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  1. 46 minutes ago, VandyDelphia Mike said:


    It looks so good!  While we're at it have Vanderbilt bring the circus font back too!




    Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Vanderbilt started using circus when they hired Kevin Stallings who was an assistant for Roy Williams at KU and that's the circus font connection between Vandy and KU.

  2. Anybody know what this font is? Kansas is using it extensively this year and even has it on the side of football equipment truck and signage in stadium. Making me wonder if they are rebranding soon. The university is moving away from Trajan font with the exception of signage and letterheads. 



  3. No change in uniform but Les Miles did fix KU's helmet problem by sticking to the same logo on both sides of helmet, single blue stripe on white helmets and single red stripe on blue ones, also went to straight grey facemasks. Rumor is they are working on all new uniforms for next season.


  4. 10 hours ago, orangefaniniowa said:



    Sorry but I have to debate this.  As much as Kansas has a good look, and they do, something tells me that the gray alternates they wore bring this down.  Hardly read the numerals and lettering.  They jerseys itself isn't enticing, probably because of Adidas' doing, but I have seen better jerseys in the conference than what Kansas has currently.  I say they are not even in the Top 20 as far as jerseys are concerned, and likely not in the Top 3 in their conference.  Don't get me wrong they're good, but they don't excite me as much as other well looking jerseys.  At least they don't have sleeved jerseys or other extraordinary alternates (other than the grays).


    They wear those greys twice a year, hardly a standard look. Kansas biggest problem is the trim on jersey and shorts don't match. Plus you picked Iowa State which looks like a McDonalds employee sponsored team. Texas and Oklahoma both look good as does Oklahoma State. Overall the Big 12 looks pretty good with the exception of Baylor and K-State. 

  5. At a certain point you've got to run out of good ideas for a a commemorative uniform. Oregon should stick to being on the cutting edge of new materials and manufacturing and quit with some of these concepts that are just to big of a reach. I did kind of like the Duck look from two weeks ago though.