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  1. Am I the only one who doesn't think the new Chargers Logo looks remotely like the Dodgers Logo? * Not even close to the same font, at all * Italicized Yea, the L and the A touch near the center, and may even be interlocking. But so what? So do the NY in all new york sports teams. They use different fonts, do people regularly accuse them of being identical logos? They even use the same style, unlike the chargers and the dodgers. Sorry, but the only thing that says "dodgers" to me about this logo is the color, otherwise, they really aren't that similar at all. If people are complaining that they copied the letters L A, sorry, i mean, I guess they could have gone with "SD" but yea.
  2. I think it looks really sharp. Maybe once Detroit has missed the playoffs for 10 straight years they'll think about something like this!
  3. These are very nice all around. The only real thing I'd say is I'd actually re-think some of the sponsor choices. I noted in many cases the sponsor on the jerseys is the sponsor of the arena (Barclays for the Isles, Honda for the Ducks etc. etc.) But, in some cases, if not many, the sponsor of the Arena really has very little to do with the team, especially when talking about arena's with 2-3-4 etc. teams that call them home. In some of these cases, there may be a more appropriate "sponsor" than the one chosen
  4. Zeus, this is your best work. Very good stuff
  5. It's not the "Rockies" route though. Its not the Rockies at all. Its the state flag of Colorado route. With the state of colorado colors. Which just *happen* to be (for obvious reasons) the colors that were used and chosen by the original Denver based hockey team. So, if you put the state flag of Colorado on a jersey, and re-color it to the Avs pallette, it looks just as out of place to residents of Colorado (I imagine) as does the other way around to the much smaller faction of hockey uniform sticklers
  6. With the latest updates (An awesome set) The only minor detail that is a distraction to me is the Captain's "C" i don't think the moose detail comes off well on the C as it does on all the other numbering/A. I only nitpick at this level because I think that this is nearly ready for submission to the team!!! Well Done.
  7. Madden 08 hasn't even been out for 9000 hours. Hell, 9000 hours ago was about when Madden 07 was being released.
  8. Lucky Green FC's new kits and new logo for the new season... heres a close up of the logo:
  9. The Avalanche just unveiled the uniforms to local TV in denver. They have VERTICAL Stripes (i'm told and also told that people are going to throw a fit)
  10. So who's got the video of this new NHL2k8 Commercial and does it have Colorado in it?
  11. http://nhllogos.blogspot.com That one?
  12. I'm glad they didn't use any of those logos, they are all horrible. Hopefully they were only designed as wordmarks and never actually intended for placement on the uniform.
  13. I don't really find anything wrong with the Leafs one, I think its, although simple and somewhat resemblant of the practice jerseys, just fine and no worse (or perhaps no better either) than what they have now, a horizontal step nothing gained nothing lost just an alternative design Same thing with the red wings.
  14. I like it, although the pirate almost seems too much like a drawing of one of the players on the field which could get weird if someone looked like him and had a picture of someone that looked like him on the chest I like the Black uniforms, a bit of a change in style is always interesting.