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  1. My great-grandfather fought for the Confederates*, so I'm getting a kick out of these replies...oops, sorry, a little FARK.com there. Anyway, for anyone to say the Civil War was not fought over slavery was, well, bogus, to use a term of the 1860s. The Southern states did not secede because they just didn't like the cut of Lincoln's beard. This was the end of a long and ongoing battle over the spreading of slave states into new territories, something the Southern states backed. It was covered with the term "states rights" as was the continuing battle over segregation in the mid-20th century. I agree that the South is a different place now than it was 50 years ago, and I am glad to see those changes. Those changes, certainly, should include casting away the symbolism of almost 200 years ago for modern, understandable representations. Admittedly, I believe one can honor ones ancestors - bravery in battle is something that should always be honored - without approving the cause for which they fought. I respect our Vietnam and Iraq veterans but believe the U.S. should never have been in either place, for example, and I abhor those in the 60s who attacked returning soldiers because they were against the war. Actually, if you want to do a modern symbol for "Rebels," how about James Dean? -- *He is the only Wisconsin Confederate veteran, having decided on a whim to join a Mississippi regiment when he was down south while the war broke out. He fought and was wounded at Gettysburg, escaped, and returned home to Wisconsin, where he lived until 1901.
  2. Well, you could say this is the 50th anniversary, as the AFL was announced in 1959. It just didn't start playing until 1960. If you want to be anal about it, that is.
  3. Oh, I dunno, I'd rank the continuing argument over whether the Brewers ball-glove logo is great/terrible above that. And this whole Civil War debate was rather bad, too. And this comes from a Northerner who had a great-grandfather who fought for the South at Gettysburg, so I have a stake in both sides.
  4. What you have to realize is that even before those uniforms, nobody on the Marquette team ever tucked in his shirt anyway.
  5. The Journal Sentinel has an article and photo gallery on Marquette unis of the past including some behind-the-scenes. Nothing most folks on here won't know but it has a gallery. The story. The gallery.
  6. I think the first Milwaukee Bucks home uniform is incorrect - the lettering was green trimmed in red, as shown here: Memory says the Bucks didn't change to red lettering until after they won the NBA title in their third season.
  7. One of the key reasons the established teams, instead of recent expansion teams, went from the NFL to the AFC was to even out the TV markets between the two leagues - the AFL at the time was mostly in smaller markets (Buffalo, San Diego). Granted, a couple - Denver and Houston - have grown since then.
  8. Since everybody seems to like Bowdoin's polar bear, don't forget Ohio Northern... and just because I can, my old high school, Hortonville (WI) (which - and I'm sure someone here can correct me if I'm wrong - may be the only high school with the Polar Bears nickname in the U.S.)
  9. OK, I try to avoid political arguments, and my high school has a nice, unique helmet logo - an italic H with a polar bear head next to it (Hortonville Polar Bears). (Although one team I cover, the Seymour Thunder - formerly Indians - uses a Chargers-style lightning bolt, in red with black trim). But... Green Bay-Appleton has apparently gone to the Democrats - the last few elections, that is. The congressman from the area who was re-elected is a Democrat; one state rep and the state senator are Democrats. By the way, back in 1976, NBC used blue for Republicans, red for Democrats on its election map (the first time one was built for the studio before the modern graphics took over). I remember because I read that Michigan man Gerald Ford, when he won a state, would yell "Go Blue!" Come to think of it - Red worked that year for Carter as well, being from the home of the Dawgs. So this year, we should have had orange for Obama and either navy blue or maroon for McCain, I guess.
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    FCS domes

    Moving slightly to division II... Northern Michigan University (Marquette, MI) has the all-wood Superior Dome for football and track. From the university web site... The university has a separate basketball/hockey (D-1, WCHA) aqrena. But the dome is also used as a U.S. Olympic training/education center, as well as hosting boat, car and trade shows, high school playoffs, commencement, etc.
  11. Actually, Kimberly DOES use a wasp as its logo and has for many years...
  12. It definitely happened with the White Sox in the past - their Class A farm club in Appleton in the late 70s got to wear the "collared" shirts complete with the old-style lettering. They never broke out the shorts, tho.
  13. Yup...in Power point presentations... Now there's a name...the Washington PowerPoints!
  14. I was a little stunned by the Army ones but I'm getting used to it ... and count me in as somebody who is ABSOLUTELY in favor of "DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY" on the back of the Army unis. Perfect touch. The Navy ones are pretty good, more traditional. I could see a team with those colors using this as a permament look. Nobody's mentioned - neither team has TV numbers on the jerseys.
  15. There's another bust of Hank Aaron in front of Carson Park in Eau Claire, where he started in the minor leagues. (The park is used by the Northwoods Eau Claire Express; I suggested the team be named the Hammers in Aaron's honor). And here's one of Bart Starr in Bart Starr Plaza outside the Resch Center, the arena about a half-block from Lambeau Field...
  16. Here are some long-tenured bowls I found with the year originated: Cotton Bowl (1937) Gator Bowl (1946) Capital One/Citrus Bowl (1947) Liberty Bowl (1959) The CapOne/Citrus bowl was known as the Tangerine Bowl and featured smaller schools for many years before Orlando grew big enough in the post-Disney era to host a major bowl. (There's been a lot of talk about 1959 when UBuffalo turned down a bid because its black players would not have been allowed to play in still-segged Florida).
  17. Let's not forget the move of the Milwaukee Braves which was, to my mind, the second really unforgiveable move (after the Brooklyn Dodgers). Milwaukee's attendance had faded a bit but that was mostly anger at the new ownership group (we could tell they were scum, as they eventually proved) and partially a loss of fringe attendance from the west who found it easier to get to Minnesota. Baseball officials, angry at the lawsuits that followed the move, tried to say Milwaukee was a bad baseball town. (See this year's attendance of over 3 million.) When the Brewers were moved in, a LOT of fans were still so bitter about the Braves that they refused to go for the first few years, until the Brewers made some conciliatory moves (ex-Brave Del Crandall as manager, the return of Hank Aaron for his final two seasons) and then success. I am sure that if you tap some of the older Milwaukee fandom (like me) you will still find some bitterness. A few years ago I happened to be in Atlanta during the Braves' playoff streak and bought a Braves division champs cap, a nice one; I was chewed out by an older friend for wearing something with a Braves logo. End of rant.
  18. The (VERY BAD) movie of "Semi-Tough" The best I could find for the N.Y. Mammoths And of course, Jimmy Chitwood and the Hickory Huskers ("Hoosiers). And, of course, "Bull Durham"
  19. DrBear

    MLB 2009

    Here's an interesting rumor - and I emphasize RUMOR - about the Mets for next year, from a thread about CitiField on the Baseball Fever.com message board:
  20. I just wanted to add my appreciation - these are amazing work and well done. And I don't have a request either. I thought you were going to do the W-in-front helmet, but you chose one of my all-time favorites - the post-Bucky oval with the straight W. (They changed that after a year and increased the W to fill the oval; I always liked this one better.)
  21. Can't go wrong with Bucky Badger, but I didn't want to be accused of homerism.
  22. I expect them to get mashed, peeled and fried this season.
  23. Well, they could become the University of Phoenix ... oops But seriously, folks... Not a bad look, although I wish there was a better Phoenix logo to put on the helmet - if you wanted to get really creative, red flames around the bottom of the helmet with the red phoenix rising from them on a green background. Or maybe the phoenix on the shoulders since you have the numbers on the sleeves...