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  1. So we're more than likely getting another jersey overhaul. Very interested in what New Era can do. I have a Winnipeg Goldeyes shirt made by New Era, but I can't think of anything else they've made aside from hats.
  2. These beauties. The 2018/19 Newcastle United change kit, a throwback to 95/96.
  3. CFB Nat'l Title - Alabama Super Bowl - Green Bay Daytona 500 - Dale Jr. (The Return) CBB Nat'l Title - UCLA Premier League - Chelsea Stanley Cup - Montreal Canadiens NBA Finals - Cleveland Cavaliers World Series - Cleveland Indians NASCAR Monster Cup - Chase Elliott Grey Cup - Winnipeg Blue Bombers Homer picks for Football
  4. Titans Bengals Chiefs Bucs Saints Lions Browns Pats Panthers Broncos Packers Cowboys Vikings
  5. Packers Giants Chiefs Colts Vikings Bengals Skins Raiders Bills Ravens Bucs Falcons Patriots Seahawks Broncos
  6. Missed Thursday Bills Eagles Browns Giants Panthers Bears Rams Steelers Patriots Raiders Seahawks Packers Colts Cardinals
  7. Bengals Colts Titans Browns Seahawks Patriots Panthers Raiders Lions Broncos Cardinals Saints Cowboys Steelers Vikings
  8. Houston Arizona Oakland Cleveland Jacksonville Green Bay Denver Carolina NY Giants Tampa Bay Seattle Kansas City Indianapolis Pittsburgh Dallas New Orleans
  9. Jets Steelers Titans Browns Redskins Giants Panthers Patriots Chiefs Seahawks Cardinals Jaguars Raiders Colts Packers Eagles
  10. Broncos Packers Ravens Texans Eagles Falcons Vikings Jets Saints Chiefs Seahawks Colts Giants Cardinals Steelers Rams
  11. Oh I know.... Just with Favre vs. Bledsoe Now just with Rodgers vs. Brady for I think only the 2nd time ever. As Rodgers was hurt in 2010
  12. As a Packer fan. Even I respect the hell out of that Bears tattoo @CS85 Anyways...... Don't know how I got here. But just here... AFC 1 New England 13-3 2 Oakland 11-5 3 Pittsburgh 11-5 4 Jacksonville 10-6 5 Kansas City 11-5 6 NY Jets 9-7 NFC 1 Arizona 14-2 2 Green Bay 13-3 3 Carolina 12-4 4 NY Giants 9-7 5 Seattle 12-4 6 Minnesota 10-6 Wild Card Jacksonville over Kansas City Pittsburgh over NY Jets Minnesota over Carolina NY Giants over Seattle Divisional New England over Pittsburgh Oakland over Jacksonville Green Bay over NY Giants Arizona over Minnesota Conf Championships New England over Oakland Green Bay over Arizona And for the 1000x Super Bowl 51 Green Bay over New England - One year this will happen, and it will be epic!
  13. I think that core needs to take a long look in the mirror. Boudreau had them as the best defense, power play and penalty kill this year. The Ducks were failing in the playoffs with this core under Carlyle (sans 07')
  14. You're up in the WFL Draft buddy

  15. It's that time of year... The turkey. These ten year olds can put on a Thanksgiving, and yet I burn my Hungry Man.
  16. The short lived Seattle Bowl at Safeco Field
  17. The arena is fine, except for the part about how it's not really going to be fine much longer. Geez, does any organization get more blowjobs for less than the Sharks?Arenas and stadiums that are fine (and really don't need to be replaced) are replaced all the time. Lest you believe a place like Turner Field actually needs to be replaced? Fact is the Shark Tank is a fine venue, and the Sharks continue to make bank off of it as it is the only arena in the largest city in the Bay Area (or for 50 miles in any direction), and will continue to do so if it is renovated further. They won't get that kind of sweetheart deal in San Francisco since the Warriors will be too busy paying off their private financing. Speaking of replacing arenas that are worn out pieces of crap however... how's Calgary doing replacing the Saddledome? Terrible. Never going to use public money, which is fair. The Flames have three billionaires in their ownership group. The mayor has gone on record say, you pony up the money for land, and we'll work on the prospects of getting shovels in the ground. Years of rumored designs have come and gone with nothing. The city is one more catastrophic flood from being completely screwed. On the brightside they have narrowed down a couple spots around the city that would be serviceable for a new rink. It's becoming more and more likely that the rink won't be on the stampede grounds. Also, good to be back!
  18. I like my Packers this year. That defense has been overhauled and Mike McCarthy says it's the best training camp/offseason he's seen from the boys since he's been there.
  19. What the hey. Packers - Continual competitiveness in the division as long as Aaron Rodgers/Mike McCarthy stay together. Couple Super Bowls, Aaron probably plays until the early 2020's. Flames - If they get McDavid/Eichel next summer, I expect them to be competitive as early as 2015, with playoff appearances, tough to say if a Cup can happen within 10 years, seeing as how tough the West is. Blue Jays - Probably a slump starting in 2015, well the youth gets going again. Back up in 2018 and from there on they're could probably be a decent team in the AL East. Blue Bombers - Win 3 Grey Cup's and are no longer the laughing stock of the CFL. They'll win it next year in front of their fans. Raptors - Could probably be a top 2 seed this year if they stay healthy and continue to grow. Toronto is going to be a Basketball hub for years to come I think. Alabama Football - Just keep on Rollin, as long as their the #1 recruiting school in the nation, they'll be good. Newcastle United - As long as Mike Ashley owns the club, they will never finish higher than 7th and never lower than 16th, so yeah midtable! Netherlands National Football Team - Euro 2016, they'll be a co-favourite alongside Germany. If the youth continues to grow then 2018 might not be so bad. Especially with Robben, RVP and Sneijder all 34 by then. Oh and the Flames will continue to lobby for an arena and won't get one and will threaten relocation until they get it. Outsider predictions The NFL will expand to LA and London by 2024. The CFL will have 10 teams by 2018 (Moncton probably) The NHL will expand to Seattle and Quebec by 2020 Qatar will not host the 2022 World Cup, it won't go to the States as they'll win the 2026 bid. England, France or Germany will step up as replacements. Some team in the MLB will be in Montreal by 2022.
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