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  1. Umm hi guys, we have a re-instatement certificate signed by Joyn Ziegler himself, so if you could kindly all quit it with your manufactured outrage about where banners are being placed, that'd be super great. We're having a rough enough time as it is lately. Thanks in advance
  2. What about something like this with black replacing blue? (obviously without the JR "A" written in there)
  3. Rumours have been swirling all season about Ottawa changing their uniforms next year as well. Curious to see what this means with regards to that.
  4. The Rangers blue should be lighter like in their uniforms form the 1920's. I've always thought that this is a much nicer look than the current royal blue. No dropshadow nonsense. A simple, crisp uniform with a lighter blue that makes the red pop just a bit more in my opinion. In fact, I believe that this is the best the Rangers have ever looked! Obviously the pants would have to be updated and last names would have to be added to the back of the sweater, but these have held up surprisingly well. Just make a white one with that classic mid-century shoulder yoke, and you've made all the changes you need to make to the Rangers. As for the collars, I really don't know what to tell you guys. Considering the current template, I imagine it wouldn't be pretty. Here are the other original 6 teams' best looks from throughout out the years, in my boring opinion:
  5. Dangit man, how can Morgo always be so wrong about everything?!! He's a decent poster and all... but goddamn! The Rangers' existing jerseys (although they get the blue somewhat wrong) are in the upper echelons of NHL uniforms. Why mess with that? That 90's Rangers look is awful and it should be mothballed forever much like current New Englad Patriots uniform that it so closely resembles. I liked it as a kid, but its time has come & gone. Very few teams should have more than 2 jerseys, and the Rangers certainly shouldn't be one of them.
  6. I have so many thoughts on this, so please bear with me... The problem with all these Peace Tower logos I keep seeing is that the tower is the only element within this big empty logo. It feels small. I've always felt that the =O= logo should take some inspiration from the Ottawa Construction Company, a logo that seems to get everything right with the O/Peace Tower connection. Here we see the tower poking out of the top of the O, and the adjacent parliamentary buildings surrounding it. As a result, I feel that the logo looks a bit less awkward. Another thing to consider is that the original wordmark would be perfect on the helmets & pants, should the Sens ever go with the black/red/white/light green combo. (ed. note: the Sens should totally adopt black/red/white/light green as their colour scheme) @SFGiants58 Really love the concept, the striping is spot on. That being said, I would let the chest-stripe continue behind the O & the tower. That big chunk of white back there looks... empty. What might be good is a thin outline of white around the inside & outside of the logo. Or maybe just a black bg on the home jersey. Either way that's a big white gap on a black sweater, y'know?
  7. The inaugural uniform with the lighter blue and the unusual font was, in my opinion, just a smidgen superior to the Stanley Cup championship look. Here is Rob Ramage to prove my point.
  8. Although the Sens "new" home jersey is a slight improvement over what they wore last year, the road jersey somehow manages to look even worse than it did before. I mean... yeesh, they took a dismal jersey and managed to turn into one of the worst things I've ever seen. That collar is laughable.
  9. Here's some news on a possible jersey change for the Sens.
  10. You've done good here, but this is much too reminiscent of the Sens. The logo unveiled yesterday was different enough, it could be argued, but the addition of red just makes it too similar to ignore. Still a really sweet design in any case. Kudos.
  11. ... and now here's a 56 minute tribute to Panthers great Jody Hull!
  12. Call me nostalgic but I still think this is the finest look ever sported by an NHL team in the Mile High City. Don't get me wrong, I've always appreciated that unique colour scheme that the Avalanche utilize. But just look at that Colorado Rockies uniform. Those pants are stupendous! As is the yellow-red-yellow collar.
  13. It should also be noted, for the benefit of this thread, that the Winter Classic & World Hockey Championship hockey sweaters are MUCH more interesting than the usual Bauer/Reebok/Adidas athletic-wear tripe that we get with these so-called All-Star Games.
  14. (opens parenthesis) The "All-Star Game" should just cease to exist. I love hockey with all my heart, but there's simply no way that I'll be watching that garbage fire down in Nashville. No siree. Maybe replace it with some outdoor games or something because I'm simply not interested in watching my favourite NHL stars participate in a game as closely related to ice hockey as friggin' yo-yo. Hell, perhaps we should just skip the All-Star break entirely so that professional players can join their World Championship squads earlier, if you're at all interested in the sport to begin with. (closes parenthesis)