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  1. And consider making a home and alternate jersey in that template.
  2. It would look much better if the number outline was blue...
  3. I really don't see how you can take Brady over Manning anymore. Manning has so much better stats, and has his ring now. Brady is a great player, but his teams were better those years. Now the Colts have surpassed the Patriots. Who was the one who threw the INT to end the game in the AFC Championship
  4. Sixers will get it. Oh, I thought you were talking about Oden
  5. Its such a happy day seeing Webber in an NBA uni that doesnt say Sixers on it
  6. They look too similar to the division champs gear... When I bought my Eagles div/conf champs stuff in 2004, each shirt looked completely different.
  7. My picks are almost the complete opposite: Ravens Chargers Eagles Seahawks
  8. Good to see another GFC/MVC fan on the board Likewise. It's kind of cute to watch the national media wake up finally. "Hey, the Valley is a good basketball league!" Big game Saturday night at your place. SIU is one of the most hated foes for Bears fans, so we're really hoping to go in and steal one from you Ugly Dawgs. Please no. We can't afford to lose a 3rd straight game. I don't want to turn into Wichita State.
  9. Punters are very important. Just look at what happens when you pin a team within their five yard line.
  10. Good to see another GFC/MVC fan on the board
  11. Whoa it automatically joins two consecutive posts into one...
  12. AWESOME game I'm glad that people are finally taking Romo off the HoF ballot And yes Seattle deserved to win. Dallas choked, its as simple as that. He may of just surpassed Michael Vick.
  13. 2006 Week 15: 19 att. 75 yds (3.9 ypc) 1 TD 2006 Week 2: 21 att. 51 yds (2.4 ypc) 0 TD Total: 40 att. 126 yds (3.2 ypc) 1 TD Yeah, hes tortured us this year