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  1. It's so narrow. It's really more of a urinal ledge than a toilet seat.
  2. I've decided that I like the gold cape. As far as ancient battle garb is concerned, it's simply much more threatening than a red cape in my opinion.
  3. So close... but the '97 version with the black numbers on the arm was both more visually pleasing (in my opinion, at least) and more legible from the press box.
  4. I'd go w/ a black helmet on the red uniform.
  5. This. A thousand times this. The black numbers on the sleeve & the white numbers on the back is the one true way.
  6. That being said, so long to those 2008-ass jerseys from seasons past, and good riddance!
  7. All in all it is a disappointment, but I feel more betrayed by the lack of proper hemstriping than by the sleeves on the white jersey. Also, I thought the shoulder patch was going to be wingless, which IMO would've been a nice touch. Disappointed by that as well.
  8. It looks weird, but I feel like the black cuffs were never that great to begin with. The nostalgic in me is kinda bummed, but the obsessive-compulsive in me is kinda glad that the colour layout for the home & away is more traditional now, if that makes any sense. You no longer have this weird home & away combo where one jersey is all black, while the other one has these very black sleeves for no particular reason. Those black cuffs always made the white jersey feel like that very 90's look where dudes would wear a t-shirt over their long sleeved shirts. Curious to see how it looks in action. Guessing it'll pretty much look like the NJ devils, which is kind of a bummer.
  9. Umm hi guys, we have a re-instatement certificate signed by Joyn Ziegler himself, so if you could kindly all quit it with your manufactured outrage about where banners are being placed, that'd be super great. We're having a rough enough time as it is lately. Thanks in advance
  10. What about something like this with black replacing blue? (obviously without the JR "A" written in there)