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  1. What has happened to the "Dressed to the Nines" section on the Baseball HOF website. It is no longer there. Does anyone know if this is temporary website maintenance, or a permanent deletion?
  2. It's too bad. They could have marketed it as being an L of a game.
  3. They could resurrect the Avco Cup for one of the divisions.
  4. Navy to Wear Under Armour-DesignedDifferent position groups will wear different ships on their helmets. ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- The Navy football team will wear Under Armour-Designed "Navy Fleet" uniforms and hand-painted helmets for the Army-Navy Game presented by USAA on Dec. 12 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia at 3 PM on CBS. The uniform is inspired by and pays homage to seven of the historic ships that make up the U.S. Naval Fleet. Each ship is detailed on one of seven hand-painted helmets that each player will wear, assigned by position. Additionally, the rally cry "damn the torpedoes!" is featured on the uniform as a nod to Admiral Farragut's historic Naval victory at the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864. Design Details:• Uniform font replicates the design and font used on Navy ships.• Battleship gray color featured on the cleats, baselayer sleeves and jersey shoulders.• Eagle, Globe and Anchor Marine Corps logo highlighted on the uniform pant.• Baselayer features the overhead sketch of the seven Naval ships featured on the helmets.• "Damn the Torpedoes!" scripted on the uniform pant and jersey hem as a reminder of the historic battle cry that rallies the U.S. Naval Fleet.Helmet Details and Position Assignment: • Linebacker: Cruiser- Provides anti-air defense and packs the biggest punch of Naval surface ships representative of the linebackers on the Navy football team. • Defensive Back: Destroyer- Known for significant fire power, speed, and anti-missile defense as are Navy's defensive backs. • Wide Receiver: Submarine- Predominantly utilized as blockers, wide receivers play a key role in driving the Navy rush attack, taking on a stealth-like persona as they blend into the rhythm of the offense but bring significant fire power when called upon, just like a Naval submarine. • Lineman: Amphibious Assault Ships- Just as a lineman's job is the create a hole for a running back or linebacker, these ships are utilized to establish the "beach head" that enables the invading force to gain access and ultimately accomplish their objective. • Quarterback: Aircraft Carrier- The QB of the Naval Fleet, the aircraft carrier is the ultimate decision maker; the "quick strike" weapon of the Naval fleet. • Running Back: Littoral Combat Ship- Like running backs, these fast and nimble ships can navigate through both crowded shallow and deep waters. • Kicker/Special Teams: Minesweeper- Much like the specific task of the Navy special teams, this small ship has a unique mission of identifying and eliminating mines. http://www.navysports.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/113015aaa.html
  5. A Los Angeles girls' basketball team was forced to forfeit a game for wearing pink-trimmed uniforms, denoting breast cancer awareness. Narbonne High School won its conference semi-final game on Saturday. However, on Monday, conference officials vacated the win because the team's uniforms violated a conference rule. That rule says that all teams must wear uniforms in their official school colors. (Narbonne's colors are green and gold.) However, on Wednesday, an appeals board overturned the original decision and let Narbonne's victory stand, meaning they can continue in the playoffs. Narbonne's coach said she was not aware of the rule, and in fact the teams had worn pink earlier in the season. But she acknowledged that it was a violation, and accepted a suspension for the rest of the playoffs. She said as long as the team was not punished, she would sit out. http://www.latimes.com/sports/highschool/la-sp-narbonne-disqualified-pink-20150304-story.html
  6. Typical U.S. state flag:
  7. No, not sweaters for the players. These are for fans. The NHL has designed "Ugly Sweaters" — they actually call them that — just like the ones your favorite aunt gets you for Christmas. So far, only a few teams are available. Maybe there will be more soon.
  8. Not Little League World Series, just Little World Series. It used to be a series for the championship of AAA Minor League Baseball. In 1952, the Rochester Red Wings of the International League (Cardinals) defeated the Kansas City Blues of the American Association (Yankees), 4 games to 3.
  9. General Mills did these a couple of years ago:
  10. My personal ring: Elk Lake High School Pennsylvania basketball state champions 1977
  11. I think they were going more for Green Bay> Green Bay-er> Bayer> make it look like a bear> make it a polar bear for the "Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field" That would make the mascot an aspirin tablet. (Bayer — get it?) He would look something like Speedy Alka-Seltzer.
  12. I like the pilot idea for the Jets. Name him "Joe Jet". It's alliterative, and also a nod to #12.
  13. What is the difference between the Houston Xperience and the Lake Houston Xperience?