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  1. In the '70s, two gas stations adopted similar logos almost at the same time. (Neither is used today.) Add to that Agway feed mills:
  2. Not being a football fan, I couldn't say, but I do watch "MLB Central" every morning on MLB Network.
  3. Even with that unusual font in the vending machine↑, Pepsi is going old-school with its font:
  4. EMU should just change to a different kind of bird:
  5. At one time all road jerseys were the inverted of the home jerseys.
  6. One thing I notice is that the file name has no format tag (.jpg, .svg, .gif, ...) so the boards can't read it as a legitimate image file.
  7. Angels can't have the lower line of the L coincide with the crossbar of the A. It would become a trademark violation of the Dodgers. That's why they didn't do it back in 1961. (Same reason the Yankees and Mets have different interlockings.)
  8. Yeah, the maps still are not working. (Try just posting the link to one of them so I can click it. Maybe I can figure the problem.)
  9. Lawrence Stadium in Portsmouth VA was once a Triple-A minor league park, but now is used only for football. (Notice the infield is grown over.) It apparently is actually two stadiums with one field, as the stands for the respective sports are not shared.
  10. I mean that they do it, but it isn't necessary. It is a waste.
  11. The idea that "state" teams are trying to appeal to a wider market is ludicrous. Even teams with city names market regionally. If you live in Conshohocken or Bala Cynwyd or Upper Darby, your hometown team is the Phillies, not the Pirates. It does get trickier near the mid-point, but changing the teams to the "Quaker State Phillies" or the "Keystone Pirates" would do nothing for fans in Williamsport. It is a little different in Connecticut, where Yankees and Red Sox fans co-mingle. But I sincerely doubt that if the Sox went by "New England", it would sway fans in Bridgeport on the western end of the state. Are there any markets where it would be virtually impossible to go by a state name? I can't imagine the Seahawks ever using "Washington", although "Pacific" might be an option. And it is unlikely any Chicago team would take on Illinois; the state name conjures up images of bucolic wheat fields, not something that Chi-town embraces.
  12. I would love it if baseball had promotion/relegation. Then it might happen that I would live 20 minutes from a major league team.
  13. Would I attend a silent sporting event? Absolutely, and I've done so many times. Old Yankee Stadium in the mid-1960s was a fantastic experience. (Too bad the team sucked.)
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