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  1. The stripes are probably KNIT as opposed to woven. Sand Knit used to use knit in stripes (plain old stretch nylon fabric) as opposed to the use of braiding or silk screen applications.
  2. farrago

    Cal vs USC

    Here are the highlights of the 1972 Big Game played in the mud at Memorial. You'll see that the uniforms aren't much different from what Cal wore the other night. I noticed that the throwbacks had sewn on numbers. The originals were silk screened.
  3. farrago

    Cal vs USC

    As a follow up, the Bears' road set at that time included royal blue pants with gold-white-gold stripes. If you dig up the Big Game highlights from 1975 on Youtube you can see them. Theder got rid of these and stuck with the gold pants for home and away. The blue facemasks added some balance, especially for the away uniform set.
  4. farrago

    Cal vs USC

    These uniforms are copies of the uniforms worn by the Golden Bears through the 1977 season, I believe. Cal started to wear royal blue after the '70 or '71 season. I believe Russell Athletic made the originals. Cal pulled a huge upset of USC in '77 in the same jersies. After Mike White left and Roger Theder took over, the stripes on the sleeves were removed. Home jersies simply had silk screened gold numerals. Away jersies had royal blue numerals. Boring. The facemasks were changed in '80 or '81 to royal blue. Theder also replaced the block C with the script Cal. When Joe Kapp took over in 1982, the navy blue returned along with the now famous bear claw with the script Cal inside and the number 100 just below to signify the 100th anniversary of the program. There has been some movement back towards the block C. The baseball team's caps are now the block C. You can purchase them at the ASUC bookstore.