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  1. Related to the NYJ concept: wouldn't using the Empire State Building in the logo technically be illegal without premission of the companies which own the building because it is a trademarked icon? This isn't a shot at the concept, since I think it looks sick and is something I could see happening, if these conditions were met in real life... Can anyone elude to this?
  2. So I was bored in class and wanted to draw a lions logo, just so happened this was on the first page! Hope you like!
  4. Still don't think this would fly because of the spear and feathers, but nonetheless nice job.
  5. I feel like this concept is posted at least once a year; this particular one of very minimal effort. NEXT
  6. How about you do it and just post it here since it's so easy? And to Gothamite, the reason I can't is because I forgot to save the .psd on the original and now I can't find the original bg. I will look again though.
  7. I think it's just following the trend of branding and design in general lately. Things are becoming much more streamlined and basic. Just look at the "flat" design of the new iOS7.
  8. Wish the Browns would just embrace the "Dawg Pound" and bulldog concepts that have been presented multiple times over the years.
  9. Find me a high quality version of the crest. All I can find at like 120x120 jpg images.
  10. I think you'd go miles if you added a soccer ball peaking through the bottom of it. Just so people understand it's a soccer league logo.
  11. Owgust: Devils: Wild: (Didn't like how the wordmark one turned out so I made a logo one too.)
  12. Nothing special. Just 'Darken' when on the wood and then some brushes to erase parts. Simple, but sexy. No problem. Also made this for my buddy.
  13. First one I make is for Chris himself, what are the odds!