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  1. I think its because the face looks too small for the helmet
  2. Ive never liked that logo either.. But it works good enough on those particular shirts. I cant stand it on anything else
  3. From a HUGE Sens fan.... I Didnt really like the first round of your Sens concepts but LOVE this one !!! I do like the current third alot so its a tough one on that front, but I'd buy these. Great job !
  4. pdw

    wildwing64's NHL

    Personally I dont like how the top of the head and mouth area are all hard angles but the rest is made of nice sweeping lines. And the nose looks kinda weird... I took your logo and rounded it out just to see, and while I think it looks better..... It looks more like a fox... So I dont know what to suggest. I included the pic, not to step on your toes or anything, just so you see what I mean. I hope thats ok. ^^ this logo would look sick on a goalie helmet though....
  5. I am one of the few who would like a full retro (80's) look, even as just a third set. I'm talking Yellow Green/Yellow/White... They tried a vintage look last year with the white and green for special games and it was pretty cool. The feedback was so good that they actually started selling the jersey in stores and they hadn't planned on it. I disagree that the wolves need an entire new look, the wolf head is classic. I would like to see a concept in the cities colors (although the knights already use these)
  6. I wish I could see the pictures
  7. pdw

    Beavers Project

    I dont know who copied who now... I think our beavers only had a wordmark for their original logo in the 70's.....
  8. pdw

    Beavers Project

    Strange, Im pretty sure the Beavers had this logo since the 70's, but I'd have to double check.
  9. pdw

    Beavers Project

    This is a REAL rough mock up but I was thinking of something like this maybe... Thoughts? Do you think it would actually work on a jersey, or is it too uneven (weighted towards the sawblade too much)?
  10. pdw

    Beavers Project

    Im just looking for advice on redesigning a logo for our local Junior Hockey Team. Right now its just for a fun project to work on in my off time. Im going to change the team colors, and try to Modernize the logo/wordmark and maybe throw in a secondary. currently the logo looks like... The beaver and saw blade is because it used to be a big lumber town in the past. I found this on google and it kind of the direction I want to go. A little mean and modern looking. And I love the font the designer used.. Anyone care to share any advice?
  11. pdw

    NHL Redesigns by bohob

    I see the Conservative Party logo in there... I know its a bit different, but avoiding any similarities to a Political party should be paramount....
  12. wow.... this concept is awesome...
  13. pdw

    Winnipeg Falcons

    the arm stripes are fine, just with the shoulder logo so big it looks like there is 3 at the bottom and 3 at the top of the arm... Easy fix, make the shoulder logo smaller. Thats all Im saying. And if you're going for unity then I would suggest you make the white look more like the Black one.] I just did your suggestion quick, again in paint, and it would look good but still too busy for me.
  14. I love the smoking I, like an old tr..... oh thats Hawaii....
  15. pdw

    Winnipeg Falcons

    I LOVE this logo.... The blue and the fact that its still a bird really references Atlanta.. The jerseys seem a little lacking Jerseys however. Just a few points that stand out to me. 1) The blue should be the third 2) The shoulder logo is too big and low on the arm. 3) Too many stripes on the arm for me, but I see why you did it, ties in with the alternate logo.. but maybe because that logo is too big it looks like there are 6 stripes on the arm..Too busy 4) The Actual Thrashers font may go with the jersey better. With the Alternate logo it just fits to me for some reason.. Personally, - I would switch the Blue to the third, Black to home. - Blue I would color the lower portion of the sock black. - On the black I would color the cuff of the jersey, and upper part of the sock black to match the arms.Also, On the pants put a thick blue stripe with a gild outline and its done. I did this on mspaint really quick and believe it looks pretty good. But really... this logo... AWESOME, I cant get over how much I love it. Can you submit it for consideration somehow.. I'd buy one of each!! And the potential for goalie helmets is unreal...