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  1. You're up in the WFL Draft buddy

  2. Hey just seeing if your still on board with Adirondack. If I don't get a response by tomorrow I will be putting up an ownership review.

  3. crashcarson was making me a set, haven`t hear back from him a bit, so feel free to take a crack at them. Yeah with the shamrock, but I also want to allude to obviously the Massachusetts side of things as well.

    Sponsor will be Guinness.

    Thanks man!

  4. Hey you haven't posted a lineup in quite sometime, so if you could that'd be great. We only have four weeks left, so if you choose to leave just finish out this season. Also still can't receive messages.

  5. Remember to check your lineup and get it in before 6:30pm ET. You also can't receive new messages.

  6. Please don't forget about me in terms of the quebec vacancy. I'm almost there.

  7. Thanks to last night's war in my gilad shalit thread which was graveyarded, I'm 155 posts away from 500...

  8. I put in an application on the appropriate thread... Check it out!

  9. Did you get in touch with LMU? What did he have to say?

  10. Thank you so much. Good luck to us both...

  11. I know that there's a 500-plost minimum, but the fantasy constitution says that a league can request an exemption from said rule for a given owner. Would you be willing to try?

  12. Hey. I can't pm from my phone, so I'm sending this way and will probably pm this also. You say on the junior hockey league forum that you need a new owner. I would LOVE to get in on that. However, I don't have 500 posts. Do you think you could put in for an exemption for me? Thanks. I can't wait. I think I could be a highly competitve owner...

  13. Can't receive any new messages. Anyways you're up in the draft man.

  14. Hey you can pick in the draft now. Can't send you messages.

  15. Hey I can't do the ALT Baseball Draft, way too busy right now, but thanks for the invite.