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  1. I give you "Write for Posterity" by Grand National...
  2. I'm hoping for lime shoulder patches. You mean like this... Sorry for hijacking!
  3. Heres a good picture of the front view...
  4. Lovely mask, not sure if i like it better than his old one, but I'm diggin the gold cage
  5. Bingo on both accounts!
  6. Sorry to bring up a old post but I wanted to post this up too...
  7. I think it might very well be you know, I know that it was on logo pond a long time ago. The Caps used it last season on this shirt...
  8. No not that Capitals, but now that I've got you attention here is a concept I've done for the Edinburgh Capitals. The Caps are the only Scottish team that play in the British Elite League and are very proud of their homeland. My concept is based on the Scottish flag and I have used the heritage logo instead of the regular team logo (which I believe the team may be doing next season also). For the Alt i went in a direction that Caps have never went before by using the gold from their logo as the main colour. The logo is simplified from the full body of the lion to just its head. C&Cs?
  9. For as long as I can remember the Belfast Giants main supporters club has been called the OSC (Official Supporters Club) and has worked hand in hand with the team with player sponsorship, game worn jerseys and events for the fans. The team decided that the OSC brand was getting dated and decided to rebrand it 'Belafst Giants FanZone'... I know its a horrible, unimaginative name but it wasn't my choice and they aren't budging for other alternatives. Anyway, my brief was to design a the new branding mark that included the word(s) Fan Zone and the text Belfast Giants. They also wanted use of the team logo, in some shape or form. Here is what I came up with... And for reference he is the old logo... Any C&C's?
  10. Well as some of you may or may not know, I do a lot of design work for the Belfast Giants of the British Elite Ice Hockey league. The Giants new netminder Nathan Craze was telling me that he was looking to get a mask painted for next season (he has wore a plain white helmet for the past 3 years) and asked me could I put together a design for him. Nathan is from Wales and wanted the Welsh Dragon to be a prominent feature on his helmet, he also wanted it to have strong ties to the club. The only other thing he asked for was to have his nickname 'Crazey' on the backplate along with the No Fear eyes. Here's what I came up with... Thoughts??
  11. Nice, but it should say Norn Iron Or "Not Brazil" Don't get me started on Northern Irish football songs. I think we have the best songs in the world, if not the funniest.
  12. Nice, but it should say Norn Iron
  13. Well done Will. Although I'm glad I'm not just starting uni now, I've just another month before I graduate and I can't wait to get it over and done with.
  14. NBA: Portland Trail Blazers (Time to get out of the 80's) NHL: Anaheim Ducks (it just doesnt work on a hockey jersey. 2nd place goes to my beloved Isles, its crap but its tradition) MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks NFL: Cleveland Browns (using a vector football helmet as a logo is not a logo) MLS: Kansas City Wizards (says hockey wordmark to me rather than soccer badge) EPL: West Brom (i just don't like it) AHL: Quad City Flames (its basically just 2 Calgary Flames logos combined... poor effort) ECHL: Toledo Storm (officially the worst logo in sports)