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  1. On the whole, I like it (and excellent artwork no matter what you think of the design idea). I also like putting "GREEN BAY" instead of "PACKERS" on the road jerseys. I wish more teams would do that.
  2. From James Lileks' blog today, quoting a book by Stephen Tatty, ?Empire of Blue Water: Captain Morgan?s Great Pirate Army, the Epic Battle for the Americas, and the Catastrophe that Ended the Outlaws? Bloody Reign.? Which, sums up Lileks, means that you could call buccaneers "the Jerky Boys!"
  3. Actually, when Lambeau Field was first built, the plan was for the local high schools to use it, as they had done when the Packers played in old City Stadium behind East High School. That ended after 1962 when the Packers were supposed to play the Lions in a big game (note to youngsters, the Lions were GOOD in 1962) and the high schoolers played in the rain the Friday before, making it a swa p. They've had a couple of games in there since then - St. Norbert College played Fordham in a benefit for the Lombardi Cancer Center, and a couple of private high school title games - but very little outside activity takes place there now. They run the Green Bay Marathon through the stadium but runners have to run on the tv-truck track around the field, not on the grass itself.
  4. For the record, the Brewers were supposed to wear retros on the last Friday of the season, but players asked to wear the current set. From the team's Web site:
  5. What I think is the real reason - the throwbacks are worn as a PROMOTION. An end of season game against the Cubs - Milwaukee's top draw - with the possibility (even back at the beginning of the year) that the games would be important for the pennant race - does not need promotion. Therefore, no throwbacks.
  6. Jets won the Super Bowl beating the Vikings 29-27. Where were you? Well, I tuned out after Favre retired twice between the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl
  7. My college girlfriend's mother worked at Sand-Knit in the 70s - for Christmas, the girlfriend got me an unlettered Astros "Tequila Sunrise" jersey, complete with Sand-Knit tag. I still have it. My wife hates it.
  8. I don't mind the lined endzones at Lambeau, but I wish they'd put some graphics on the end walls to remind people they're in Green Bay. With the Packers' history, there could be some great art there.
  9. A friend of mine who works at the Nugget suggested the name "Reno Sparks," thus giving a nod to the No. 2 community in town.
  10. Likes: Script Ohio (and I'm NOT a Buckeyes fan! It's just great), UGA, waving the arms for "Varsity" at halftime of Wisconsin games, chanting "sieve, sieve" after the home team scores a goal, the Lambeau Leap (natch), the "waving of the wheat", the school songs at the end of Army-Navy, NFL team fight songs, the St. Joseph's Hawk flapping his wings the whole game, ... man, am I old school. Dislikes: Any music in a stadium that is NOT played by live musicians, the 12th Man in Seattle (Texas A&M had it first), a "first ball" every night to honor some sponsoring company, Oh, and message board discussions that degenerate into silly political arguments between people too pig-headed to admit any group but their own can possibly be correct. I miss: Organ music at ballparks, the Packer fight song at each kickoff, ABC doing the Olympics and the original "Bugler's Dream" music.
  11. That wasn't the case in the 1960s-70s. Green Bay and Wausau were blacked out for Green Bay home games, but they were still shown in Milwaukee. I remember going to my grandmother's (she had a Color TV!). And Milwaukee games were shown in Green Bay.
  12. Wisconsin also has completely red end zones. One of those "if I ever get the time" projects is to do a history of Lambeau Field end zone treatments.
  13. I suppose as far as the NFL is concerned, they're still Lloyd Free, Lew Alcindor and Cassius Clay.
  14. Headline: Idaho football says NO to crack (logos)
  15. Thoughts: Chicago - Powerful, but the six-sided star is obscure if you don't know it's part of the flag. The building-lake shadows work. Madrid - Let's make handprints for Mommy! And that red middle finger seems to be telling me something... Rio - my favorite, with the lower-case typography and the symbol utilizing the two mountains that flank Rio's harbor (I know the big one is Sugarloaf but forget the other). Tokyo - abstract but well done. Wordmark is the best including the sun from the flag. Doha, Praha and Baku - interchangeable; they say nothing about their cities. Baku, however, is nice iwth the dancers making a flower.
  16. Great. This franchise already has a Curse of Seattle and all it's done is release its name and logo. FWIW, a high school I cover also has the nickname Thunder and this is its logo... It's grade-school simple, doesn't include a particular sport, and has a Microsoft Word font ... and it's already the equal of the OKC logo.
  17. I wouldn't be surprised if NBC keeps its graphics the same this fall - no time to fix them while working on the Olympics - then comes up with something new at the Super Bowl. Fox, however, has made midseason changes before.
  18. The ram looks like it was trying to jump over the word FORDHAM but was too heavy and just collapsed on it.
  19. Uh...have you cleared this with Lakeland College's Muskies?
  20. Nobody's come up with the obvious reason - preseason is when they take all the publicity headshots, and those are always in the team's regular home jersey. So you've got to have home jerseys on hand anyway.
  21. Nah, it's got to be the "New York State of Mind". Then, when the team moves to Allentown . . . Wel, we're playing here in Allentown, And the quarterback is going down.... And that would just be the L.A. cops and PETA protesters.
  22. I'm hoping for the New York Groove. Instant team song - thank you, Ace Frehley!
  23. I suppose the Steelers should go after Iowa ... or any school that just puts a logo on one side of its helmet.
  24. One change - the Jets are gonna sell a LOT more jerseys this year!