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  1. Not to continue the threadjack but...

    Seattle in the 60s was growing quickly with Boeing a huge economic engine as the jet age kicked in. The World's Fair brought it to national attention in 61, and baseball started looking at it for expansion - a natural with a major city, no competiton for hundreds of miles (nearest teams were San Fran, LA and Kansas City). But the ownership group was underfunded, and the fixup of old Sicks Stadium, a Triple AAA park, was delayed to the point where not all the seats were ready for opening day. The plumbing didn't work well, the facilities were substandard and the tickets were too expensive($6 top, very high for 69; when the Brewers started play next year, covered mezzanine seats at County Stadium went for $5.) They also went with over the hill "names" instead of building young; Lou Pinella was traded away to Kansas City where he beame Rookie of the Year. In short, a mess, and the owners went bankrupt. With the dome still years away, no local owners were interested, and Selig, who had been looking for a team since the Braves left, was ready.

  2. Honestly, is it really necessary for you to use that kind of language in front of us on this message board?

    I'm a Rams fan who lives in Arlington, with no love lost for Jerry Jones. That being said, I have to defend him on this. I think he wanted the screen to be that big for the sake of his fans. The reason I think this is because of what he did with the press boxes. In most stadiums, the press boxes are right at the 50, but Jerry had them put in further down the field because he said that paying fans should have a better view of the game that the press, who get in free.

    Moving the press boxes is nothing new - in most of the new stadiums - and in the Lambeau renovation - only the TV booths are at the 50; the radio/writing press boxes are more toward one end of the field, so they can put luxury boxes in and make big money from the central location. Jerry's 60-yard penis extender has nothing to do with that.

  3. 1. Keep the name Clippers.

    2. Change the colors to green, blue and gold trim

    3. Move to Seattle, where the name makes a bit more sense.

    As for college v. pro, I've lost any interest since the Bucks turned into the Clippers east. Maybe if the NBA played by traditional basketball rules, got the pro wrestling element out of the game, and quit signing kids who are just out of puberty, I'd pay attention again.

    I respect the talent of the stars, but on an entertainment level, college basketball is much more exciting, more varied in style, and gives a better value per dollar.

  4. capt.f47822d16e6443e7a7cbeca4ba008e1d.athletics_mariners_baseball_wakc110.jpg


    There is something I really love about this uniform. The way those colors bounce off the gray.

    Seriously, green and red is a VASTLY underrated and SORELY underused color combo. And they're COMPLEMENTARY COLORS at that!!!

    (The Milwaukee Bucks and the MVSU Delta Devils are the only two entities I can think of right now that utilize the scheme.)

    Minnesota Wild as well.

    Yeah, them too. ^_^

    Still doesn't take away from the originality.

    Don't forget UW-Green Bay

  5. I agree that:

    All 42s is a bit much. Maybe all second basemen - Robinson's old position.

    Selig has, on the whole, been a success - there is partial revenue sharing, attendance is up, there are new ballparks and he avoided an inevitable folding of two teams

    There is more baseball available on TV than ever, and that promotes the game

    The World Baseball Classic needs tweaking but has promise

    Not every decision has been great but he has a better average than, say, Ueberroth, who got baseball in legal troubles by supporting collusion.

  6. I do know they used to do a similar thing with the Brewers and Braves in Milwaukee - the Brave/Barrel Man would dance for joy after a win, sulk (with a dark cloud over his head) after a loss, looked depressed-and-rained on, stare into the dark when there was a west coast night game and no result, and for doubleheaders, the Brave, at least, had two heads. They dropped it a few years after the Brewers moved into town.

    But they didn't go as far as Baltimore apparently did with the new cartoon every day. That's great. And I hope they keep it print only!

  7. Sorry about the late reply, but the rule for the free throw shooter to stay "within the circle" was apparently put in after Wilt Chamberlain - a Shaq-level free throw shooter - used to shoot free throws by standing at midcourt, running up to the free throw line and dunking the ball.

  8. 5318.gif

    One of the greatest logos of all time. Give me Bango over some tired snarling profile headshot above italicized action fonting.

    Yes, Bango. From Eddie Doucette's cry whenever a long bomber (usually by Jon McGlocklin) went thru the net.

    But that isn't a doe.


    THIS is a doe!

    (Women's Professional Basketball Association, late 70s.)