Lighter grey pants, matching logos on helmets, thinner stripe on pants that match helmet stripe and lose the tech fit web pattern. The limestone uniforms from a few weeks ago would be great if they were royal instead of navy.
  12. Kansas ditched the horrible red and chrome and went back to the more conventional red jerseys.
  13. Only going to be worn for Friday home games.
  14. Kansas and Oklahoma State today. Kansas should really consider this as a regular look even if they use royal blue. Those numbers are a big improvement over Trajan.