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  1. My fantasy scenario for the NBA is that they rid Say goodbye to... the Milwaukee Bucks the Minnesota Timberwolves the Indiana Pacers the New Orleans Hornets the Charlotte Bobcats the Sacramento Kings the Denver Nuggets the Cleveland Cavaliers (toughie since I'm from Cleveland) The paradigm of sports divisions/conferences needs to change. The Eastern Conference Atlanta Hawks Boston Celtics Chicago Bulls Detroit Pistons Miami Heat New Jersey Nets New York Knicks Orlando Magic Philadelphia 76ers Toronto Raptors Washington Wizards The Western Conference Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors Houston Rockets Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Lakers Memphis Grizzlies Oklahoma City Thunder Phoenix Suns Portland Trailblazers San Antonio Spurs Utah Jazz In a supplemental draft of all of the players on the teams which are disbanded, the Raptors would have the first choice for having the poorest record last season, choosing a player such as Chris Paul, Kevin Love, Tyreke Evans, Danny Granger. Very good players would end up going to the worst teams in each conference, allowing for a major balance in parity between teams. The season would perhaps be shortened a month to wear it would be a new sports tradition for the NBA to start its season on Thanksgiving Day. If this system were in use last season, a playoff system would be in place where the top four teams from each conference would make the playoffs, resulting in a 9 game series between teams from the West pitted against teams from the East. Like I said, a paradigm shift. The number one seed from the East facing the number three from the West. Number two from the West, taking on four from the East. Such as... East #1 (Chicago Bulls) vs. West #4 (Oklahoma City Thunder) West #1 (San Antonio Spurs) vs. East #4 (Orlando Magic) East #2 (Miami Heat) vs. West #3 (Dallas Mavericks) West #2 (Los Angeles Lakers) vs. East #3 (Boston Celtics) East 1/West 4 Winner vs. West 2/East 3 Winner East 2/West 3 Winner vs. West 1/East 4 Winner 1/4 or 2/3 Winner vs. 1/4 or 2/3 Winner True talents would be tested for these teams hardly face one another, and it's no longer a matter of studying tape and preparing thanks to useless regular season games. Instead, every game would be exciting, no more blowout first rounders were a team who has already been 4-0 against a team all season, wastes another four games to eliminate them with relative ease. The best of the best would be on display, and the league would shift in fairness. Drafts would be more plentiful for teams, and the level of play would go up a couple of notches with better players playing on better teams thanks to the lack of 8 teams taking up 12x8 amount of players which could be scattered to other teams with contending abilities. Retarded? Probably. Awesome. Yes!
  2. The Clippers are 15th in attendance in the whole NBA right now. That's better than the Nuggets, Pistons, Rockets, Raptors, Bucks, Hawks, Sixers, and Nets, all of whom you're keeping around in your ideal NBA. I'm all for contracting some teams, but let's be realistic - the Clippers are doing surprisingly well at the box office for a team that has always been the second team in their market, with a dreadful history to boot. /homer rant I think he like LeBron) took the last 8 teams CURRENTLY with the worst records and contracted them, as if that's the basis for such an action. He didn't seem to figure in attendance, revenue or overall financial stability of the the franchises he dropped. LOL are you kidding? The latter is EVERYTHING I took into consideration. The Trail Blazers were on the borderline of being cut but they have a strong fan base and DID have a nice young team. The Bobcats are out because the market is still weak and the team has not been able to develop a following let alone a team to root for. The Pacers are out because they have not had much success recently and have failed to bring in strong revenue in recent years. The Clippers were moved because its not necessary to have two teams in Los Angeles and they have NEVER been good. The Grizzlies are out for reasons I REALLY shouldn't have to explain to anyone that knows anything about the NBA. The Timberwolves are out because the market is weak, the team sucks, and they don't have fans to make money off of. The Hornets are out because they can't afford to keep the team in the city. The Kings are out because they have been a franchise that has always moved around, and hasn't had any real success while in Sacramento (and no, losing in the WCF in 2001 does not constitute that they have had success.) The Wizards are out because as of 2009 the team is the second-highest in the league in terms of what percentage of their team value in debt owed, which is 62% as of 2009. The Nets were not eliminated because they will have a new chance to gain a new following in Brooklyn and have the richest owner in the league which would pay to have his team remain. The Raptors were not eliminated because they are the only team in Canada and Toronto has the potentiality to be nearly as big of a market as New York and LA. The Cavs were not eliminated because they are my favorite team. The Warriors were not eliminated because they have a stronger following than the Clippers and Kings and being only the second team in California will work out for them after my proposed contraction. You could say the same thing for the Kings I guess but they are a much more storied-franchise. The Pistons are one of the most famous franchises in the entire NBA, have won a championship in the past 7 years, and have a strong following of fans. They also have a lot of money in the franchise to keep them around. The Nuggets are to remain because they are the only team in the Rocky Mountain-area to capture the basketball fans in that region (besides the Jazz.) The Rockets were not eliminated because Houston is TOO big of a market for a team not to exist and they have history for a fan base that IS there. Plus they are one of the most valuable teams in the league. The Bucks were on the short list but made the cut IMO. Could have been cut and kept the Pacers, but I went the other route. No way will the Philadelphia 76ers ever be contracted. You are just a dumbass for suggesting it. IMO all my choices were correct, and I went out of my way to contract more teams than the NBA would ever think about getting rid of just to make it interesting. Now please, argue with me over my decisions some more because you seem to have better evidence than I do.
  3. IT'S NBA CONTRACTION TIME~! Eastern Conference Bird Division Atlanta Hawks Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets Miami Heat New York Knicks Philadelphia 76ers Jordan Division Chicago Bulls Cleveland Cavaliers Detroit Pistons Milwaukee Bucks Orlando Magic Toronto Raptors Western Conference Duncan Division Dallas Mavericks Denver Nuggets Houston Rockets Oklahoma City Thunder New Orleans Hornets San Antonio Spurs Johnson Division Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Lakers Phoenix Suns Portland Trailblazers Seattle Supersonics* Utah Jazz Contracted Charlotte Bobcats Indiana Pacers Los Angeles Clippers* Memphis Grizzlies Minnesota Timberwolves New Orleans Hornets Sacramento Kings Washington Wizards
  4. This is frankly my most simple solution to the "problems" of aligning the Big Ten. East Division Ohio State Michigan Penn State Indiana Northwestern Purdue West Division Nebraska Minnesota Iowa Wisconsin Illinois Michigan State
  5. I'm assuming the Browns just wore their regular uniforms this year...
  6. What font is used to do basic football jersey numbers?
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