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  1. alex20

    CFL 2012

    Yesterday the Esks released their marketing slogan Unleash It, and unveiled their new seats to replace Commonwealth's. Also a mention of new home/away jerseys to be revealed later in May. I'm not sure how i feel about the splash of yellow yet.
  2. 4 days, 36 minutes until the next Nike Boom reveal. C'mooooonnnnnnn NFL gear.
  3. While this isn't a "field", I love seeing the colour of grass in winter.
  4. New England in "road" white tops Cincinnati in black tops
  5. for me something that could have saved this is if they were to use green and gold, to match the esks and the university's colors. and i agree with the poster above, drop the maple leaf as the clipart ball. then i wouldn't hate it so much
  6. Pro soccer has never been very successful in Edmonton. However as I love the game i'll be definitely supporting this team when they start the franchise up. However, given that they won't be joining the league until next summer, I feel they could have spent a lot more time improving upon this very generic crest
  7. The cards look like they're wearing pyjamas for an 8 year old.
  8. This thread should be about teams with nicknames that DON'T make sense.
  9. This would be a good logo for an actual baseball team.
  10. I think I'd be more into buying the old ones than selling them.
  11. Favorite Ram joke: Dodge the father Ram the daughter. Sorry for my poor taste.
  12. It looks like the world has gotten a lot more colorful in the last 100 years.
  13. That's disgusting. burn it. take the disgusting hat off such a beautiful name.